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PIXELS Defense Cheats: 5 Tips & Tricks You Should Know

Bandai Namco’s latest mobile title PIXELS Defense is based on Adam Sandler’s new film Pixels, and while that film was apparently a flop in the box office, we can hope the game will live up to its promise. You get to play against Pac-Man, Centipede, Q*bert, and other iconic arcade characters in this tower defense game that promises an “innovative twist” on classical tower defense mechanics. Just like in the movie, you’ll have to come up with the right mix of “Arcaders” and defensive structures to save the bad guys (the aliens) and save planet Earth from being pixelated.
Now, that we’ve told you some basics about the game, we’ll move on to some PIXELS Defense cheats, tips and hints that can help you advance faster in this new title.

1. All Arcaders Have Their Own Attacks

As we said, you’ll have the opportunity to control multiple Arcaders, each of whom have distinct attacks; sometimes the differences can be subtle, but in any case, it’s best to use all these attacks so you know what each character is capable of. Still, the common thread is their ability to block enemies while on the attack, and when it comes to positioning, it’s always a good idea to move them around regularly to consistently block the paths of enemies.

2. It’s Easy To Figure The Bosses Out

When you fight your first boss battles in PIXELS Defense, you may find it hard to defeat them. But eventually, you’ll figure things out – trust us on this, as most bosses are eventually easy to defeat. In all cases, you’ll want to move your Arcaders to where the boss traditionally spawns, use them to block his path, and eventually launch an attack. The boss will push your Arcaders forward if they’re right in front – this gives them more time to aim at the boss before moving again.

3. Deal With Though Bosses Effectively

There may be times where defeating a boss is just too difficult, and you’re sure to incur some losses every now and then. If that happens, you’ll want to have enough coins saved up to purchase car cannons. Place them in front of bosses, as they serve as suicide bombs; as such, they’re not recommended for bigger bunches of enemies, but perfect for quickly taking out a boss.

4. How To Manage Your Defense

We’ve touched a lot on Arcaders thus far, but as far as defensive structures go, you should always have the right defenses to match certain types of attacks. If you’re dealing with small groups of powerful enemies, the weapons specialist and slowdown tower work well. For larger waves, the foxhole and long-range tower are both great ideas. The long-range tower, in specific, is perfect against a significant wave of bad guys due to its splash damage and extensive range.

5. Remember Where Those Waves Are Coming From

In the event you aren’t able to beat a level, pay close attention to where the waves of enemies are emerging. As you get farther into PIXELS Defense, they’ll take more paths , and it’s those paths that should inform you when placing your first towers and choosing which upgrades to go for first.