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Epic Party Clicker Cheats: 5 Tips & Tricks to Host the Wildest Party Ever

If you’re not up for creating ridiculously large animals with often mutated forms (as you could in this company’s “Evolution” series), Tapps has other games you can check out for your Android or iOS device, including Epic Party Clicker. This game actually stays true to Tapps’ forte, which is clicking games, and in here you play the role of an average teenager whose parents are out of town. You’re on your own, with no parents to reprimand you or ground you, and that’s all the incentive you need to host an epic party. And that’s where the clicking starts – as you keep clicking, you can upgrade your party space, offer more perks to your guests, including some out-there ideas like a Viking metal band and a time machine.

Aside from clicking in time to the beat of the music as Tapps suggests, there’s more to learn about this game, so continue reading for some cool Epic Party Clicker cheats and tips.

1. Use The Time Lapse Cheat

If you aren’t averse to cheating some in this game, you can make use of the time lapse cheat, or editing the time on your device by moving it forward a few minutes or hours. You’ll need a party van to pull off the time lapse, and some party items to have people coming in every second. Set the time forward by the maximum van time, return to the game, and collect. Simple as that – you can repeat this cheat as often as you feel necessary.

2. You Don’t Exactly Have To Tap To The Music

Sure, Tapps does say in the Epic Party Clicker description that you should be tapping in time to the music. That’s fine and dandy, and it’ll earn you multipliers for getting the timing down pat. However, you can also tap as quickly as possible, which also works well, though it may be a bit more tiring on your end. Or a lot more tiring.

3. Keep Buying New Party Stuff

You want to buy more new party stuff, because with each item you buy (as long as it isn’t a duplicate of something you have), the graphics will change, your house will have a few more bells and whistles to it, and you’ll have a wicked place jazzed up for you to hold some, pun intended, epic parties. You can also buy sound system enhancements to add more partygoers per click, though that’s not going to change the graphics at all.

4. Pay Attention To The Music

If you’re tapping in tune to the music, the music will slowly change and you’ll see more instruments, including guitars, synthesizers, and turntables. Tapping till you reach the 10x multiplier will have the record icons appearing much faster, and if you can tap them on time, that’s going to bring more people to your party in a hurry.

5. Tap Quickly If You’re Looking For Free Diamonds

Fast tapping would work if you’re gunning for free diamonds – once in a while, you’ll earn a diamond for tapping, but we have to stress the words “once in a while.” If you’re patient enough, you’ll get one of them, and you can also earn diamonds by opening the boxes that appear above you.