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Forest Home Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Get Three-Star Ratings

Forest Home is a puzzler game for iOS and Android devices where you have to draw colorful paths that grow right beneath your finger, with your goal being leading the forest’s critters to safety. You’ll have eight forests and thousands of brain-teasing puzzles to complete, each with their share of obstacles, as well as their share of collectables and achievements. You can also help your friends through the game’s social features, or compete for the highest score as you climb up the Game Center or Google Play leaderboards. It’s a simple, addictive game that could nonetheless be difficult to fully master. But then again, that’s why we’re here, as now we’ve collected a couple of useful Forest Home cheats, tips and tricks to share with you.

1. Use The Time Lapse Cheat

As you may have expected, the cheat we were referring to above is the time lapse, a classic staple of many mobile games. It simply requires you to move the time ahead by a few hours, and in this case, you’ll want to do this if you want to replenish your lives quickly. Set the time forward by 30 minutes or so per life you wish to get back, or by about two and a half hours if you want to get all five lives back ASAP. Switching the time to normal does not forfeit the lives you had regained, so you can feel free to do that, to ensure you don’t miss any important appointments or tasks in the “real world.”

2. Regain Lives

If you have a “moral objection,” if we can call it that, to cheating, there is an “honest” way to gain those lost lives back without waiting. That would be by connecting your game to Facebook and asking your friends to send you a life or two. Acorns, which are the game’s premium currency and can be earned by watching ad video, can also be spent to get new lives. You need not worry – if you don’t want to bother with having your game connected to Facebook, there is another “honest” way to regain lives.

3. Use Screen Captures As A Tool To Get Three Stars

If you ever complete a level with just one or two stars, it’s a good idea to take a screenshot of how the level looks like upon completion. Remember the moves you made and learn from your mistakes as you repeat the level with hopes of earning three stars. There’s no time limit, which is good, but you can get more stars by completing levels with less moves.

4. Take Your Time

Speaking of time limits, we did tell you earlier that there is none. That’s one thing you should always remember when playing Forest Home. There’s no clock to pressure you to act quickly – you can take all the time you need to formulate a strategy and figure out how you can beat a level with the least number of moves possible.