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Worms 4 Tips, Cheats & Guide: 5 Hints You Need to Know

Team 17 is back with the latest installment in the Worms series, though right now, it’s only available for iOS devices. Worms 4 made its debut earlier this month for the iPhone and iPad, and it boasts of several key features, including synchronous multiplayer matches against players from all over the world, “shorter, more explosive” matches that make this title tailor-fit for mobile, user-friendly menus, and “enriched” cartoon visuals that are also made perfectly for mobile. In terms of gameplay, you get all-new weapons and weapon upgrades, 80 missions for single-player mode, “fantastic” customization options for your worms, and a whole lot more.

Just as a disclaimer, this is a paid game, and you’re going to have to shell out some cash in order to play it. But if you’ve paid for the game, and/or if you’re a longtime fan of the Worms series, we have some Worms 4 tips and tricks that could help get you started with this new game.

1. Play In Single Player Mode

It may sound like great fun to play against, or play with other real-life players from different corners of the globe, but you wouldn’t want to shame yourself either by being way behind the curve. Play the single-player campaign mode before joining in on the multiplayer fun; this will allow you to learn the ropes, test out the different weapons, and come up with a strategy that suits you the best.

2. Don’t Ignore The Wind

Wind is a major variable in Worms 4, and it affects a lot of things in the game. You’ll want to be aware of the wind’s strength and direction, as this is a random thing that could change the trajectory of your shots.

3. Be Mindful Of Your Environment And Let It Work In Your Favor

Likewise, the environment is another factor that could work to your advantage, or against you if you’re not careful. Mines and barrels may get in the way of your game and cause your worms to take some serious damage. Craters can also kill your worms if you’re not careful – make sure you protect your worm if he ever falls into one.

But if you allow these environmental factors to work for you, you could wreak some havoc on your opponent. Take advantage of the items in your environment while they can be used, or think outside of the box and look for creative ways to outsmart the enemy. For example, you can shoot the ledge an enemy worm is sitting on to drop them into the water.

4. Be Careful When Getting Crates

When it comes to the crates, a lot of players tend to focus too much attention on that. Don’t make the same mistake, and only get a crate if you feel you can get it with no hassle. You also want to destroy crates if an enemy is at arm’s reach, in order to prevent them from getting to the crates.

5. Hit And Run

It’s a time-tested strategy that works in different types of mobile games – the hit-and-run strategy. After firing your shot, take advantage of the two or so seconds you have to move your worm; use this time to take cover or get in better position so you can polish off other worms.