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Star Trek – Wrath of Gems Tips & Cheats: 5 Tricks Every Player Should Know

If you’re looking for a Star Trek-based game that doesn’t require you to be an avid Trekkie to appreciate, you’ll probably like Genera Games’ Star Trek – Wrath of Gems. As you may have figured, this is a Match 3 puzzle game that “combines your favorite Star Trek characters, spaceships, and races” from TOS (The Original Series) and TNG (The New Generation). You’ll get to go through a variety of storylines, evolve characters and spaceships alike, and face off against both series’ different races. Yes, things can get a little geeky here, but if you know your Match 3 fundamentals, you should be halfway there in terms of learning the game.

Then again, you might need some help in this game, which, to be quite honest, has gotten some middling reviews on the Play Store and App Store. Or you may not be well-versed with Match 3 mechanics. Either way, these Star Trek – Wrath of Gems tips and tricks may be all the help you need in this game.

1. Keep On Playing In VS Mode

According to most reviews, single player mode tends to be especially buggy. If you find yourself in a bind in single player, you’ll want to give Versus Mode a spin. After you’ve unlocked your third hero, you should be in good shape in this mode, as you’ll mostly be up against teams with only two members. There is strength in numbers in most cases, which means you should make use of your manpower advantage whenever you could so you can pick up more freebies.

2. Let Data Heal Your Team Members

It’s also been observed that playing consecutive games is quite hard to pull off due to your team members being injured; this is another major kink gamers have been experiencing so far. To minimize the chance of this happening, you should allow Data to make good use of his powers. Increase his healing power by matching blue gems early in the game, and use those powers ASAP. While it won’t benefit everyone, it will at least speed up the healing process.

3. Play Offensive Combinations First

When making matches in this game, it’s best to match the color of the attacking character before matching others. You can get more offensive matches if your characters are at a fairly high level. Additionally, you should also prioritize matching based on your characters’ special skills; as we mentioned above, Data’s blue tiles correspond to his healing. As you upgrade these characters and unlock their abilities, those tiles will increase, and you’ll have more leeway to take advantage of those special skills.

4. Go For Four-Piece Matches Or Better

Buggy as this game may be, the old Match 3 mechanics still work here. Always see if you’ve got a possible four-piece match or better to start things off and give you a solid advantage from the get-go.

5. Don’t Always Target The Strongest Character

In most cases, you’re best off targeting the strongest character in the game, as the game advises you too. After all, it’s often a sound strategy to focus on the hardest characters to defeat before the easy ones. However, some low-health characters may have some special skills, and you may also want to focus on them to take away that special skill.


Thursday 22nd of June 2017

use the spin wheel... :)


Sunday 11th of September 2016

Another trick or cheat anyway , if you're loosing badly just turn game off before you're defeated . Works on iPad

Marcus Ybarra

Tuesday 9th of August 2016

Send and receive gifts with fellow players via facebook, you can get a lot of gifts this way


Tuesday 26th of April 2016

How does one get weapons for the ship slots I have ships with slots empty and no one offers answers.

Capt. Red Oak

Monday 2nd of May 2016

the only way i have gotten weapons is from the free packs you win.