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Era of Heroes Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide to Form a Powerful Team of Heroes

Era of Heroes, as you may figure out from the name of the game, is a new role-playing, card-collecting game developed by Babeltime. However, it’s not the type of RPG you’d normally expect. In this iOS-only game, you will be reliving the classic tales of ancient China’s Three Kingdoms, but with quirky, humorous storylines and characters. That adds a twist to an otherwise historical tale, and even if you aren’t familiar with ancient Chinese history, Babeltime says that it is “a pretty easy story to get into.” To be specific, the story starts when you wake up after a bad nightmare that turns out to be prophetic – the Peach Village “has been attacked by the Yellow Turban rebel.” You then embark on the main story in the game, which is your quest to “shelter all living creatures from any war and chaos” with the help of your team of Heroes.

These games can be rather complicated to master, but we believe we can make things easier for you with this simple Era of Heroes cheats and strategy guide.

1. Level Up Your Heroes Individually

In most RPGs, the heroes on your team would automatically level up as they earn experience points through missions. But in Era of Heroes, you’ll have to do everything yourself; level each one of them up individually, and try to max them out quickly. Auto-fill is easy, but it also isn’t 100 percent accurate. In fact, the game isn’t very smart when you use the auto-fill feature; it’s fine to use it once, but after that, go manual when maxing out your heroes.

2. Replay Previous Stages (Part 1)

This tip holds true in many a role-playing game, and it certainly does here. Replaying stages you’ve already completed, or grinding, is very useful in helping you get equipment that your heroes would need to level up. Check each stage for the rewards you can receive, and based on this, replay the stages that will allow you a chance to get the required items for leveling up your heroes. Normally, you’ll want to grind those stages that have less items on the rewards list, but mainly the ones your heroes need.

3. Replay Previous Stages (Part 2)

In addition to grinding standard levels for equipment, you should also grind boss battles. Why replay these typically hard battles anyway? The reason is the War Souls that your heroes will need for furthering their skills even more, as well as the chance to unlock newer, stronger heroes for your team. There are daily limits, though, to replaying stages – boss stages can be replayed five times and regular stages ten times.

4. Level Up Your Equipment

Heroes can be leveled up, but so can the equipment they use in battle. All equipment you get your hands on, regardless of what type, should be upgraded; it may take a while before you get a lot of highly-rated equipment, so it pays to upgrade what you’ve got, even if it’s on the common side of things. What you can do here is to choose the Fast Equip option for everyone on your team, and upgrade to Level 10 for your first, and strongest hero. Engage in a few battles, then repeat the process for the rest of your team, with your second hero and all his/her equipment getting leveled up to Level 10. And as a bonus tip, take note that pets too can be leveled up and upgraded!

5. Use The Plunder Skill Against Easy Targets

The Plunder skill won’t take much of your stamina – only two points and that’s it. But you should use it against easier targets more often than not. Either way, you get that loot instantly, and a chance to score some top-flight weapons and useful pets to act as companions. Plundering is also great for increasing your heroes’ stats, so keep using this skill whenever possible.

6. Collect Rewards

Era of Heroes offers a variety of rewards to players – these may include daily rewards, as well as online rewards, which you can get for being in the game for a certain amount of time. You can also get to recruit heroes for free. Regardless of what you’re being rewarded with, look for anything that has an exclamation point next to it, or maybe a red dot; that means you’ve won something, and should redeem it so that you can improve your heroes’ stats and go further in the game.