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Stranded: Mars One Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Complete All Levels

We’ve got another iOS-only game for you right now, sort of to celebrate Apple’s recent iOS 9 rollout. The game is called Stranded: Mars One, and this Fishlabs title says that things can get “tricky” as your astronaut flies back from Mars to Earth. Yes, that’s right – your astronaut’s spacecraft has just crash landed on the Red Planet, and he has to “run, slide, jump, and summersault every which way” to find oxygen bottles and parts of his wrecked spacecraft. There are various obstacles that could get in his way in each of the 40 levels and five terrains included in the game. Your astronaut won’t be alone, though, as there are power-ups that could make his goal a bit easier to achieve.

Before you try to get your astronaut back to Earth in this retro-styled title, we suggest you to first check out these Stranded: Mars One tips and tricks that could help you get back home with little hassle.

1. Collect As Many Nuts As You Can

In Stranded: Mars One, your astronaut will have to collect as many Nuts as possible on each run. These Nuts will be used for costume upgrades and to buy new suits, and if you’re in need of more Nuts for this, you can always grind it out by replaying levels you have already completed. This would give you an edge when you gear up for the harder levels.

2. Take Note Of Your Surroundings For Cues On What To Do

Feeling lost in space, quite literally? If you’re not quite sure what to do, you should use your surroundings to help guide you around and decide what you should be doing next. For example, when making jumps, you should use your Nuts or Oxygen Tanks as the deciding factors for your next move.

3. Prioritize Your Upgrades

All in all, there are only three upgrades available in Stranded: Mars One, and you should prioritize them this way, in order – Oxygen, Jump, and Life. But why choose this order? When trying to make the best possible run, Oxygen and Jump would matter the most. As for your Lives, they won’t really matter that much, as you can always grind to get more of them by playing easier stages you’ve already completed.

4. There’s Always More Than One Way To Get The Job Done

By this, we’re referring to the routes in each level. There’s always more than one route you can choose from, and one of these routes is always the shortest cut of them all. However, in order for you to find out which one is the shortest cut, you’ll need some patience while going through the trial-and-error process. If you somehow made the wrong choice of routes, you can always restart the level if you’re hoping to reach three stars instead of just one or two.

5. Perfect Wall Jumping Can Get You Three Stars

Lots of the levels in this game will involve wall jumping, which makes this one of the top skills to master and to practice regularly. While doing this, keep your eye out for any available oxygen tanks, and use your jetpack to get your astronaut back in the flow of things if he should fall from a high area.
In relation to that, you can also make use of your Ghost to show you what you did right, but more importantly, what you could have done better.