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Raceline CC Tips & Cheats: 5 Tricks to Become A Street Racing Legend

iOS 9 was just released on Wednesday, and with that in mind, Rebellion Games has just released Raceline CC, one of those few mobile games that are exclusive to iOS 9-powered devices, specifically the iPhone 5s, iPad Air, and iPad mini 2 or newer. (Tough luck for owners of older Apple devices!) This is a motorcycle racing game that supports Apple’s new Metal graphics technology, and this game allows you to enter the “adrenaline fueled world of underground street racing” and build up your own garage of high-powered superbikes. There are various championships and challenges that could allow you to win cash and get some high-powered sponsors, as well as races against the game’s boss characters, the District Elites.

As this is a brand-new game, we’re here to get you into the thick of things and help you get off to a flying start. Here are some Raceline CC tips and tricks you can try out before putting your pedal to the metal.

1. Go For A Perfect Start

In order to have the best chances of winning a race, you’ll have to make sure you’re always aiming for a perfect start. This takes some time to perfect, but we would generally advise you to hold down on the accelerator a bit longer once the counter starts ticking off, then tap quickly so you’re within the green.

2. Practice Slipstreaming

Slipstreaming, or staying right behind another competitor or vehicle to gain momentum and additional speed, is another skill you should be practicing in Raceline CC. A well-timed slipstream won’t just be able to boost your speed a bit, but also help you make up if your start wasn’t quite perfect. Try to make good use of the truck you start by, then follow up with more perfect slipstreams; timing is everything here, but again, this takes some practice to perfect.

3. Don’t Enter A Grid Event Unprepared

Grid Events allow you take part in progressively tougher races to earn more goodies through scratch cards. Before you enter a Grid Event, you should always be sure you have enough energy to see it through the end. Hitting the back button will bring you right back to square one, and that will have you forfeiting whatever you had already won. In short, you always want to complete those Grid Events, and not abandon them in the middle because you don’t have enough energy to go on.

4. Keep On Upgrading Your Bike

With each Grid Event, Daily Challenge, or Tournament you complete, you’ll earn more money, and that money will be best spent on upgrades. Scratch tickets can also give you free upgrades as well. These are what allow your bike to progressively become better, so you should always save your money for upgrades on your bike. We would recommend upgrading your suspension first, followed by your tires and your exhaust.

5. Always Consider The Power Of Your Bike

Your bike’s power is usually the main factor that determines your chances of winning a race. Though you can still win with a slightly less-powerful bike, power always gives you some sort of an edge over the competitor; how you make good use of this edge is all up to you.