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Infinity Blade III Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide: 10 Killer Hints You Need to Know

If you’ve been thinking of downloading Chair Entertainment Group’s Infinity Blade III for your iPhone or iPad (no Android version yet), then now’s the time – the company says the game is currently free “for a limited time.” The popular mobile series is back for its third installment, and the new title promises “adrenaline fueled sword fighting action, gorgeous visuals, and a thrilling story of love, betrayal, and redemption.” The description explains that Siris and Isa have teamed up with the God-King Raidriar “in a desperate attempt to destroy the Worker of Secrets and his army of Deathless titans,” and that your goal is to eventually wield the Infinity Blade and harness all its power.

That makes for an intensive, intense iOS gaming experience, but if you need help, we’ve got a quick, yet complete Infinity Blade III strategy guide here, including some tips that come from the folks at Chair Entertainment themselves.

1. Be Economical On Your Swiping

Swiping repeatedly can be tiring, as any mobile gamer will tell you. And it can also be distracting. That’s what Chair suggests, telling users that it would be a good idea to make shorter swipes instead of drawing one whole line on the screen. That, according to Chair, puts your fingers out of reach of the dodge and block buttons.

2. Use Your Defensive Moves At The Right Time

So many players understate the importance of defense in games such as Infinity Blade III. But it really is important to know how to block and dodge; if an enemy tries to launch a combo your way, you should be quick enough to parry the blows and/or dodge them. But don’t use the same moves all the time – vary your blocks and dodges in order for you to get some offense in against the enemy. They’ll know if your style of fighting is too predictable, so make sure to throw them off by varying your moves, may it be on the offensive or defensive side of things.

As a bonus defensive tip, you can switch moves to the side if you’re defending center but realize you chose the wrong defense.

3. Equip A Magic Ring

Magic rings, according to some players, are nice to have around in battle. These allow you to cast various kinds of magic that could inflict damage on the enemy and help you out in battle. Check the magic orb on the top right of your screen, and once it’s full, tap and trace the shape you’re being asked to trace. Just like that, you’ll be able to cast a spell with your magic ring.

4. Make Use Of Some Devastating Combos

Sure, we all know combos are very important in this type of game, but what combos should you be using? Why, only the best ones in the bunch, and here’s how you can pull them off. A Huge Hit Combo can be executed by moving Left, Right, Left. The Mega Hit Combo goes Left, Left, Right, Right. Finally, the Ultra Hit Combo goes Left, Right, Up, Down, Left. Keep these moves in mind the next time you need to deal out a whole lot of damage on the enemy.

5. Don’t Pull Off A Combo Right Away If You’ve Got A Heavy Weapon

Here’s another developer tip worth mentioning – you might want to wait a bit before launching a combo with a heavy weapon. Doing two hits and a quick slash would typically end your attack with these weapons, but if you wait, you could launch up to three additional hits, thus allowing you to complete an Ultra Hit Combo or other long ones.

6. Master Weapons And Armor Don’t Give You XP Anymore

Once you’ve mastered a certain weapon or piece of armor, that’s it. You no longer receive any experience points for utilizing them. As such, you’ll have to make use of more than just one weapon in the game, and once they’re already at Master level, you can sell them to the merchant for a tidy profit. As weapons and armor would be mastered by this point, they’ll sell for much more than what you bought them from.

7. Make Good Use Of The Compare Button

When equipping new gear, you’ll see the Compare button, which is a very helpful tool in determining which items you should be equipping and which ones you shouldn’t just yet. Compare all types of items against others in their class – check which of them are stronger than others and could serve you the best in battle.

8. How To Get Gold And Loot Even If You Lose A Battle

Losing a battle normally ends up with the loss of some equipment and/or gold, though “some” may often be an understatement, regardless of the RPG you’re playing. Infinity Blade III, however, offers some consolation for those who get killed often in the game. You can choose the “Too Hard?” option, which allows you to keep all the gold, items, chips, and experience points you’d otherwise lose, and also allows you to take part in an easier Awakening to make your character stronger.

9. Check The Titan’s Stats First Before Fighting It

Always make it a point to check the Titan’s stats before you go ahead and fight it. That means taking note of the elemental system and using that to guide you when choosing equipment. One good example is equipping a Fire Sword and an Ice Shield (and a Fire Ring too, as we suggested above) against a Titan who’s invulnerable to ice.

10. Everything You Need To Know About Battle Chips

Battle Chips, according to the official Infinity Blade III website, are earned by completing goals and battle challenges. But how do you earn them in the first place? The website says you can start by unlocking the Battle Challenges skill, which would add extra tasks in some fights; fulfill these tasks to get yourself some Chips. Additionally, Trials, ClashMobs, and Aegis Tournaments are great ways for you to earn Battle Chips.

Once you have Battle Chips, though, you’ll want to save them up for certain items, such as a large key or a rare prize wheel, as Chair suggests. These items, after all, could be just what you need to beat some of the fiercer Titans in the game.