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Spellstone Tips & Cheats: A Complete Strategy Guide for Players of All Levels

Kongregate’s Spellstone is a fantasy card-collecting game that boasts of some impressive artwork and “rich lore.” There are hundreds of cards to collect as you go through the game’s story and try to unlock the mystery of the Void. You can capture the game’s titular Spellstones, which are capable of unleashing monsters, though things could get interesting due to the dark magic involved in the game – you may become a Hero, but the game warns that you can also be “consumed by the Void.”

Card collecting games can be quite intricate, but that’s why these Spellstone tips and tricks are here – to give you the best strategy, whether you’re a newbie at the game or someone who’s been playing it for some time already.

1. Play Those Fast Cards

Fast cards, or cards that take only a few turns to activate, don’t cause as much damage as slow cards, but they’re better to play than slow cards on most occasions. Play a fast card and it will deal out damage the moment you play it. Use the right strategy with a fast card, and who knows – you might end up beating a particularly strong slow card.

2. Don’t Overlook Your Slow Cards

Fast cards are great at dealing instant damage, but that doesn’t mean you should overlook your cards that take longer to activate. The tradeoff to the long time it takes to activate is a whole lot of attacking power, though before you play a slow card, you’ll want to check the enemy’s cards first.

3. Don’t Forget To Have Some ‘Tank’ Cards

Tanks, for those who aren’t too familiar with RPG jargon, are those characters that don’t often deal out a lot of damage, but are hard to take out because they’ve got a lot of health points. Make sure you’ve got at least one tank card to play, as that high health card will be the one you should typically be playing first. The faster this card activates, the better, though it’s not that important at the end of the day; if this card survives for several turns and you play the rest of your cards right, you’ll have more cards in play than your opponent.

4. Which Strategy, Really, Is The Best One To Use? Here’s A Hint For You

This all depends on a number of factors, but generally speaking, you can get some mileage by playing a fast tank card, preferably one that’s fused, as your first card. Next, go for a card that takes a turn or two to activate. After that, you’ll need to look at your opponent’s strategy before deciding what to play next.

If your opponent plays some fast cards, you’ll want to follow their pace and play your fast cards too, or high health cards (regardless of activation time) that can activate even if the fast cards are attacking them. But if they play slow cards, you should still play your faster cards in almost every case; chances are you’ll take out those cards before they can attack, due to all that waiting time to activate. Special skill cards are also a must-have for any deck, particularly those that are capable of randomly dealing out damage to your enemies.

5. Think Twice Before Using Your Dust

On a broader basis, you’ll need to improve your cards with dust, but here’s the thing about that dust – it’s best to save it up for some time. Only use it when you’ve lost your first single player mission. That would allow you to get a feel for things and assess the cards in your deck.

When it comes to upgrade prices, it’s always the same, so we’d definitely suggest upgrading your rare cards before the common ones. But then again, that shouldn’t always be your game plan. You should have an idea of how an upgrade affects your cards, and which upgrades would be best in satisfying your in-game needs. Fast cards should be upgraded first when choosing between fast and slow activation times, as that will give them more health, thus allowing them to serve more as those aforementioned tanks. Remember what we said about tanks earlier – you want them to last several turns!

6. Use The Dust On Your Hero As Well

Your hero himself/herself should also be upgraded, so don’t overlook this character. Pricing on hero upgrades isn’t that far removed from pricing for card upgrades, and keeping this in mind, you should still upgrade your cards first before upgrading your hero.

7. Grind At Higher Difficulty

Need some money for new cards or upgrade dust? The solution here, of course, is to grind, or replay levels you’ve already finished. They’ll be harder once you do this, but you should easily be able to hurdle higher difficulty levels if you’re at least two campaigns ahead.

8. Fuse Your Cards

We mentioned the option to fuse your cards in brief, so what’s to do if you want to fuse them? When should you fuse them, for that matter? The best time to do this would be when your cards are at a substantially higher level – in fact, their maximum level – with their share of powers to go with the improved stats.

In order to fuse cards, take two maxed-out cards of the same type, but always check to see how many cards are in your deck. The optimal number is 15, so that the enemy deck doesn’t outnumber you. It’s best to fuse cards to make them even more powerful once your replacement cards come in after the third campaign is completed.

9. Join A Guild To Earn More Gold

Once you’re able to, you should, by all means, find yourself a guild to join. Joining a guild allows you to get much more gold – that’s 50 percent more, to be exact. After joining, check the available quests and Bounties and complete them for even more rewards.