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Pixel 8 Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Complete More Three-Star Levels

Pixel 8 is a game by Playing with Giants that, as of the moment, is only available for Apple devices. That’s bad news for Android device users, but if you own an iPhone or iPad, you can see how well you create your own pixel masterpieces, trying to beat the clock and work as quickly as possible. There are 350 levels in the game, and once you’ve completed a Pixel 8 “masterpiece”, you can share it with your friends via social media. There are also specially themed galleries you can buy, plus toddler mode, which would allow younger players to create pixel paintings at their own pace.

We can tell you right off the bat that a lot of your success in the game will depend on how quickly you can work, and with that in mind, we’ve come up with a few quick tricks, some Pixel 8 tips and strategies to help you finish with more three-star levels.

1. Select Colors While The Image Is Appearing

As working quickly is extremely important in Pixel 8, you can get off to a flying start by choosing the first color for your painting while the image is appearing on the board. This could save you a second or two, and in this game, every second counts.

2. Paint With Two Fingers

Another thing you can do to paint faster is to use one finger per hand. As a lot of the paintings have mirrored designs, it shouldn’t be a problem to use your left and right thumb to recreate the painting. This may take a little practice, but once you’ve mastered this, you’ll be able to make some masterpieces without taking a lot of time at it.

3. Replay Previous Levels

Patience is also necessary when playing Pixel 8. Chances are you won’t be able to recreate everything on the first try at a level. In fact, you may need more than just one, or even two or three tries, to get it done perfectly. Keeping this in mind, it’s a good idea to master levels one at a time. As you keep on practicing, and keep repeating stages you’ve already completed, you’ll get the hang of painting quickly with your fingers, and your times will improve.

Even if you’ve already completed a level with three stars, you may want to keep doing it again and again to prime yourself for the harder levels. Then again, you probably may be happy with a three-star level, which means it isn’t mandatory to grind in this particular game.

4. It’s Better To Play On The iPad

Though, we do admit that the iPad is a rather premium tablet, you may want to prepare to download Pixel 8 if you’re planning to buy one. Playing on the iPad is much easier than it is on the iPhone (even with the bigger models of late), as the larger screen gives you more real estate to work with, and a better chance to make the right tap.