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Glee Forever! Cheats, Tips & Tricks for Acquiring More Rare Performers

Glee, the television series may have ended earlier this year, but you can still relive the memories of the show by playing KLab Global’s Glee Forever! (Android, iOS) It is a rhythm-based game which features some of the iconic characters from the series’ six-season run, and we were serious when we said “relive the memories,” as the game allows you to recreate some of Glee’s most unforgettable moments. The game comes with over 50 songs featured on Glee, including the theme song “Don’t Stop Believin’,” and aside from the characters you can collect, you can take part in special events to win even more rewards.

In order to truly succeed in this game, you’ll need some rare performers, and these Glee Forever! tips and tricks are here to help you do that, and add all the rare performers you need for your choir.

1. Allow The Game To Auto-Select Performers From Your Choir

One key thing to remember in this game is that every song has a certain color assigned to it, which you’ll see on the song box. You’ll know what type of notes are in each song by these colored symbols, such as red fire icons, blue drops, etc. If a performer matches the type of note, that will get you bonus points. Still, the game could make things easier for you by automatically selecting the best performers for a song.

2. Always Go For Three Stars

The maximum number of stars you can get per song is three, and by looking at the points meter on top of your screen, you will get an idea of how close you are to reaching each star level. Each star you earn gets you a story card, which can then be in turn used to get new story tokens, booster cards, and more.

3. Go For All The Available Achievements

Every song included in Glee Forever! has a total of nine performance achievements, three for each category, namely score, combo, and complete. The categories have gold, silver, and bronze rewards included (3 x 3 = 9), and you can earn better rewards if you perform better in each of these nine achievements. So if you get a particularly high score, you’ll get the gold reward; this could mean more story tokens and booster cards, as well as stage ups for your choir members.

4. Get More Glee Coins, Here’s How

You’ll see a list of goals on the main menu, such as completing a certain song at a certain difficulty. This could help you earn Glee Coins (the game’s premium currency), and that’s one easy way to get some rare performers. You should also aim to complete the daily goals for even more Glee Coins.

Speaking of Glee Coins, you’ll earn five of them if you complete a song five times, and as you increase your difficulty level, the amount of coins will multiply by five.

5. Save Up For The Premium Superpack

Now, that we’ve told you some tips on how to get more Glee Coins, we should also advise you not to be frivolous when spending them. The Premium Superpack costs 500 Glee Coins, and that’s going to get you ten rare performers or better, as well as a Hall Pass – the game’s super-premium currency. You’ll need ten Hall Passes for the Guaranteed Superstar Pack, and that will get you at least one super-rare performer or better, guaranteed as the pack’s name says it is.