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The Pokémon Company Teams Up with Tencent to Develop New Pokémon Game

In the last few years Tencent has become a household name when it comes to mobile game development, so it’s no surprise that The Pokémon Company has chosen to partner up with the Chinese gaming giant for the next Pokémon game. The collaboration was just recently announced via Twitter, and Tencent’s TIMI Studio will be in charge of actual game development.

new pokémon game

TIMI Studio is best known for their MOBA game Arena of Valor and the mobile version of PUBG. They are also currently working on the mobile release of Call of Duty which will be free to play when released. No details have been released regarding the new Pokémon game, but if TIMI is working on it, there’s a good chance it will be free to play like the rest of the studio’s other titles.

Another interesting theory surrounding the new Pokémon game is that it might be released on both mobile and the Nintendo Switch. Arena of Valor is available on both platforms, and Tencent has just recently announced that they will be collaborating with Nintendo to bring the Switch to China.