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Teppen Best Heroes Guide: A List of the Best Characters (Tier List)

There are 8 heroes in Teppen, 2 for each color. Each hero has 3 different skills that you can unlock by playing with them and leveling them up to level 10. This list is indicative of the relative power of the heroes and how they synergize with their cards, but even the last hero on this list will be able to win games, it’s all about how your deck is built and how the power interacts with your cards.

For example, Morrigan’s Darkness Illusion works extremely well when you play a lot of cards that inflict the Halt status on your enemies. Don’t quickly dismiss a hero just because we ranked them low, and also think about how the decks interact with each other. Maybe a deck with a lower tier hero is generally slightly weaker, but is very strong against a specific high tier deck. You should try to find out what works best with your playstyle and the cards in your possession. In this Teppen best heroes guide we will provide you a tier list of the best characters in the game.

The Best Hero: Ryu

ryu teppen

Ryu is excellent, and all of his arts combine greatly with Red’s theme of playing fast and burning down opponents. His level 1 art, Shinku Hadoken, makes him deal 7 damage to an enemy unit, and since hero arts are unanswerable, this can be used in multiple different ways. You can, for example, kill a unit that is about to defend from a lethal blow, or you can hit enemies hard before they get healed / buffed by Chun-Li or X. The possibilities are endless. This art only costs 18 AP too, so it’s pretty easy to be able to cast it.

His level 2 art, which you unlock at hero level 3, is called Denjin Renki. It boosts the attack of all your units in play, the ones in your hand, and the ones in your EX pocket by 2. Personally, I am not a fan of this hero power, as I prefer when Red casts a lot of spells rather than focusing on units, and that Rathalos is a much better Red hero to run the red creature theme with. Nonetheless, it is a viable choice.

His level 3 art, Metsu Shoryuken, gives Combo to a friendly unit. Combo is a status that makes the affected unit attack twice. This is a crazy powerful hero art, since it is uncounterable. Casting it at the last possible moment will guarantee you to strike twice, which will make you able to deal very high damage all of a sudden.

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Ryu is a great choice for beginners and veterans alike, as Red is a pretty easy deck to pilot. You don’t have convoluted effects like for example with Morrigan or Chun-Li decks. Your gameplan is straightforward: kill them before they kill you.

Pure Power – Nergigante

nergigante teppen

Nergigante was widely considered the most powerful hero / deck combination in the game in the very first days. Considering how much more powerful its cards are on average compared to how little extra cost you have to sustain (sacrificing your own life), it was sort of justified. Granted, people are figuring out how to beat Nergigante now, but it is still a force to be reckoned with.

Spike Divebomb gives +4/+4 and self-destruct on attack to a friendly unit. This means the unit will instantly die as soon as it performs an attack. You can still defend with it, so casting it on a unit that is about to defend will guarantee you a probable 2 for 1 trade. Or massive damage to your opponent’s face because a +4 attack unit is attacking him. Spike Divebomb’s power resides in its ability to trade 2 for 1 in the worst-case scenario, allowing you to kill an attacking unit and force your opponent to dedicate resources to defending from the buffed unit, taking a powerful blow, or using Action cards on it.

Spike Launch becomes a powerful board-clear come midgame, if you have sacrificed 10-12 life points by the time you have unlocked it, you can potentially get rid of 2 units that have 6 defense each. This is an insanely powerful ability, which feeds upon the deck’s regular gameplay. It has a drawback though: some games you won’t have sacrificed enough health for it to work properly, and it risks becoming useless.

Change Form gives +2/+2 to all units in your hand and EX pocket if you have less than 15 health. It is pretty good considering how powerful Black creatures are already, although much like Spike Launch, the fact that it doesn’t give an immediate defensive bonus can cost you the game if you aren’t careful with your life points.

Nergigante trades safety for power. If you like playing around with your own life points and like to live life dangerously, he is the perfect hero for you.

The Overpowering Horde – Chun-Li

chun-li teppen

Green decks are all about overpowering opponents with big creatures. Even the smallest guy in your army has the potential to become a devastating killing machine with some of the Green spells.

Kikosho gives Shield to an ally unit. Shield makes them immune to the next source of damage that will hit the unit. This is a very good ability that can delay your opponent’s damage by a lot if used well.

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Hyakuretsukyaku grants +1 attack and Heavy Pierce to an allied unit. When a unit with Heavy Pierce kills an enemy unit in combat, the damage dealt to the enemy unit will also be dealt to the enemy Hero. This combos very well with Green’s theme of making your own units very big, allowing you to deal a heavy blow to your opponent by using Hyakuretsukyaku on a monster that has already been buffed.

Yawn is, in my opinion, what makes Chun-Li so powerful. It allows you to refill your Mana Points when your units die, allowing you to summon additional big units, or to buff the smaller ones you already played. Yawn synergizes strongly with Green’s theme, and allows you to play your big monsters at a much higher rate.

Chun-Li decks can deal with any deck in the game. They have weaknesses, mostly against combo decks, but they are very rare at the moment compared to just pure power decks like Ryu’s and Nergigante’s. If you are facing a Dante or Rathalos deck though you will find the matchup very hard to win.

The Control Queen – Morrigan Aensland

morrigan teppen

Temptation Halts all enemy units for 13 seconds. Halt is a powerful status that resets the attack gauge and disables the enemy unit from attacking or defending, rendering it effectively useless. This can stop anything and it’s really hard to stop, as most action cards try to heal units, or give them shields, but preventing Halt is almost impossible.

Darkness Illusion is an insanely powerful board-clear. It annihilates any enemy unit affected by Halt. If you run a lot of halting cards in your deck, this will give your opponent a real headache! Combined with other control tools you can make your opponents run out of resources easily.

Shadow Blade deals 4 damage to all enemy units, and if an enemy unit that gets hit by it has Flight and survives the damage, it will heal you by how much damage it deals to you. It’s a bit of a weird ability, but it’s really good against decks that run Rathalos, as Flight is at the core of their strategy usually, as well as buffing the creatures with Flight.

Morrigan is great at stalling the game out and countering what your opponent is doing. Her games are longer on average than those of most other heroes, and you will have to manage your resources wisely. Pick her if you like playing control decks!

The Flying Menace – The Rathalos

rathalos teppen

Rathalos decks are more creature based than Ryu decks, but they follow the same philosophy: burn your enemies down. Dive Attack gives +2 to all friendly units, great to push through sturdy defenses put up by a Chun-Li for example, or great to push a lot of damage onto careless opponents.

Wrath Awaken grants Flight and +X attack to an allied unit, where X is the number of times you have boosted Attack to your units by using an Action card. You can turn a powerful unit into a flying machine of death through this power, and you can surprise deal powerful blows thanks to it in the midgame.

Blazing Wall grants +2 HPs and Shield to an ally unit. This does not seem to make much sense, given the theme of the deck and that of the hero, but trust me, it is way more powerful than it sounds. Why? Rathalos decks focus on buffing creatures to the point they deal insane amounts of damage, but they are still frail on the defensive side. This ability fixes the issue, turning your hard-hitting frail monster into a unit that is going to murder multiple enemy units in a row, thanks to the Shield and the extra defense.

Rathalos decks are very aggressive and are a great choice if all you want to do is attack with minions and deal as much damage as possible as early as possible.

He Who Controls the Dead – Wesker

wesker teppen

Dark Destruction destroys an enemy unit that costs 5 MP or less. It always comes in handy, and can help you deal with weaker units without spending cards. Like Ryu’s Shinku Hadoken, it can’t be answered, so use it when you can’t afford the targeted unit to survive.

Uroboros is what goes hand-in-hand with the theme of the hero. It summons the highest MP Unit in your Graveyard. This effect is very powerful, and can turn the tides of a difficult battle. It can make your opponent’s efforts in dealing with big monsters of yours futile, or it can help you push for the win.

Bringer of Nightmares adds a unit with Revenge activated to the EX Pocket. This is very good with Revenge based decks, as the biggest challenge when playing them is drawing the Revenge cards that have been put back in your deck. It helps make the deck run more smoothly, and lets you draw additional cards. Very good power that synergizes with the deck.

Wesker’s theme is based around Death. Specifically, around the Revenge trait. Units with revenge usually are pretty weak, but once destroyed, they go back to your deck instead of your graveyard, and their cost is reduced to half. This deck is not very easy to play, but it is very rewarding.

The Devil Trickster – Dante

dante teppen

Quicksilver slows all enemy units, which halves their attack gauge speed.

Ebony & Ivory enables all allied units to trigger their Resonance effects twice. Resonance activates when an action card is used.

Devil Trigger makes you take no damage for 10 seconds. This is what makes Dante decks viable decks. You can use Devil Trigger and then wait until you have enough MP to play multiple cards at once and combo them. It is quite hard to react to this.

Dante is the master of combos. He still employs a bit of the control style that Morrigan has, but he also plays more offensive cards, and tries to buff up his minions with Resonance.

The Tank – Mega-Man X

mega-man x teppen

Last in this list, we have Mega Man X. He is not very good. His main thing is healing and buffing his unit’s defenses. Unfortunately, he ends up as being a worse Chun-Li most of the times.

Heart Tank gives +7 HPs to a hero unit. Since you can’t use this to answer Action cards, it is pretty pointless most of the times.

Charge Shot gives a nice buff of +1 Attack to friendly units when their HPs are boosted. It is decent, but still leaves Mega Man X as a worse Chun-Li.

Gaea Armor is interesting, as it gives Veil to all allied units, which means your enemy won’t be able to target them with Action cards or Hero Arts. This makes your units that you beef up with the rest of your cards very good, but again, there’s little point in playing this, as other heroes do this, but better.

This is our tier list for GungHo’s mobile game TEPPEN. Do you agree with our picks? Are you having huge success with a particular hero? Let us know in the comments!