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Team Z – League Of Heroes Guide: 8 Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Save the World

Team Z – League Of Heroes is an interesting new RPG from Genera Games, a company which is responsible for popular titles such as Gladiator Heroes and Shrek Sugar Fever to name a few. In Team Z – League Of Heroes you can summon different new heroes who wary in strength, with a goal of defeating all the bad guys over ten stages. As expected, the game starts slow and then slowly adds difficulty in later stages, but unlike most free-to-play titles Team Z – League Of Heroes is relatively generous with prizes.

If you are a patient gamer who doesn’t like spending real money on free games, you can finish Team Z – League Of Heroes without spending a dime, but you have to be persistent and to have a bit of luck. New heroes can be summoned with boxes, and there are two types of them. Regular boxes give you mostly cannon fodder; heroes you’ll use to power up best members of your super hero team. Then we have premium boxes that give powerful heroes capable of defeating most enemies without problems.
Now, since the game is based around different colors and uses a simple rock-paper-scissors mechanic (red heroes beat green ones, greens are great for blues, while blues have no trouble battling against reds) with a simple twist (there are also dark and white heroes and darks beat whites while whites beat darks) it is best if you own powerful heroes of all colors.

This can be achieved, but the player has to carry a bit of luck in order to summon heroes of different colors, and while you don’t necessarily have to own dark and white heroes, having at least one powerful hero of each main color can be of great help. Fortunately, you will be given enough diamonds (premium currency) to summon a powerful (three stars or more) hero of each color.

Even if you don’t have three or more stars heroes of each color, Team Z – League Of Heroes has plenty of ways to beat hard levels even without combining red, green, and blue heroes. You can use help from powerful heroes, you can save up diamonds to buy premium hero crates, you can power up low level heroes, and you can use different chipsets in order to enhance your hero team. Just be careful, play smart, use our advice, and you will be able to beat all villains and save the city.
Stay with us and find out which strategies to use in order to play Team Z – League Of Heroes without spending a dime on diamonds.

1. Color Match Is Everything

As we already said, Team Z – League Of Heroes uses a simple rock-paper-scissors mechanic that gives players a way to defeat tougher enemies. All you need is right colored heroes and a bit of strategic thinking.

You are able to see opponents before venturing into each battle, giving you an insight into what you can expect on battlefield. Always pick heroes with right colors. If you are facing mostly blue villains, pick green heroes, and so on.

If you don’t have heroes of right colors, then just try not to pick heroes that will be underpowered. For instance, if you’re going to face against green villains, do not send blue heroes into the battle. This doesn’t have to be the case though.

If you have a powerful hero it doesn’t matter which color they are, they will give you an edge in battles so you can use them no matter the enemies. But, that won’t be the case in latter stages, so make sure to have different colored heroes. That’s the only way of being successful in Team Z – League Of Heroes.

Since dark heroes beat light ones and vice versa, it isn’t really recommended to take light of dark heroes into battle, except if they are the most powerful ones you have. All in all, try combining right colors that will give you an advantage in battle, and avoid sending those heroes that will be at disadvantage.

2. Save Up On Diamonds And Buy Premium Boxes

Premium hero boxes (or cubes, as they are called in the game) give you more powerful heroes that have at least three stars (there are five hero tiers in total, with one and two star heroes being unfit for battle and are best used to power up more potent members of your superhero team), and since they can only be acquired with diamonds, we advise you to save up diamonds and use them just for buying premium cubes.

Multiplayer is great for getting diamonds. In multiplayer you are faced against other players’ superhero teams and each win gets you closer to a higher rank. Each new rank will give you a fair amount of diamonds, so it is best to be an active in multiplayer mode.

Advancing ranks will be easy at start, but after a while players will become better equipped and it will be tough to beat them. But do not worry since losses just strip you out of some ladder points, they won’t endanger your rank. Feel free to battle each player who you think will be possible to beat; since losing takes away some ladder points that means your next enemy will be easier, meaning that you are able to advance ranks without problems, you will only spend more time while doing it.

Achievements and some daily quest also give diamonds so try earning some valuable achievements and finish all daily quests, each day. There are other ways of earning diamonds; by beating each world you will be given ten diamonds, and twenty more once you finish a world with a perfect, three-star rating. There’s also a hard more in Team Z – League Of Heroes that puts you against old enemies that are tougher this time.

So, once you hit a wall in normal mode of the single player campaign, try playing the game in hard mode to get additional diamonds. And finally, there are duels against common villains in multiplayer mode that can be played all the time. Each victory gives you two diamonds, and you can play about ten to fifteen duels per day, which is a nice way to get at least twenty diamonds each day.

3. Chipsets Can Really Power Up Your Heroes

Each hero has six chipset slots in total, and chipsets are like different gear in other RPG games. Each equipped chipset gives you a different bonus to your abilities or health, and when equipping a hero with a set (consisting out of two or four chipsets bearing a same symbol), they will get some powerful bonuses like thirty percent more health, fifteen percent more attack power, and other cool abilities.

You will get plenty of different chipsets, so make sure to save up the same ones, and then equip heroes with enough of chipsets so they can get set bonuses right away. And the best of all, if you can combine them, you can equip a hero with two different chipset sets (one two-piece and one four-piece set), giving that hero a double set bonus. Try equipping your most powerful heroes with two sets so they can be as powerful as possible.

Also, each chipset can be upgraded (and you’ll spend majority of gold on upgrading chipsets) so make sure to upgrade each chipset piece until you are satisfied with results. With the right combinations, you can make a hero that will be unbeatable.

4. Replay Levels Once You Get Better Heroes

There’s no shame in getting a one or two star-rating on a level. You can try once more, but if you realize you can’t get a perfect rating with your current team, wait and return once you get better superheroes. This is a great way to level up powerful heroes and to get more coins.

Your first concern should be beating a world, and only then think about getting a perfect rating on all levels. Be patient, because if you just keep trying getting a perfect rating and failing you will soon run out of energy, and won’t be able to play new levels that can give you better rewards.

If you do not own a powerful hero of a matching color use friends’ heroes in order to beat tougher enemies. They can be used once per day so be sure you really need one of those heroes before recruiting them.

5. Don’t Use Automated Combat

Team Z – League Of Heroes can be played with automated combat, but that option is viable only when you face opponents that are way less powerful than your team. When facing villains of similar strength, always play the battle manually.

You see, when playing with automated combat your heroes will often attack wrong enemies and will use their special powers randomly, ultimately leading you to defeat in a situation when a victory could have been achieved if only you played strategically.

So, use automated combat only when facing weak enemies. In all other scenarios we recommend you use manual combat.

6. All Heroes With Less Than Three Stars Can Be Used To Power Up Your Star Superheroes

Gold two star heroes are usable until you build a four member team consisting out of three-star or more powerful heroes, but once you build a powerful team, feel free to use them for power your main team members.

Silver two-star and one-star heroes can be seen as cannon fodder and they are to be used only for powering up other, more potent superheroes.

7. Be Patient

While Team Z – League Of Heroes may seem to tough after you beat first four worlds, do not spend real money on buying diamonds. Just play patient, slowly saving up diamonds for a premium hero cube. Believe us, if you play the game each day you will have a strong superhero team after a week or so.

Just play multiplayer, replay boss battles, try earning achievements, and play special events and after a week or so you will have a team capable of defeating even the most dominant enemies. It is all about the journey in Team Z – League Of Heroes, and it is more interesting to get potent heroes with hard work than with money.

8. A Word Or Two About Combat

By playing strategically you can defeat even those teams that would defeat you when automated combat is turned on. It’s all about killing the right enemies first and using your best heroes.

For instance, always use your heroes to attack those enemies that are weak against their color. If you have a blue hero, always attack red enemies. If you are facing against an enemy that gets an attack bonus when hitting one of your heroes, make sure to kill them first.

Use special powers when they are needed, do not use them as soon as they become available. Don’t heal a hero if you will be able to receive more health in a turn or two. If you have a hero capable of stunning an enemy, use the stun power on most powerful enemies.

Follow the turns so you can always know which enemy will attack next. This way you will be able to kill certain enemies before they attack your vulnerable heroes. Defensive abilities can help you, but use them only when needed. For instance, it is better to use regular attack than a shield since a shield won’t harm enemies.

When facing against big bosses, always attack them and not minions they summon. This way you will kill the boss more quickly. And this is important because most bosses possess powerful attacks capable of sending your hero in just a couple of turns. In Team Z – League Of Heroes attack is the best defense, so it is better to use attacking and HP heroes than support of defense-based ones.

Support and defense-based superheroes are great only for defending your safe in multiplayer.

Ok guys, that’s all for now. We managed to collect lots of cool advice and tips and believe that following them will get you a long way in Team Z – League Of Heroes. Just be patient, play smart, and do not play with automated combat and you will be able to finish the single player campaign and become a force to be reckoned with in multiplayer battles. Thanks for reading and happy gaming!