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Shrek Sugar Fever Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide: 8 Hints for More Three-Star Levels

Shrek Sugar Fever is a new offering from Genera Games, in cooperation with Dreamworks, therefore making this a licensed Shrek product for iOS and Android that features everyone’s favorite animated ogre as you guide him through a series of puzzle adventures. There’s a sweet spell enveloping the kingdom, including Shrek’s swamp, and his friends are all getting hooked on sugary treats. It’s your job to break candies in more than 150 levels and seven map environments, and unsweeten Shrek’s swamp, as you save his friends, including Donkey, Gingy, Pinocchio, and the Three Little Pigs. Genera calls this game the most “magical” puzzle game of them all, but how many levels can you complete in this rather different take on mobile puzzle titles?

Although this is a rather simple game that casual players can pick up easily, things do get progressively harder as you move on. And since the main goal here is to complete each level with as many stars as possible, hopefully a perfect three stars, you might want to check out our Shrek Sugar Fever strategy guide. These tips are mainly beginner strategies, but you just might find some of them useful, even if you’ve been playing the game for some time and need to sharpen up your strategy.

1. This Is Not A Match 3 Game

One thing you have to remember about Shrek Sugar Fever, even before you actually play the game, is the fact that it is not a Match 3 game, despite the title suggesting that it is. Your goal is to rescue Shrek’s friends from their candy “obsession” by breaking candies and getting these characters down to the ground, but you won’t do this by matching three of a kind. What you’ll need to do is to match at least two adjacent candies of the same type to clear the board and bring each of Shrek’s friends down from their perch. That won’t always be an easy thing to do, due to a number of different factors, but the key thing with this tip is not to treat the game like a Match 3 title.

2. You Have Move Limits, Not Time Limits

That said, there are some principles of Match 3 gaming that still hold true in this game. That includes taking your time and making sure that you’re executing the best possible move. You will, as usual, have move limits to deal with, but that’s not the only situation where a level can end; you may still have several moves remaining, but won’t be allowed to continue if you’re all out of combinations and don’t have any power-ups left. Take care when making moves, but most of all, to ensure that you’re doing the right thing, don’t rush it! There are no time limits, so take as much time as you need.

3. Learn The Basics In The First Few Stages

The first 11 stages of Shrek Sugar Fever are pretty much designed to guide you through the basics of the game, and with that in mind, the game’s makers give you unlimited lives, unlimited moves, and free power-ups (at least the ones you’ve unlocked so far), sort of like training wheels on a bike to help you out before things get serious. We would suggest paying close attention in these stages, and returning to replay those stages if you want to refresh yourself on the basics.

4. The Key Is Eliminating As Many Candies Per Turn

This should be obvious once you’ve completed a few stages, but what you want to do in most of the stages is to wipe out as many candies of the same color/type per turn. That would mean working from the bottom for the most part, especially if you know that candies from the top can move down to the bottom and connect with same-colored candies, allowing you to eliminate more candies in your next move. Take note that you will oftentimes encounter hard candies, where you need to match the inner candy, which would turn them into regular candies you’ll have to match a second time. That means if you have one hard red candy in between two regular red candies, you won’t be able to make a match, unless another hard red candy drops down on top of, or beside the first one.

5. A Basic Guide To The Power-Ups

While playing as Shrek, you won’t be alone when trying to rescue your friends in many cases — several levels in the game come with a power-up which you’ll need to charge up by making matches on the board. These power-ups may vary depending on the level — sometimes, you’ll get the Smash, which allows Shrek to stomp down one column and match all the candies in that column, oftentimes sending one of his friends straight down. Sometimes, you’ll get the Burp, which allows him to eliminate all candies of the color you tap on. Then you’ve got the Fart, which eliminates a small square area on the board — a 3×3 area around the candy you tap on. You might have some of the more advanced power-ups later on, and some might not come with any power-ups at all; it all depends on the level.

As we mentioned above, you’ll have to charge your power-ups first by matching adjacent candies of the same color like you normally would. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use the power-ups yet. Shrek Sugar Fever also allows you to buy power-ups for coins, though they all come in bulk — the cheapest package costs 300 coins for three power-ups of one kind — and aren’t that affordable if you consider how hard it is to collect coins in this game.

6. Use The Slugs Wisely

In some levels, you will notice some gross green things scattered around the board. These are slugs, and they work a lot like Shrek’s Fart, only obviously less stinky. Tap on a slug and you’ll eliminate a small square from the board, ideally allowing Shrek’s friends to get rescued faster. But remember as well that you shouldn’t tap on the slugs willy-nilly — while the ideal strategy here would be to work from the bottom, that doesn’t always apply. If applicable, use the slugs in such a way that you’re eliminating squares and allowing for more candies of a certain color to be adjacent to each other. Those slugs can be your best friend, especially if you’ve only got a few moves remaining, but make sure you’re using them the right way.

7. How To Earn More Coins

We mentioned earlier in this guide that it’s not easy to earn coins in Shrek Sugar Fever. But there are a few ways for you to gather some coins in this game, including the daily rewards, which usually come in the form of 50 coins. That’s not much, and that’s typically the stuff you’ll be getting each day, but sometimes you might get lucky and earn more than just 50. Some levels, particularly the ones with treasure chests next to them, could win you some coins. But in most cases, you may need to spend real money to buy coins in this game — the cheapest available package is $0.99 or its equivalent in local currency, and will get you 100 coins, though more expensive packages offer bigger value. They’re worth looking into if you’ve got some cash to spare, but otherwise, your best bet is to play the game everyday and redeem your daily rewards, as there doesn’t appear to be any option right now to watch ad videos for easy coins.

8. Why Should You Connect Your Game To Facebook?

Shrek Sugar Fever comes with an option where you can connect your game to Facebook, and we’d say this comes in very handy for anyone who doesn’t want to wait all those minutes to get their lives restored. As is often the case, you start out with five lives, and with each level you fail, you lose one of them. And it takes 30 minutes for each life to automatically refresh, which could make for an excruciating wait. Sure, you can pay 100 coins to get all five lives back, or simply wait up to two hours-plus before your lives reset, but it’s arguably better to connect your game to Facebook and add some friends so you can ask for lives, and give them when needed. This also adds a social element to the game, though we can understand why this might not be the best option for everyone — if you’re not comfortable adding friends and bugging them for lives, you have the choice to create a dummy account for gaming purposes, and add friends from the comments sections of gaming sites, or the Shrek Sugar Fever reviews on the App Store or Play Store.