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I Became a Dog Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide: 8 Hints to Become Human Again Quickly

The company behind this game is simply called I Like Games, and we seem to be liking the game alright — it’s called I Became a Dog, and it comes with a very interesting premise. In here, you play the role of a human who wakes up one day and realizes he’s become a dog, with his head hurting and no memory of what had happened the night before after a long night of drinking. No, it’s not an ideal situation, but as the game’s description explains, the goal here is for you to find a way to become human once again. Just how are you going to go about this, now that you’re coming to terms with the fact that you’ve transformed from a man into man’s best friend?

It’s not easy living like an animal, but it’s something you need to learn if you want to become human again. So with that in mind, we hope you’ll check out our list of I Became a Dog tips, cheats and tricks below. This is a list of general tips you can follow if you want to finish the game faster, so keep on reading if you want to have that happy ending and return to your old life in the in-game world.

1. Work On Your Language Skills First

One of the first things you have to keep in mind in the early goings of the game is to work on your language skills, and level them up. And the way to do this is by eating dog food — at first, you’ll have to wait until the food arrives, but once you learn the Bark skill, you’ll be able to ask for the dog food, allowing you to progress faster and keep leveling up Language as you go on. Bonus tip — although you might think food can be consumed and asked for anywhere, it is only served in the same common area shared by the three dogs, and you can only ask for it by barking when you’re near that area.

For starters, you should be on the lookout for those three bags of dog food once you enter the warehouse. Some of the food will be spilling on the ground, so make sure you eat the food as quickly as possible; you’ll be able to level up about four levels after eating the spilled dog food, and that means a lot when it comes to improving your language skills in the game.

2. Collect Bugs As Well

Aside from eating dog food, you can also collect bugs. We suggest going crazy with the bugs, and collecting them whenever possible. At first, you’ll have to collect the bugs manually, but you will eventually learn a new skill where you can call the bugs yourself, so that they go to you instead of you going to them. Once the bugs become easier to collect, you’ll want to use this new skill as often as you want.

3. Communicate With The Dogs

It’s also important to talk to all the dogs in the game once you learn how to talk. Each time you level up your language skills or accomplish a specific achievement or milestone, you’ll be able to get more information from the dogs. We would recommend talking to all dogs once you’ve reached a new level, as that’s pretty much going to be one of the few things you’ll be able to do at that point. But don’t worry if you don’t completely understand what the dogs are trying to tell you — you would still be able to complete some of the tasks in most cases. Still, at some point you will need to understand what the dogs are talking about, but while you don’t, you’ll have to focus on eating dog food and eating bugs.

4. Talk To Sony In Particular

Now if you’re a first-time player, the dog you want to talk to is Sony, the older dog. Keep talking to this dog, as you’ll be able to make more progress with the other dogs this way, while picking up new skills. Once you reach the mid-point of the game, you’ll be able to move faster. But be mindful as well that you have a maximum speed, and there are many situations where the endings of the game will depend on whether you reach the maximum speed or not.

5. Unlock New Hints

I Became a Dog allows you to unlock new hints, and if you don’t want any spoilers while playing the game, you’ll want to skip this tip. But if you don’t mind spoilers and want to know what’s coming next, here’s how to unlock the hints. First off, make sure you’re in the main menu, where you’ll see hints for the game’s main events. You can then watch ad videos, with one video watched unlocking one new hint as you go along. Sure, you may be spoiled at some points, but this could also be useful if you’re having difficulty at any given part of the game.

6. What Can Farting Do For You?

Yes, we know this tip literally stinks, but your dog will also be able to unlock the ability to fart. And passing gas happens to be an important ability in this game. Once you learn how to do this, fart a second time after the first one expires, as that’s going to allow the bugs to keep running toward you. This works especially well if a large group of bugs had just retreated after the fart effect had worn off, and also when you’ve got fart multipliers at the end of the game. And if you keep on farting so much that you see the green charge button, you can hit that button and watch a video to recharge the farts. Sure, this skill is a true stinker, but it’s also a very useful one, wouldn’t you think?

7. There’s No Need To Wait Until Bark And Fart Meters Restore

This isn’t something everyone is able to pick up right away, but we did notice that it’s not necessary at all to wait until the bark and fart meters restore. The game will allow you to use a maximum of five of each in a row, and if you keep that in mind, that’s a great way to expedite your progress, especially when you’re trying to collect as many bugs as possible. Look at the green dots below the aforementioned meters — these will tell you how many times you can bark or fart consecutively.

8. The Game Has Multiple Endings

We’re going to be tackling this topic in a completely separate I Became a Dog strategy guide, but this game has five different endings. The endings depend on the options you choose when having conversations with the dogs, so if you didn’t like the first ending you got, or want to see the other endings for yourself, you can go back to the game and choose other conversation options. That could include having to say no several times when asked the same question, or solving different puzzles, but in most cases, things will turn out different for you if you’re patient.

There you have it! We hope you’ve enjoyed this set of tips and tricks for I Became a Dog. If you have anything to add, feel free to leave us a message in the comments!

Jake Graham

Sunday 1st of July 2018

I don't know if I'm stuck or if I'm missing something but Tomy is in jail I lured Julia and when I am in the room she walks towards me annd stops and does it again I also skipped over some of the text accidentally when I was talking to Tomy and she keeps saying "Come up with something" and I am locked out of the bedroom. Can you help me out please.