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Gladiator Heroes (iOS) Guide, Cheats & Tips: 8 Hints for Winning Gladiator Battles

Gladiator Heroes is a new Android and iOS title from Genera Games that gives you the chance to solidify your place in history as you build, manage, and defend your own territory while conquering new ones. In this city-builder, you can create new buildings for your gladiators, as well as infirmaries, government buildings, and of course, arenas, all while unlocking a vast and fascinating map with different types of terrain. And while this may all suggest you’ll mostly be overseeing a city where gladiator battle is a way of life, you’ll also be stepping into the arena, as the game promises a chance for you to be both a warrior and an emperor.

We should warn you beforehand that this is not an easy game to play. With two important duties that you need to fulfill equally well, things can be challenging at times. But it’s not an impossible game to learn, and we’re here to make sure of that for you. Our Gladiator Heroes strategy guide, after all, covers both the city management and fighting side of the game, and that should ensure that you master both the “warrior” and “emperor” aspects of this new title.

1. How Can You Unlock PvP Mode?

This is probably the very first question you’ll want to ask when it comes to learning Gladiator Heroes — how do you unlock PvP in this game? As the game’s description does promise PvP, and since PvP is always one of the most sought-after features in any given game, you’ll be glad to know that all it takes is for you to reach level 6 with your player. That automatically unlocks the Games of Glory feature, which allows you to do battle against real players. Now isn’t that a little more fun than fighting the same old AI opponents time and again?

2. Know Your Gladiators

Gladiator Heroes comes with several different types of gladiator, and each of these types have unique styles, strengths, and weaknesses. One simple thing, though — while you can unlock a new type as you move forward in the game, there’s no way to determine a specific gladiator type to unlock when using a statue; don’t worry, as we shall explain statues in a bit.

First off, you’ve got your Sword and Shield gladiators, who are highly-rated on defense, and are capable of blocking most enemy attacks. Some consider them all-rounders, but we’d say they’re a good choice for beginners — you’ll start the game with one gladiator of this type.

Two-Handed gladiators are heavier types who are better-suited for crowd control — they can get rid of multiple enemies, and not only do they deal out a lot of damage, it’s hard for opponents to push them back. While Sword and Shield types may sound like the tanks of the game, Two-Handed gladiators fill this bill more accurately, albeit with a lot of offense and skills to go around with.

Spear gladiators are as close as you could get to ranged fighters, as they can attack enemies from afar, then move to safer ground to avoid damage. Use these gladiators if you’re more of a hit-and-run player in these games.

Lastly, Dual Weapon gladiators attack twice, as the name suggests — they’re the only gladiator type capable of this. Make sure you’ve got at least one on your team, should this type already be unlocked.

3. Train Your Gladiators Before Anything Else

Your gladiators can gain experience organically while fighting battle after battle. But you don’t have to settle on organic means — you can also train your gladiators to further maximize their abilities and improve your chances of winning any given battle. You’re allowed to train them a maximum of five times, and the very first thing to keep in mind here is that it’s much cheaper to do this before you level them up. As gladiators increase in level, it becomes progressively costlier to train them, so do so while it’s still cheaper and you won’t be wasting any money in the process.

Aside from that, we would also suggest that you continue to train your gladiators after they’ve been maxed out, and make sure they’re always at five training bars. Your gladiators lose one training bar every few days or so, and that means you should monitor their progress and avoid a situation where they drop below four. That allows you to keep them in tip-top shape, while minimizing the costs of training, which, once again, could become expensive.

4. Changing Your Defense

As we often do in the games we cover, we love stressing the importance of a good defense. But we’re going to lay off the cliches and tell you what you need to do to change your defensive setup, which you’ll often have to take care of so you can tailor your strategy toward that of your opponent. Tap on the Coliseum button (the same button you use to access PvP battles), tap on the blue “I” button, and you’re set. That should allow you to adjust your defense to your liking, and to a style that’s conducive to your battle plans for your next opponent.

5. How To Get, And Open More Chests

Opening chests after a battle could be your chance to get some nice and useful equipment for your gladiators, as well as other items. And you should alway be on the lookout for the treasure chests that occasionally appear on the missions map. Tapping on a chest would allow you to win some free currency — it won’t be much, but it can add up, and it’s better than nothing. These chests appear to refresh every few hours, so don’t stop at a few — wait it out a bit, and you can earn more free currency, even if you’re looking at an area that hasn’t been unlocked yet.

Additionally, you’ll want to watch as many ad videos as possible, particularly when you know you can win rarer, more useful rewards, and aren’t quite sure which chests they’re located in. Watching ads allows you to get three additional chests to open, all free of charge, once you’ve completed a battle.

6. Make Sure Something Is Always Being Upgraded

When talking about the city-building aspect of Gladiator Heroes, we won’t really delve that much into the gory details. But the basics of city building and management are basic enough — you’re only allowed to build one building or upgrade an existing building one at a time. Always have someone working on those buildings, and look out for the green arrows, as they signify that a building can be upgraded.

Although creating and upgrading buildings is important, the maintenance tasks of this game also include improving your gladiators, as well as healing anyone who is currently injured. Train gladiators who also serve you well in battle, and if the opportunity arises, level them up. A well-run city is also a busy one, so make sure that there’s something going on in all areas. That’s proper city maintenance, if you ask us.

7. What Are Statues, And How Do They Affect Gladiator Rarity?

As promised, we’re going to be talking about statues, and how they play a part in determining how rare a Gladiator is once you receive one. Typically, the rule of thumb would be as follows: the more expensive your statue is, the higher the star rating of gladiator you shall receive. We would recommend trying to grab the rarer ones ASAP, as they would eventually have much greater upside/potential than the common ones; remember that you cannot improve a gladiator’s star rarity once they’ve been unlocked!

How can you get statues? You can get them organically, or by playing the game as usual, but you can save up on your gems so you can buy yourself a Silver Statue. Waiting longer could earn you enough gems to afford a Gold Statue, or you can always part ways with your real-life money (only if you can afford it) and buy the latter type of statue. Gold Statues guarantee a gladiator of five-star rarity, which means your purchase (with real or in-game currency) will always be worth it.

8. The Basics Of Winning Battles

There usually isn’t much to the gladiator battles in Gladiator Heroes. By that, we mean that it’s oftentimes the stronger team that wins in the arena. Take note that you cannot directly control your gladiators, nor can you choose their targets when it comes to the regular attacks. What you do control is the placement of your gladiators, as well as the skills they will get to use in battle, and when they will launch those skills.

In the early battles, one of the most effective strategies is to bundle you gladiators close to each other, doing so in a way that allows one of the gladiators to attack an enemy gladiator from behind. Attacking from behind, once done properly, can be a game-changer of sorts!

When talking about special skills, you would be right if you guessed that we’re bigger fans of defensive skills than the offensive ones. You want to stop your opponent from attacking, rather than simply attacking your opponent and hoping you overpower them. That would require using skills such as Block, Stun, and any other skill that allows you to flex some muscle on the defensive end. Again, it’s all about stopping the enemy before they stop you!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide for Gladiator Heroes. As always, if you know additional hints, don’t hesitate to reach out to us by leaving a message in the comment section!


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Hello, first sorry for my english. I can't play Level 74 because it is written maximum capacity reached for all gladiators( shield, swords ...) Thank'for you help