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Glory Ridge Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide to Build Your Own Empire

Glory Ridge is now available for iOS and Android devices, and it’s been advertised by its maker, OG Limited, as one of the “most fun” battle strategy games of the year, one that takes place within a world of magic, with more than your fair share of heroes to recruit. You can train these heroes and take enemies on with your army of troops, hoping to attain victory once it’s all said and done. And since we understand you’re also probably looking for something that could engage you socially, you’ll be glad to know that this game also allows you to join player alliances, interact with your allies to gain even more bonuses in and out of the battlefield, and help each other in building their cities and defeating human-controlled enemies.

Now that you know what this game is about and what you can expect out of it, let’s move on to more important things, such as learning the game. As is the case in any other game with city-building, base management, and tactical features and mechanics, the learning curve can be a bit overwhelming. But we can make that learning curve less daunting, as we now present to you our detailed Glory Ridge strategy guide. Who knows, you may end up beating more of those real players than you originally expected.

1. Your Choice Of Squad Matters

The game will make it a bit easy for you when it comes to the monsters included. With each new monster that you encounter, you’ll be able to view their class, while also viewing their strengths and weaknesses, specifically and especially in the elemental department. Let’s take the Raptor Knights for example – they’re Assassin-class fighters that are strong against Archers, but weak against Warriors, who could take them down easily.

Given the information you can glean from the monster overviews, you should choose your squad wisely, choosing units that are strong against the enemy units’ class. Make sure you’ve got as many units as possible with the elemental advantage, and do NOT use Quick Dispatch unless you’re willing to fine-tune things right aftr – this is a simplistic feature that automatically sends out units based on which class is most stocked in terms of numbers. It does not consider elemental strengths and weaknesses, and while that’s where you do come in, it really isn’t that hard to remember which units are strong or weak against the other.

2. Follow The Quests

You should know the deal by now if you’re a veteran of base management games, especially those with multiplayer modes, or are exclusively MMO. If you’re trying to make sure your base is always up to speed, there’s one thing you should do, and that’s to follow the quests. Look at the bottom left of your screen, as that’s where you can view the main quest at the moment. Tap on it for easy viewing, and the game will take you right to the quest, without any effort on your part.

The quests in Glory Ridge are designed to ensure your base is running like a well-oiled machine at all times, and if you’re unsure what to do, they’ll set you on the right path. Best of all, you’ll get resources and XP as rewards for completing quests, making the benefits of following the quest path two-fold.

3. Stay Logged In, Even If You Aren’t Playing

We’d guess Glory Ridge’s makers want the game’s players to be as engaged as possible, hence the rewards you can get for keeping the game open for quite a while. We suggest leaving the game on with your phone plugged into a charger – this is important, because Glory Ridge’s setup disables auto-lock as long as you’ve got it open. Failing to plug your phone in would, of course, result in your battery running out, and that’s something you need to avoid if you’re chasing for the best available active online reward.

4. Make Sure Each Queue Is Doing Something

Queues are another trademark feature of the average base management game, and you should likewise be keeping these queues busy, and trying not to let any of them go idle.

It’s important for you to keep training new units in the game, and you can ensure this takes place by clicking on the knight helmet for your training queue. You can go here to view the status of unit training halls, and of course, to train new units to add more manpower to your army.

The construction queue is second most-important, we’d say, and you can find it by clicking on the hammer. The game only allows you to upgrade or construct two buildings at a time, so if you’ve got nothing new to build, then upgrade the ones you already have so you can max out their level sooner.

The research queue is marked by a tower icon, and this is also a key queue to focus on. Research needs to be worked on so you can get permanent buffs to troop training speed, resource production, and other metrics of note. If you want your city to become stronger, research has to be a priority.

The marching queue is designated by a cavalier icon, and you should go here when dispatching units to take over resource sites or raid opposing players’ bases. We’re mentioning it a bit further down since the priority in here isn’t really that high.

5. There’s No Drawback To Joining An Alliance

We’ve probably answered this question countless times before, but if you’re still asking why you should bother joining an alliance/guild, we’ll tell you why you should. First of all, alliances refer to groups of players under the same wing, meaning you can ask your fellow members for help if you’re in a battle you can’t win, or if you’ve been raided by a strong human player. Aside from that, alliance mates can speed up construction times, and since nobody likes waiting, you’ll need more than a little help from your “friends” to expedite the construction or upgrade of a building. And there’s that additional benefit of being able to make new friends, should some, or most, or even all of your fellow alliance members live in the same area.

These would be our tips and tricks for Glory Ridge. If you know additional hints for the game, please share them with us in the comment area below!