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Tasty Planet Forever Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Unlock All Worlds

A relatively new developer to enter the mobile gaming industry, Dingo Games recently released a follow-up to one of the most beloved action game series to hit both iOS and Android devices, Tasty Planet Forever. Following the huge success of the 3 previous Tasty Planet games, Tasty Planet Forever raked over 1 million downloads in less than a month after its release. With its simple mechanics, humongous content, and highly addictive gameplay, Tasty Planet Forever is set to be a game that can cater to gamers of all ages. If you haven’t played any games of the series yet, you might want to read our Tasty Blue guide as some of the tips & tricks we shared back then may still apply to this sequel.

Tasty Planet Forever seems to not just merge all of its previous games into one but adds a lot more new content and excitement. You initially get to play as a cat, and not just an ordinary one at that, but a robot cat designed to clean everything up by devouring it. As you get bigger and bigger, more of the surrounding creature and objects become part of your food choices. Although you will naturally be able to gobble up practically everything towards the end of each stage, you have to be careful during the initial phases as when you are still relatively small, there are obstacles and perils around every corner. You will constantly be engaged from the start of each level to the finish as you aim to secure high scores, earn maximum stars, and save up coins for various power hats and new worlds.

There’s hardly any tutorial available for Tasty Planet Forever as the controls and game mechanics are indeed as easy at it comes. The game will only tell you two things: Tap on the screen and the cat will go to that spot and; east everything that is smaller than yourself. Although the latter is a bit contestable especially when you grow to about the same size of some objects or creatures, the game offers further help by highlighting the closest creature or object you can eat. Keep in mind though that a game with simple controls and mechanics aren’t necessarily easy to beat and as a good example of that, Tasty Planet Forever provides a lot of challenges when it comes to managing focus, reaction speeds, or even general strategic approaches to clearing everything out methodically. If you are in a bit of a rut getting 3-star ratings on some earlier stages or perhaps doing fairly well but still clamouring for more efficient methods of farming coins to unlock new worlds and power hats, then our Tasty Planet Forever beginner’s guide can help you through each stage and earn you coins to unlock everything you can in the game.

Once you earn enough coins you can unlock the next world and play as a different character. You could be an octopus that has grown weary of pollutants and start cleaning the ocean up or an experimental over-aggressive, constantly hungry bee who accidentally escaped from a test tube out into the open world. Earning enough stars can also unlock bonus stages on each world, giving you even more new and exciting levels to play at and earn coins from.

1. Choose The Control Options That Suit You

tasty planet forever controls

By default, Tasty Planet Forever is configured following the tap method and by tapping on an area on the screen, your character will travel to that area and tapping far from the current position will make the character run faster. Aside from this method, pressing the pause button on the upper right hand of the screen then choosing “Options”, and finally selecting “Controls” will reveal 2 alternative input methods you can use. The first one is the virtual joystick which can be set to be either floating or fixed on the left side of the screen and includes a dash button on the right side of the screen as well. The third and final control option is the Trackpad mode where you can slide your finger across the screen for your creature to mimic. Using this method, you can adjust the sensitivity of the “trackball” to your preference.

Considering these 3 control options, it is best to try each out as what others may find easy or convenient may not appear to be as appealing to you. Keep in mind though that while one may be convenient for a stage or two, it may be somewhat more challenging on some other stages. While using the default tap method, you can also just press your finger on the middle of the screen and slide it whichever direction you would want the character to move. Sliding your finger farther from the middle of the screen will make it run faster. If you are playing on a tablet though, swiping from opposite distant directions may become a big challenge. Also, when using the third control option which is the trackball, you can use your left and right thumbs or fingers to navigate better.

2. Understand The Environment

how to unlock worlds in tasty planet forever

Once you are comfortable enough with your selected control option, the next thing you would want to do is categorize all other things you see in the game considering whether you can eat them or not, if you can eat them later or never, which ones can hurt you and cost you points, and which ones can hurt you only when you’re smaller than them. It may only take a single encounter with any object to identify which is which but in general; things that can hurt you in real life should be a great reference when you are having a hard time identifying these items at first. In any case, your mental path of which route to take should basically coincide with your understanding of each object in the stage as you should know when to run a straight line or zigzag around to not lose points you earned on your game.

3. Always Be On The Move

As Tasty Planet Forever contains a very dynamic and mostly fast-paced gameplay, you should avoid natural tendencies of stopping at where your target food was and instead be a step ahead and look around you for the next meal while still approaching the current one. In some cases following some control methods, you may aim towards one creature or object to eat and stopping there just to see where your next target is. With any of the available controls though you can instead lay out imaginary paths to travel considering that everything within your path can be gobbled up without stopping.

There will be stage where some creatures will be out to get you and in these stages, getting away means going a bit faster and making it a priority to be constantly moving, even if it means moving away from a potential meal because earning points for eating may be less than the points you lose if you get struck by a damaging item or creature.

4. Go Fast But Be Careful

tasty planet forever tips

Tasty Planet Forever like all of its previous games pushes you to go fast and there are good reasons for you to do so considering that the goal of the game is to eat as much as you can, grow bigger, and eat more to earn points and ultimately earn more coins. Although being quick in your moves may lead to earning more points, there are risks involved as well especially when there are objects or creatures that can damage you in the stage.

For best results try and perfect how your character moves in the screen first at a lower speed and once you get the full hang of it, go faster by all means. It’s important to understand that you can eat more and attain a higher score by being faster, the point deductions you get out of hitting a damaging obstacle or running into a bigger creature or object may just be enough to take more out of the points you have earned. On top of that, making such mistakes often tend to lead to additional ones as it can distract you from the flow of your game as well as the planned path you had in mind.

5. Pay Exclusive Attention To The Playing Field

There are many details you can see on the top of the screen as you play each stage in Tasty Planet Forever. On the left side, you can see your character’s size and the closest object or creature you can currently eat and on the right side, you can also see your score and the time you have spent on the stage.

While all of these data are useful, paying attention to them may lessen your focus on the task at hand and make you less efficient. In fact, you can actually do very well; perhaps even a lot better, if you completely ignore each one of them. Keep in mind that knowing what all these are showing you shouldn’t change the way how you play or even the path you constantly choose to follow in each stage.

6. Bigger Meals Should Be Given Priority, Not Exclusivity

tasty planet forever guide

As we know at this point, the bigger you get, the more items around you can become your meal and considering that bigger meals increase size and points faster, you would naturally want to after them first. In a lot of cases, most especially towards the end of each level, you can just dash through a series of straight lines and gorge through everything. In some cases though, the bigger meals are set so far apart that running from one to another may take a long, unproductive line with not much of anything along the way.

While it’s okay to prioritize taking on the bigger treats in each level, you should still continue to snack on the little things along the way, even if the boost they give is seemingly insignificant especially if they are not that far out of the way to the next big meal. Remember that points do matter at the end of each round and ignoring those little meals because you only wanted to go for the seemingly right-sized ones can spell the difference between a 2-star and a 3-star rating at the end of the level.

7. Determine Spawn Points

There are a lot of stages in the game where creatures can come only from certain points at the edge of the screen. Although in some instances you won’t be immediately able to gobble them up, try to pay attention to these spots so you will know where to travel to as soon as you can munch on them. It is somewhat challenging to determine spawn points on your first go, but it does help a lot in times when you would rather farm from one location to the next instead of blindly hunting for food across a huge map. Additionally, doing this also helps you scope the map out and determine its edges, although in some levels, the limits of the map extend as you grow bigger, in such instances, feel free to immediately trace edges of the map and try to look into where your food is coming from most of the time.

8. Remember That You Can Pause The Game

tasty planet forever three star ratings

Each level in Tasty Planet Forever only takes a few minutes to complete and playing just a couple of rounds may not seem that much daunting. Depending on how much you play though, and how focused you are while playing in addition to the fact that you have to be constantly moving around on each level hunting meals, avoiding obstacles, and running from threats; it can be quite exhausting most especially on the latter stages. While in the middle of the game and you get tired of constantly swiping or tapping, remember that you can hit the pause button so you can take a breath and rest your fingers. As there is always the possibility of being careless and making mistakes the longer you continuously play, it is best to always replenish some lost energy and relax for even a short bit of time.

9. Watch Video Ads For Extra Coins

Games like Tasty Planet Forever where you need to earn a lot of coins tor purchase in-game items like new stages and equipment can sometimes require a lot of grinding. As there are so many new worlds that offer unique new gameplay in the game as well as new hats that boost your abilities, you can hardly have enough gold to get everything you want to unlock soon enough and what better way to gain additional coins than getting them for free?

As of this writing, the number of times you can watch (or play) 15 to 30-second video ads for 80 coins in Tasty Planet Forever seem infinite. So, on top of taking breaks in between each game, you may want to rest your eyes and play some video ads to continue to earn coins. 80 coins may not seem much but in just a short while, you will find that it helps a lot in boosting your earnings to unlock some new things in the game.

10. Get The Power Hats You Need

tasty planet forever power hats

There are several hats that you can buy with coins and you can always choose to get all of them. However, as a matter of priority, you may want to choose one that suits what you may want more of, focusing on either an armor to lessen or ignore damages from obstacles or bigger creatures; extra time so you can stay longer in each stage to earn bigger points and coins; or even focus on getting more coins or more points straightaway. As these hats do cost a lot, you may want to get one for each character first as you also need to save some coins to unlock additional worlds where new characters would also have a different set of hats to choose from.

You will definitely spend a lot of time in this game considering that such simple gameplay mechanics can offer such a variety of unique challenges and levels for anyone to enjoy. Hopefully, if you read through each of the tips and tricks that we shared in our guide, you can try each new world out and be on your way to getting 3-star ratings on each of the levels. As you aim to get those power hats for each character as well, you might even lose track of the coins you have earned (as well as the time spent on the game). Well, that’s all we have and we hope it helped you a lot. There may still be some tips, cheats, or strategies that escaped us as much as we dug into Tasty Planet Forever. If you have additional tips, please share them with us in the comment section!