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Super Heroes F Cheats & Tips: 4 Excellent Tricks You Need to Know

Call it what you want – Super Heroes F, Resurrection F, or Battle of the Gods VS. Technically, all these names are correct, but for simplicity’s sake, we’ll stick with the first name. This is a new role-playing game based on Dragon Ball Z, and it is essentially a new version of Z Fighters, a previous Dragon Ball Z-based title that was nonetheless an unofficial one. At the moment, it’s only available for iOS devices, but if you own one and want to give this game a whirl, we suggest that you check this out first – it’s our list of Super Heroes F cheats, tips and tricks.

1. Upgrade Characters / Equipment Early In The Game

Compared to other games, you can upgrade or level up new characters very early in the game. And it’s very simple to do this. But first, let’s talk about equipment. The first thing you should do is get more weapons and armor for your team members, then upgrade the equipment to the highest possible level. As there aren’t too many restrictions on how far you can upgrade things, it is possible to perform a ridiculous number of upgrades.

As for upgrading a character (as opposed to their equipment), this would be done by sacrificing souls – this results in an increase in attack, defense, health, and/or speed for your entire party. There are also training potions which you can use if you want to trade one stat for another.

2. Even Background Tasks Affect Battle Outcomes

The good thing about this game, or at least one of them, is that battles take place automatically. But that doesn’t mean the things you do in the background, or the things you do when you’re not in battle, won’t play any role in deciding the outcome. For example, you have to pay close attention to the skills you equip on your characters, or the skills you merge so you can improve one that you want to focus on and keep.

3. Switch To Hard Mode For A Bigger Challenge

Super Heroes F has a lot of replay value, and if you find yourself bored with the main story, there are other things you can do in here. You can get out there and “interact” with other players by competing in the PvP arena, or play Trials Mode against a human player or the game’s AI. If it’s the action and not the story that’s boring you, then what you can do is switch to Hard Mode to give yourself a real challenge.

4. Don’t Spend The Premium Currency On Anything Useless

We definitely won’t recommend spending premium currency in this game as a means to win – this isn’t one of those games where the more you pay, the greater your chances are of winning, or even playing the entire game. But if you should really spend, then it’s recommended that you pay premium currency for a special package, as long as you can make good use of the rewards therein.