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Waterslide Extreme Cheats & Strategy Guide: 5 Fantastic Tips to Get a High Score

Waterslide Extreme is a brand new iOS game where you can feel the speed as you negotiate your way down the serious twists and turns of a massive waterslide. The title is described as a racing game with nine stages, and you’ll have to beat the clock and score as many points as possible. You’ll be navigating your way through tight corners and formidable loops as you experience the game’s physics; moving faster will earn you more points, though you should be on the lookout for unpleasant surprises and steep edges. So what can you do to score more points in this title? You can always check our list of Waterslide Extreme cheats and tips, if you want to top your highest score, or score highly on a more consistent basis.

1. Gather Hearts If You See Them

This game comes with different types of power-ups, and these include hearts, which give you extra lives. They’re fairly common in the game, with most players seeing one or more per level. As you can never tell when your slide down will be fraught with a whole lot of danger (as opposed to some danger), those extra lives will come in handy.

2. Use The Brake Button Wisely

Waterslide Extreme’s controls include a brake button, but you should use it only when you truly need it the most. Usually, this would be when you encounter a row of crystals on the way down. Hitting the brakes allows you to slow down ahead of a turn, so that way you can gather the crystals. However, braking also slows you down, and you have to keep this in mind so you don’t run out of time in a level.

3. Time Is Of The Essence

We cannot stress this enough – Waterslide Extreme is a racing game, and in here, the mechanics require you to complete a level within the allotted time. Hitting the brakes too hard would have you screeching to a stop, and if that happens, you automatically lose a level. Be especially careful when slowing down if you’re dealing with a slide that has an incline.

4. Slide Where The Water Is Flowing

Provided that the tube is fully covered, you can move anywhere you wish. And since speed is extremely important in the game, you should be sliding where the water is flowing, so as to accelerate faster.

5. Focus On The Crown And Boost Power-Ups

The crown and boost power-ups are two of the more useful power-ups you can use in Waterslide Extreme. The crown makes you invincible, and once you run into crabs and ducks while in this invincible state, you’ll kill them and earn some points. The boost power-up, on the other hand, gives you the huge surge of speed you need, possibly the difference between passing or failing a level. Boosts tend to be in the same spot regardless how often you play the game, and are usually found right before inclines, where speed will be especially important.