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Stealth Master (SayGames) Guide: Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Help You Complete More Levels

SayGames is a maker of casual mobile games that are easy to learn but hard to master, such as Johnny Trigger, Jelly Shift, Drive and Park. You probably know the deal with how these titles can be very addictive thanks to their simplicity. As far as we can see, the company’s latest mobile title, Stealth Master, is a step above the usual game in this genre.

As the titular character in Stealth Master, you will be asked to “sharpen your katana” and sneak into a variety of “highly secured places” and kill bad guys left and right, completing missions and leaving without anyone the wiser. The game is regularly updated with new weapons and other perks, and each level promises new and exciting challenges, not just from the enemy side of things but also from the items you can unlock.

Although this Stealth Master is a rather simple game, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t merit a guide of its own where we can assist you in completing more levels and defeating more bosses while unlocking new stuff whenever you could. That’s what we’ve come up right now, so read our Stealth Master guide as we tell you all there is to know about this action “ninja game.”

1. The Basics Of Stealth Master

As a casual action title, there isn’t too much to Stealth Master — your goal is to kill all the henchmen, ideally doing so as stealthily as possible. That means you will need to avoid getting seen and also avoid bumping into objects such as furniture and appliances that could cause the henchmen and turn around to see what the ruckus is all about. That also means having to kill these enemies when they’re not looking, in order to avoid getting fired at and losing some health along the way.

Of course, you could ambush the enemies by running straight into them and hacking them or shooting them up, but if you want to complete the level with a full bar of health, it’s best to kill them as stealthily and as quietly as possible.

stealth master tips

Movement in Stealth Master is very easy — just drag your finger left or right on the screen to make your character move around. User characters will automatically fire at an enemy at a certain distance or, if they’re wielding a sword or a knife, if they’re right next to the bad guys.

After killing all the enemies, you will then take an elevator that will take you to the next level, upon which you can choose at least one new weapon, item, or boost to help you out — we shall get to that a little later on in this guide. And once you’ve reached the final level in the chapter, that’s when time comes for the boss battle, where you’ll be taking on a larger enemy with more health points, greater accuracy, and typically far more competent than the smaller henchmen.

Beating the boss will allow you to advance to the next chapter, but before that — or at least in early chapters — the game will give you the choice of unlocking a new weapon that could become available going forward, or in some cases, a new character or other items.

As you may notice in the tutorial stage, it might not seem like much. But unlike in many other casual games, the difficulty does ramp up as you complete more levels and chapters!

2. Choose Your Add-Ons Wisely

As we mentioned above, you will typically be asked if you want to equip any weapons, special equipment, or other add-ons before starting a new level. You will have three choices to pick from, and you can get one of them outright, with the other two available for free if you’re willing to watch a 30-second ad video.

Now you may be tempted to get all three add-ons whenever possible, but we would discouraging you from doing this due to the fact that the game only has so many videos to serve up. Once you’re out of ad videos to watch, there’s a chance you won’t have any equipment choices at the beginning of a new level — at the very least, you may not be able to watch a new video to equip a new add-on even if the video button still shows up along with the option.

how to get better equipment in stealth master

With this in mind, there are certain add-ons that we would not exactly recommend. The one that gives you a speed boost isn’t all that necessary in the grand scheme of things — if you get found out by an enemy, it’s easy to kill them straight away by running into them, just as long as you don’t panic when you see the bullets.

Armor may be necessary for certain boss battles, but otherwise, it’s not a must-have. The money boost could be helpful if you want to collect more characters and other goodies, but again, we won’t really prioritize it. Lastly, health boosts are helpful in almost every instance — except if your health bar is at 80 percent or greater at the end of a level.

Finally, Master Key isn’t that recommended — while this allows you to bypass the key requirement when it comes to doors that are locked, you’ll probably want to get the key anyway, as we’ll be explaining later.

As you may have guessed by now, weapons are the best add-ons to get for free or watch an ad for. Whether you’re using a mere pistol with silencer or rocking an RPG (rocket-propelled grenade, that is), it’s better to have a firearm than a sword — in fact, shurikens are better as you can throw them at enemies from a distance.

The only weapon we’re not 100 percent a fan of is the Jammer, which is supposed to jam cameras and turrets. If you’re trying to avoid security cameras, we don’t see them as useful as wielding a firearm that could allow you to stand back and fire at enemies instead of charging at them. They can, however, be very advantageous when the turrets come into play.

In addition to the ones we mentioned, there’s a Stealth boost that makes you invisible (or as it appears in the screen, turns you into a plant), and while it’s fun to use, it may take a bit more skill to use, as you will still be vulnerable to enemy attacks while you’re running, and you may need to run a bit if you’re holding a knife or a sword. Stealth is best used if you have a firearm, so choose this option only when it could be used practically.

3. Explore Each Level As Completely As You Can

When it comes to playing levels in Stealth Master, it’s best to explore each level for as long as you could and cover it as completely as possible — even if you do get killed at any point in the level, you can always start off right where you left off, right at the same level but thankfully, not at the very first level in a given chapter. That means exploring every nook and cranny and trying to kill every enemy on the floor — on the upper left of your screen, you will see a counter that shows you how many enemies are still alive.

stealth master strategies

Killing enemies allows you to earn more cash that you can use to buy new weapons and characters, but apart from that, there are multiple levels where there is hidden cash you can pick up! Just take your time — the game has no time limits, so you can take as long as you could to explore each level/floor.

Although decent in-game riches may await you if you make sure to explore all levels completely, there are also some dangers that may await, and these dangers will ramp up not long after you complete the tutorial stage. Don’t worry — we shall talk about this in the very next tip.

4. New Challenges And How To Handle Them

For each level or floor you complete, you will notice that things will get more challenging slowly but surely — more enemies, certain levels where you won’t have any available equipment to choose from, and eventually, more challenging layouts that can make it harder for you to reach the elevator and make it to the next floor.

Aside from the actual map layout of these levels, you will also need to pay close attention to the security cameras that could make henchmen turn around and possibly catch you hiding behind a wall. The enemies won’t exactly become more accurate at this point, but these cameras will certainly make you more vulnerable.

how to earn more rewards in stealth master

Next up, you’ve got the lasers, which manifest in the form of a forcefield that would injure you if you try to cross them — overall, it appears to be slightly worse than getting hit by an enemy bullet, but you won’t automatically get killed if you cross a laser forcefield.

There are blue-and-yellow buttons that you’ll need to walk over in order to disable the lasers — that’s easy enough, but you will ultimately deal with levels that have laser forcefields that turn on and off automatically, thus requiring you to time your approach when trying to move forward on the map and avoid getting caught by the lasers.

The lasers aren’t the worst thing you’ll be dealing with as the levels become more difficult. Ultimately, you’ll encounter the turrets, which appear mounted on walls starting at the tenth chapter or thereabouts, and these can be very tough to get around unless you’ve got a Jammer — as we mentioned, they’re not too useful at first but can be indispensable when you’ve got at least one turret to avoid per floor.

Otherwise, you’ll need to time your movements carefully to avoid getting blasted by a hail of bullets and losing a ton of health.

In addition to the above challenges, you will encounter some boss battles where they have their henchmen around to help them out. These will pop up every now and then, typically right before you’re about to move on to a new background/setting, but you’ll need to follow our early advice and take your time if the boss has some underlings helping him out with his dirty work.

5. New Characters – Do They Do Anything Special?

Typically, the deal with casual games is that you can collect several new characters as you complete more levels and earn more in-game currency, though these characters do not do anything differently nor come with any advantages or disadvantages or any statistical boosts compared to others. Is that the case in Stealth Master?

The answer to this question would be yes and no. It’s a no because these Heroes, as the game calls them, do not differ from each other in terms of statistics — your health and speed remains the same regardless of which character you use.

stealth master characters

However, it’s a yes because as you’ll notice in the Hero selection screen — which is available at the start of each level — they come with different starting weapons. And we’re going to enumerate each of them below.

The Ninja, which wears an orange ninja outfit, Snowy, who is similar to Ninja except that he wears a light blue outfit, and Lee, who seems to be modeled after Bruce Lee in a yellow suit, all start out with a Katana as their base weapon. Man-Spide, which is an obvious takeoff on Spider-Man, starts with another sword known as Blackfang, while Man-Bat, which is clearly based on Batman, starts out with a Fork.

There’s also Rump, which is inspired by Donald Trump and has a Machete as his starting weapon. Finally, Sam wears a purple suit and goggles and has a Pistol as his base weapon. That’s a total of seven characters, and we’d wager that there’s a possibility more could be added with further updates.

You can unlock them organically as you complete more chapters and kill more bosses, though it’s also possible to spend your Cash to buy them outright from the character select screen, with each Hero typically costing more depending on their starting weapon.

There you have it! This end our compilation of tips and tricks for Stealth Master. If you happen to know additional tips for the game, feel free to let us know in the comments!

Jim Taylor

Tuesday 12th of April 2022

How you complete the daily task by killing 20 enemies?

Ty Hanchett Hanchett

Thursday 28th of October 2021

Ive already completed all levels and characters.on stealth master, is there any prediction on how soon new characters. Will be available...?


Monday 15th of November 2021

@Ty Hanchett Hanchett, there are updates which include new characters you can upgrade to get their skills.