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Drive and Park (iOS) Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Earn More Money and Unlock New Cars

Drive and Park is a quirky little game from GoLeft, that’s out now on Android and iOS. In the game you are tasked to park your car, and you earn money based on how well you were able to do so. It sounds easy, right? Well, there is more to it than that. Did we mention that you need to drift into your parking spot? You read that right.

As the name suggests, the game will require you to drive and slide perfectly into the designated parking slot in order for you to earn money. If you ever dreamed of parking the way they do in the movies, now is your chance to do it. The better your execution, the more you will earn. There are several levels for you to overcome in Drive and Park, each one more challenging, but also offers more money in return. Travel around the world and collect different types of cars from each location. Be sure to read our compilation of Drive and Park cheats, tips and tricks for ways to earn more money and unlock new cars.

1. There Is No Momentum

drive and park cheats

While you may be correct in thinking that a car would slide a bit further even after you hit the brakes, it is not the case in the game. As you would see in the game’s tutorial, you need to tap to start the slide then let go to end it. You don’t need to end the slide a bit early to adjust for momentum because the car will stop as soon as you let go. Make sure you don’t hold the slide for too long, either. Otherwise, you’ll get caught by the cops and you will fail the level.

2. Find Your Own Parking Spot

During the tutorial of Drive and Park, you will see an arrow indicating where you can park. Once the tutorial is over, however, you will be left to choose your own parking spot. This will be easy at first since you can just choose any of the available spots on the sides of the street. Keep in mind that the car will speed up as you progress through the levels. There will also be fewer parking spaces available in later stages of the game. Make it a habit to aim for the first parking spot you find, so you won’t have a tough time adjusting later on.

3. Aim For A Perfect Rating

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The game will let you get away with parking your car a little crooked, but you will only earn the normal amount of cash. If you want to double your cash earnings, you need to always aim for a Perfect rating. To achieve this, you have to align your car to the ones in front and behind you. That means you have to be completely parallel to the side of the street. Since each level is beaten based on the cash value you have earned, mastering the Perfect rating will allow you to complete each stage sooner.

4. Choose The Right Car

You might think that cars in Drive and Park are just skins, but you would be wrong. The type of car you choose can have an effect on your success. You can add up to four cars at a time to your repertoire. Make sure you choose the rarest ones that you have to improve your chances of success. You should also pay attention to the size of the cars you choose. Smaller ones are easier to park, especially in tight spaces.

5. Duplicate Cars Mean More Money

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The game lets you spin for a new car regularly, but there will always be a chance that you will get a duplicate. Don’t worry too much if you do because duplicates can be a good thing. When you receive a duplicate car, the cash reward for successfully parking it will increase. For example, a common car initially rewards $20 for normal parking and $40 for a Perfect. If you get a duplicate for it, the value increases to $26 for normal parking and $52 for a Perfect. Just keep spinning for cars and see if you can include the duplicated ones to your repertoire.

Parking can be a tedious task, but it can be a lot of fun, especially if you get paid a lot for doing it. Follow our Drive and Park cheats, tips and tricks above in order to get better ratings whenever you park! Do you know additional tips or tricks for the game? If so, please let us know in the comment area below!