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Stairs (Ketchapp) Cheats, Tips, Tricks & Hints to Get a Super High Score

Stairs is casual gaming giant Ketchapp’s latest endless runner for Android and iOS phones and tablets. Following recent mobile releases such as Bitcoin, 2048 Bricks and Rush, Ketchapp is back with an exciting new game called Stairs. In this game you will be climbing up an unending set of stairs in order to score points. Of course, climbing the steps will not be easy. There will be numerous obstacles in your way. You will also have to pick up a few rubies along the way. Climbing one step at a time can be challenging, but if you can pull of perfect combos, you can rake in a lot of points. Once you get the hang of things, you can start working on the challenges. There are over 48 different challenges across four categories. See if you can complete them all! If you find yourself struggling to get better scores, don’t worry! You can always rely on our Stairs tips and tricks to help you get to the top of the leaderboards!

1. Get Into The Groove

One of the reasons the game is so challenging is because you are controlling a bouncing ball. You will need to time your jumps and swipes in order to make it to the next step while avoiding the obstacles. The best way to get your timing right is to find a good rhythm as you bounce the ball. If you are having a hard time with just watching the ball, try turning up the volume, and let the bouncing sound guide you through the rhythm.

2. Big Swipes Are Better

The ball can be a bit difficult to control at first. Most games would have the ball flying around at the slightest touch. In this game, however, you will find that it takes bigger swipes to even get the ball to react the way you want it to. This can actually work in your favor. Do not be afraid to make quick and exaggerated movements in order to control the ball. It takes a bit of practice but once you have memorized the movement of the ball, it will be a lot easier to keep moving forward.

3. Keep Your Eyes Ahead

As with any endless runner game, the key to success is the ability to anticipate upcoming obstacles. The only way you can do that is to keep looking ahead in order to see the pattern of the spikes. This way, you will not be surprised by every obstacle that comes your way. Looking ahead will allow you a little more time to prepare for your next moves, as opposed to just reacting right before you hit a spike.

4. Make Perfect Jumps

Just as we mentioned above, the way to getting a lot of points in this game is through perfect combos. In order to start a combo, you will first need to perform a perfect jump. You can do so by hitting the small circle on the steps as you climb. Keep hitting the circle with each jump and you will be able to increase your scores exponentially. Also, do not be afraid of the moving steps as those give out even more points compared to the static ones!

5. Take On Different Challenges

There are several types of challenges in the game. The first ones are normal challenges that are designed to just guide you through mastering the basics of the game. After the basic challenges, you will have a series of perfect-jumps-only that can get you some major points. Once you have completed five or more perfect jump challenges, you will be ready to take on some of the more complex ones available in the game.

One of the more challenging rounds in the game is the reverse controls. In this challenge, you will be working against your instinct because swiping left will make you go right, and swiping right will make you go left. Another challenging round is the upside down. This turns the game upside down, making it more difficult to get your bearings. Of course, there is an easier solution to both of these modes. Just turn your phone upside down with the orientation locked. This will allow you to play the game normally without getting confused.

6. Watch Ads For Rubies

There are rubies scattered throughout the course, and you can pick them up to collect them. Rubies are the game’s currency, so you will need a lot of them. There will be a lot of times where you can end up getting distracted by these rubies, so it is better if you just ignore them as you play. Do not risk your run for the sake of a single ruby, especially if there is an easier way.

The better option is for you to simply watch a video advertisement in order to get 20 rubies instantly. What is even more awesome about this option is that you can watch ads as much as you want in order to earn more rubies. If you have a lot of time to spare, just keep watching a lot of videos and you will eventually have enough rubies to unlock all the available skins for your ball. You can even pick up a Rubber Duck costume to make your climb a little more adorable!

7. Adjust The Game’s Settings

An important factor that affects your gameplay in any endless runner game is the level of comfort. You will be playing for extended periods of time, so it is crucial that you find the optimal settings for playing. There are several things that you can tweak in this game in order to make it easier to play. The first one is to simply switch it to night mode. Go into the options menu and tap on the moon icon. This will make the background black which makes it easier for you to see at night. You can also change the haptic controls and music settings to make the game a little less distracting.

8. Unlock All The Balls, Here’s How

Even though the balls are all purely cosmetic, it is one way to keep the game interesting. You can think of them as trophies and unlock them all. Aside from buying new ones from the in-game store, you can also unlock a couple of balls for free by hitting the Facebook and Instagram buttons in the ball selection screen. You can also unlock new balls when you reach multiples of 16 in the challenges.

That is everything you need to know if you want to succeed in Stairs! Follow the tips and tricks listed above in order to get those top scores!