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Bitcoin! (Ketchapp) Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Become Rich

At first, Bitcoin! may seem intimidating, especially if you think you need to know about cryptography and all the other technical stuff that comes with it. Fear not! Ketchapp’s latest game for Android and iOS devices requires zero technical knowledge to play. Since it is an idle clicker game, all you need to know is how to tap on your screen. Of course, tapping on the screen is just the beginning. Once you start raking in the coins, you will want to continuously increase your income, and expand your empire. You will need to know how to invest your resources correctly in order to maximize your earnings. If you find yourself overwhelmed from all the different things that you need to manage, don’t worry. Just relax and check out our Bitcoin! cheats and tips to learn how you can make more money!

1. Use Multiple Fingers

If you have experience in playing idle clicker games, you probably already know that the more fingers you use for tapping, the better. Tapping with just one or two fingers will greatly limit the number of taps you make per second. The best way to make more taps is to lay your device on a flat surface, then use several fingers to tap furiously on the screen. The taps from multiple fingers will register as very quick taps on the screen which greatly increases your income.

2. Prioritize Expensive Upgrades

Instead of slowly making your way up the list of upgrades, the best way to improve quickly is to prioritize the most expensive upgrades you can afford. When you purchase an upgrade, all other upgrades below it will be rendered useless. You can still purchase them, but the boost they bring will hardly be worth the investment. That is why you should always consider skipping a few upgrades, and head for the best one.

3. Double Your Earnings, Here’s How

Ketchapp is known for making their ads appealing to players by providing some kind of boost in return. In this game, the boosts come in the form of increased income. There are two types you can take advantage of. The first one doubles your earnings for 60 minutes. Make sure you always have this activated as it makes your life a lot easier. The second one doubles your taps per second for 60 seconds. Activate it only when you are planning to manually tap in the game for a bit. It doesn’t really give you a whole lot since you could easily just do another round of tapping during the time that you spend watching the ad.

There is another use for ads in this game. If you have been offline for a while, the game will greet you with the amount of passive income you earned while you were away. It will then give you the chance to double that amount by watching an ad. You should always accept the offer because your offline income usually gives you a good chunk of money for upgrades. The ad offer will only appear if you have internet connection upon logging into the game. Make sure you are connected before logging in because there will be no way for you to bring back the ad offer once you have already launched the game.

4. Don’t Worry About Your Current Level

At the top left corner of your screen, you will notice a bar with a label indicating your current level. As you earn more, the bar fills up, and your level will increase once it is full. Don’t worry too much about your level because it does not have any impact on your earnings, or any other aspect of the game. It is just an indicator that tells you how far you have gone in the game. It doesn’t have much use other than give you bragging rights.

Mining coins has never been this easy! Too bad you can’t really spend them in real life. Regardless, building an empire is still a lot of fun, especially if you follow our Bitcoin! tips and tricks.


Tuesday 30th of August 2022

How to redraw the money from it

Thomas Persson

Wednesday 26th of July 2023

@Aminu, To the ones with sore fingers. You never get/earn REAL BITCOINS in this fake game 😉