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Dash Quest Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Save the Kingdom

Dash Quest is a unique endless runner with RPG elements created by Tiny Titan Studios for Android and iOS phones and tablets. In Dash Quest you take on the role of a hero, whose mission is to find his missing grandfather. You will have to dash through endless waves of monsters and defeat epic bosses. There are multiple game modes for you to enjoy, including the Adventure Mode where you can explore a complete World Map with hidden secrets. There are also dozens of customization and upgrade options for your equipment, spells, skills, items, and even pets. Once you get the hang of things, you can go for daily challenges that will reward you with Legendary equipment. Despite being an endless runner, there are a lot of things for you to do in this game. Read on and check out our collection of Dash Quest tips, tricks and hints to learn everything you need to know!

1. Charge Attack When You Can

There are two ways for you to use the charge attack. You can choose to charge it for a second then release it right away in order to deal average damage. This allows you to attack without the risk of getting interrupted. The second option is to charge it fully until you see an aura around your character. Releasing a fully charged attack will unleash a powerful blast that deals massive damage. Unfortunately, it will take a few seconds for the attack to charge properly. Make sure there are no enemies that are close enough to attack you before you perform a full charge. A good time to charge up an attack is when you have a few idle seconds in between waves of enemies. You can unleash the blast as soon as the next wave comes in, making it easier for you to wipe them out.

2. Airstream Is Awesome

When you choose your gear, make sure you check out the stats. One stat you should be looking at is the equipment’s airstream. This allows you to move so fast that you will create a force field around you. Any enemy you dash through while you have the airstream force field will be bumped off. Not only will it deal a lot of damage, it will also stun them for a moment, making it impossible for them to retaliate.

There are a few enemies who will be troublesome despite your airstream aura. Some of the tanky monsters will not stagger when you hit them with airstream. You will also have to worry about ranged enemies that can hit you before you can dash towards them. Make sure you come up with a strategy for these enemies before you go dashing around recklessly.

3. Invest Your Skill Points Wisely

Levelling up in Dash Quest will reward you with skill points that you can use to upgrade your skills. These skills will usually improve your stats, which is always a good thing. There are a few skills, however, that are more useful than others. You should consider investing in these early on in order to gain the maximum benefit from them. We have listed them below for your reference.

Treasure Hunter: As the name suggests, this helps you out with getting treasures. It permanently increases the chances of finding rare items. The boost maxes out at 5%, but considering how low drop rates can be, this can mean a lot.

Shield Training: This allows you to block more often. Since there is a delay in your ability to block, this skill can help save your life in a pinch.

Efficient Packing: The ability to pack things efficiently allows you to take more items with you into battle. It may not sound like much but when you are playing in Endless Mode, a few extra items can go a long way.

Feel free to assign the rest of your skill points as you see fit. The right build will ultimately depend on your play style. You can also experiment a bit with different builds since you can just reset the skill points later on. Keep in mind, however, that the more skill points you have spent, the more it will cost you to reset everything.

4. Prioritize The Story Mode

There are several modes in Dash Quest, but progressing in Story mode should be one of your priorities as it gives you access to important things. One key item that you can only acquire in this mode is the Ancient Grimoire. This allows you to upgrade your spells up to level 6. Another reason for you to play Story mode is to get HP and MP Pot Recipes because it will improve the effectivity of potions by 25%.

The journey you will be full of peril, but if you follow our Dash Quest strategy guide, you will be able to defeat all your foes with no problems!