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Blood Tyrant Beginner’s Guide: 5 Tips, Tricks & Hints You Should Know

Blood Tyrant is a brand new multiplayer real-time strategy game from ELEX Wireless, where you are in charge of establishing and expanding your own empire. You will build structures, train your troops, and defend your territory. Attack and raid the base of other players to prove your strength. Just make sure you will be prepared for any retaliation. Join a thriving alliance in order to protect and develop your troops. Why stop there? Work with other alliances and form a Grand Alliance! This is one of the unique features of the game that allows the players to have more flexible alliance tactics. Keep expanding your connections and building your influence. Soon, no one will want to stand in your way! Of course, there is a lot that you must do before you can get to the top. Don’t worry because our Blood Tyrant strategy guide is here to help your get there!

1. Complete Quests For Progress

The game’s quests are designed to guide you through your progress. They start you off with the basics of the game and work up to more advanced concepts. Completing quests will also help make sure that your base is up to date. If you find yourself a little overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done, just stick to the quests, and you will do just fine. As an added incentive, quests will also reward you a lot of resources. Instead of waiting for your structures to slowly produce the resources you need, just work on your quests to get them instantly!

2. Never Stop Building

Building structures take time to complete. The more advanced the structure is, the longer the construction time will be. That is why you should always be building something. Do not let your workers go idle. Some structures can take days to complete. Every second that you don’t have any construction queued up is time wasted.

Make sure you also queue up research. That also takes time depending on the research being done. The College will allow you to research new technologies, while various training grounds will allow you to train up more soldiers. Basically, if it takes time to complete, make sure you always have it queued up.

3. Always Check Your Mail

Special items and rewards will usually end up in your mailbox. These could be rewards from completing quests, or gifts from some in-game event. There could be valuable items that are sitting in your mailbox right now. Make sure you check often in order to enjoy the reward benefits right away. To view your mailbox, just go to your mail, then tap on the System tab.

4. Take Advantage Of The Special Items

There are special consumable items in Blood Tyrant that can grant you different things. Some of them give out varying amounts of resources, which can be useful when you are short on supplies. What you really want to get, however, are the special items that give you VIP status. Players get numerous boosts and benefits when they have VIP status. Take advantage of such items as soon as you get them!

5. Upgrade Your Structures Regularly

Progress does not stop with just building structures. The structures you build can still be upgraded further in order to improve their stats. As with any construction, upgrades will also take time. That is why if you do not have the resources to build new structures just yet, check if you have any upgrades that have not been completed. This helps keep your workers from going idle.

Expand your empire and dominate the competition in Blood Tyrant! Just stick to our tips, tricks and hints and you will be on top in no time!