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Smashy Olympus Guide: 5 Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Smashy Olympus is an action game spotted with RPG elements, developed by Doodle Mobile, in which your party of (up to) 5 heroes must soar through waves of enemies. Heroes are based on Greek Gods, Titans and other powerful beings from the Greek mythology. In each level you must defeat three waves of enemies in order to advance; combat is automatic, with a manual control over heroes’ special abilities. Heroes gain experience after each level and have many special abilities to choose from. Aside from campaign mode, you can embark on multiplayer waters, where each victory raises your rank, and the game is pretty interesting to play.

Smashy Olympus can be a hard game at times, you can lose in a second, and sometimes a certain level can look like an unclimbable slope, but there’s remedy for every ailment, so we decided to gather some helpful tips that will greatly help you in during your travels through Olympus.

1. Start Using Two Tanks As Soon As You Unlock Second Tank-Based Hero

It’s important to use two tanks and three mages; your team will be a tougher to break since tanks are able to soak up massive amounts of damage and have great crowd control spells. Combine that with offensive mage abilities, and you have one mighty pack of heroes. Use a couple of early gifted experience potions on tanks, so they can level up, improving their amount of health.

2. Don’t Use The Automatic Combat Option

After you reach level 12, you’ll be able to pick Auto Fight option, automatizing spellcasting. It’s better to leave this unchecked since there will be times when spells would need to be used manually. Manual spell activation is recommended because ability might be triggered when opponents are nearly finished, wasting it instead saving it for the next wave of enemies with full health. Using this strategy, you’ll also be able to quickly overpower foes by throwing everything you have at them at the same time. Instead automatically firing just one spell at a time.

3. During The Campaign, If A Stage Feels Like Impossible To Conquer, Just Switch To Another Difficulty Mode

Since Smashy Olympus has RPG elements, your foes will be of higher level as you progress, same as your heroes. So, if you get stuck in the middle of the campaign playing on normal difficulty, just switch to hard. You’ll start the campaign from the beginning, with tougher enemies, but since their level is low they will be easy to beat. By playing in hard mode you’ll earn more coins, and will level up heroes faster. When your heroes are powerful enough, just continue from where you left in normal difficulty mode, and continue to advance the campaign.

4. When In Multiplayer, Pick Opponents With Power Value Similar To Yours

You can beat opponents that are up to 100 points more powerful than you, so don’t waste your time by fighting enemies which are way more powerful. Also, bear in mind that this goes both ways, so if you pick up a duel with an opponent around 100 power points weaker than you, you might end up on the ground. Arena is a great way to earn some serious coins and crystals, and for enough crystals, you can buy new heroes.

5. Save Experience Potions For New Heroes

Newly unlocked heroes are usually stronger than the ones you already have, but since they are level 1, you’ll need to give them experience potions (which can be received through chests, can be given as an award for level completion and bought in the store) so they can progress and become more potent. And be sure to level up the first healer you get (usually it’s Gaea) since healers can greatly help your party, making unbeatable levels easy, and increasing your chances to win multiplayer duels.

With this helpful guide, you’ll be able to overcome all challenges in Smashy Olympus, and the game will become a joy to play.


Sunday 27th of May 2018

Donde encuentro la armadura de hielo y xq ya no subo del nivel 75?