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Slip Away Tips, Tricks & Cheats: How to Get More Gems

Nanovation has released a new mobile game for Android and iOS called Slip Away, which puts you in the role of a jellyfish who is trying to slip away out of the darkness of the ocean. In short, this is an endless swimmer. The mechanics of the game are quite simple, as you have to avoid obstacles by tapping and tapping and tapping even more on your device’s screen. Just tap to the right to move right, and tap left to move left – there’s nothing to it. Aside from the graphics and pleasant music, the game’s selling points go beyond aesthetics – there are also many characters for you to choose from in the game. There are also three game modes, which are actually difficulty levels – they range from easy (Kids) mode to extremely difficult (Challenge).

In case you are wondering how you can earn more gems in this game, we suggest you to read our exclusive list of Slip Away tips and hints, right after the jump.

1. About The Game Modes

The first two modes in the game shouldn’t be any problem for you. You get Kids and Normal mode, and these are both endless modes with differing layouts depending on the difficulty level. Kids mode, of course, is the easy mode as we mentioned above, but you’ll get as many gems as you would if you played in Normal mode. As such, Kids mode is the one you want to play in if you’re trying to farm for gems and add to your total much faster.

2. About Challenge Mode

Challenge is this game’s extremely difficult mode, and it differs from Kids and Normal mode because it has a fixed setup and a number of different stages, each progressively harder than the last. Don’t let the fixed layout fool you – this can be quite a pain to complete, but once you complete all of the stages, you’ll get a ton of gems as your reward. You will also get a blue gem, which is valued at 10 regular gems per blue gem, on non-challenge stages, or once you reach ten points in each stage in Challenge Mode.

3. Earn Free Gems By Watching Ads

Aside from farming for gems in Kids mode, there is an easier way for you to add up to your total. You may be randomly asked to watch an ad video, and once the 30-second clip is over, you’ll win a total of 250 gems, all free of charge. This prompt asking you if you want to watch an ad video will also show up randomly on the character select screen. Regardless of where you see the prompt, though, it’s best to watch as many ads as possible so you can stock up on gems.

4. A Few Basic Gameplay Tips

You need to be playing the game well in order to earn a lot of gems naturally, or without the aid of ad videos and the like. (You’ll still want to watch those videos, though.) We suggest tapping quickly with two fingers, one positioned on the left side of your screen and the other on the right side. That’s going to speed up the pace your jellyfish swims at, though you can tap and let you character drop down if you want to ease up a bit on the pace. Repeat this process until you’ve got your jellyfish to the speed you want, or if you want it to stop moving. Having the character stop moving can help if you need to move the jellyfish sideways to avoid an obstacle.

5. What To Expect From The New Characters

The gems you earn in the game can be used to buy new characters, which you can do from the character select screen. While the characters do vary in price, with the change in look going alongside the price in gems, there’s no change in the way each character plays. They all play the same way, with no special powers or skills, and are basically just re-skins of each other. But even if they are re-skins, they can be nice to collect, and you could take advantage of having lots of characters by switching them in and out any time you get bored with the one you’re currently using.

For now these would be our tips and tricks for Slip Away. Stay tuned, as we will update this guide with more hints in the near future. Also, if you’ve come across some tips, feel free to share them with us in the comment section below!


Friday 26th of April 2019

can someone give me any tips on how to beat level 11 challenge? i’ve been stuck on it for a while, and i’ve gotten to the key quite a few times, but the stupid spiky pink guy always kills me after. i’d really like to move onto the next level and it’d be really helpful if anyone has a certain way they beat it. thanks!