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Smashy Tips, Tricks & Cheats: How to Win More Races and Unlock New Cars

You may know AceViral as the maker of Smashy City, that game where you can unlock various monsters and create as much property damage as possible. That’s a similar theme to that of Smashy, the latest Android and iOS arcade title from the company, which comes with more than 75 cars which you can choose and unlock, and a variety of maps to race around in. Yes, you will be smashing and crashing your way through the city, regardless whether you opt for a supercar, a police van, an Army truck, or whatnot. But the twist here is that this is a multiplayer game (as inferred by the .io extension), which means you can compete against your friends or against random players from around the world. So are you ready to join those races and see if you can beat your friends at it?

Before you answer that question, you might need some sort of a head start, some sort of a guide to help you before entering one of those different vehicles and making your way to the police’s most wanted list. So here it is – a list of Smashy tips and tricks that cover different topics about the game, particularly those that would be of interest to beginners.

1. The Main Goal Is To ‘Capture The Flag’

Although the game advertises itself as yet another one of AceViral’s “destructive” titles, where property damage is the name of the game, there is one mechanic that stands out as the primary one in the game – capture the flag. Your goal is to collect the flag and keep it for as long as you could, and as long as you do that, everything should follow as you “double cross” your opponents in any given race.

2. Choose The Fastest Available Car

The game will give you, right from the get-go, quite an impressive array of cars to choose from. But since your goal is, as mentioned, to hold on to the flag as long as possible, you will have to get to the flag first. That means you shouldn’t go for slower, heavier, and more destructive vehicles, but rather the fastest ones available to you at any given point. If you’re racing in a fast car, it should go without saying that your opponents will have a hard time catching you. But more importantly, you’ll be able to hold on to the flag for a longer period of time than you would in a slower car. Make sure you give any new car you unlock a test drive of sorts – play a game without trying to win the race, but merely to see how well the car performs and handles.

3. Changing Your Name Is Easy

You may notice that most of the people you’ll be racing against have the generic name “Player,” which is the default name you’re given. That’s not a very imaginative name at all, but you don’t have to settle for it – you can easily change it in the game. Just go to the settings icon, which is found on the upper left corner of your screen. Tap the icon with your name, enter your desired name, and you’re good to go – you can take part in all that multiplayer goodness while using your name of choice.

4. Do A 180 To Throw Off Your Opponents

Smashing stuff may be all good fun in this game, but just to reiterate our earlier point, it’s mainly about keeping the flag here. That would require you to utilize the countdown timer, even before the race has started. That will allow you to see the direction where the flag is located, and once you spot it, you can send your car to that particular direction without a moment’s notice. Should you be using the fastest available car, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to capture the flag.

That’s not all, though. After you capture the flag, you can spin around 180 degrees and keep your car running. This will, in many cases, deceive your opponent. It may be tricky to pull off, particularly when you do this trick while you’re behind a house, but that’s often one good way to ensure you hang on to the flag for an extended period of time.

5. Tips For Unlocking Cars

The best way to unlock more cars in Smashy is to play the game as often as possible so you can earn more coins. You will earn coins within each run corresponding to the number of seconds you were able to keep the flag, and that’s yet another reason you should try to hold on to the flag for as long as you could. And you can also earn coins via the free gifts, which become available every few hours or so. Sometimes you won’t get much, but in most situations, the game will give you a generous amount of free coins.

Now that you know how to get more coins, you can unlock a new car for 100 coins each – there doesn’t seem to be any difference in pricing depending on the model. So keep playing the game, keep pushing on even if your races don’t go as well as you had hoped, and you’ll be able to earn enough coins to unlock not just most, but maybe all of the 75+ cars available in Smashy