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Yurei Ninja Tips, Tricks & Guide to Make Your Runs Longer

Yurei Ninja is an exciting mobile game for Android and iOS that falls into the endless runner category. With this endless running mechanic, BulkyPix adds a touch of casual to what sounds like an otherwise immersive title, and with that said, being a “worthy Shinobi” would require a few simple things of you. These include defeating bosses and traps, as well as the different enemies you encounter. This is all in a stunning backdrop that boasts of some of the better graphics you can see from casual games, endless runners included.

There are a lot of enemies awaiting you in the game, and the boss battles are, just as advertised, quite the challenge at times. So how can you make your runs last longer, and how can you kill more enemies, particularly the bosses? We may have answers for you in this new Yurei Ninja strategy guide, where we deal with a variety of general tips and tricks that cover everything about the game – from the basics to even a few advanced techniques you might not have tried yet if you’re a newbie to this title.

1. Remember Your Mission And Stick To It

You will want to unlock more new stages in the game, but in order for you to do that, you’ll need to complete the requirements of each mission. Always remember what the requirements are while you’re completing a mission, different as they may be. And avoid focusing on other things while trying to complete any given mission – for example, you’ll want to forego the rubies if you’re asked to kill x number of enemies, and you will, on the other hand, have to chase after the rubies but not mind your enemy kill count if collecting rubies is the goal. You should try to last as long as you could in these missions, especially if the mission requires you to get a certain number of rubies.

2. You Don’t Always Have To Consider Your Enemy Kill Count

We did mention this above, but we feel this is important enough to deserve a tip of its own. When it comes to killing enemies in the game, there’s no one specific way in which you should destroy them. You don’t need to focus on the manner of killing, unless it’s included among your mission requirements. And since you don’t have to worry so much about the number of enemies you kill, you can simply avoid them and the game won’t consider it an issue. Unless, of course, it’s a mission requirement. So keeping that in mind, you can focus on self-preservation in most instances, and avoid enemies if it means being able to run for a longer period of time.

3. Play With Two Fingers

This is one of the more common tips we offer when talking arcade games, especially endless runners. But given that you have to worry about enemies and obstacles alike, you should start practicing playing the game with two fingers instead of one. Technically, it is possible to play the game with only one thumb, and many players have done so by using one thumb/finger alone. But if you can get the hang of playing with two thumbs/fingers – and it is easy to do this in time – the game itself will become easier to play and you’ll be able to last longer.

4. Keep Yourself In The Middle Lane

When running in Yurei Ninja, it’s usually a good idea to keep yourself running in the middle lane, as that’s going to give you the most wiggle room when dealing with obstacles and enemies alike. Once you’re in the middle, it should be easier for you to swipe left or swipe right just so you don’t have anything in your way.

5. Upgrade Your Skills Regularly

Your character in this game will have different skills, and these should all be upgraded as you move on; if you’re upgraded, you won’t just improve your stats, but also improve your chances of getting a high score once the game is over. But unlike other games, where you can do the upgrades individually and level one skill up higher than the other, Yurei Ninja differs in terms of its upgrade rules. Sure, you can upgrade an individual skill, but everything will have to be at level 2 before you start upgrading any skills to level 3, and so on and so forth.

6. How To Prioritize Your Upgrades

The above may take away a lot of the strategy involved in upgrading, but there is still a suggested way to do this. As Speed Slash allows you to attack an enemy faster, that should go first. The Combo Multiplier should go next, as you can get rewarded richly for stringing combo attacks together. Next, upgrade your Auto Shuriken, as that’s another way for you to beef up your attack, on top of upgrading Speed Slash. The Coin Magnet skill should go last; sure, it’s important to earn lots of coins, but at the end of the day, those coins won’t directly help you to last longer on your runs.

7. Tips For The Boss Fights

The common enemies in the game – minions, if you may – aren’t much of a problem if you get enough experience fighting them. Rather, it’s the bosses that you have to be very concerned about, as these are naturally tougher than the common bad guys. But beating bosses will soon become second nature to you once you’ve mastered the

Really, the main thing you should be doing in the boss battles is to take your time, and to pay mind to the exclamation marks. These are warnings letting you know that you should avoid those places; if you stay away from those marked spots, you won’t run into much trouble. And going back to an earlier tip, running in the middle lane will serve you well, as that will give you a better chance to avoid boss attacks with little problem.