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WordNerd Answers for All Levels

Are you a “word brain”? If you are, then you might as well be a WordNerd, just like the game of the same name from Poptacular. This is an Android and iOS game that comes with over 1,000 “explosive” levels, and the goal here is to find hidden words, while using pictures to serve as your clues. Things will start out quite easy, with only 2 x 2 grids for you to work with (four letters), though you will eventually be dealing with 10 x 10 grids (100 letters) and some “wildly complex” word combos.

This game can be quite the challenge for players, though that’s where the fun in the game lies – trying to solve those puzzles to the best of your capability, all without any cheat sheets in front of you. But maybe you might need one from time to time, especially if you’re unable to come up with any words after racking your brains out in front of the puzzles. So join us as we now present our complete list of WordNerd answers and solutions, which covers the first ten chapters in the game.

WordNerd Answers Donkey

Level 1 – Lion
Level 2 – Toad
Level 3 – Duck
Level 4 – Wasp
Level 5 – Wolf
Level 6 – Mole

WordNerd Answers Clown Fish

Level 1 – Gap, Adidas
Level 2 – Wii, Brazil
Level 3 – MSN, IBM, USA
Level 4 – Kfc, Google
Level 5 – Audi, Spain
Level 6 – Vans, yahoo
Level 7 – Ikea, Pepsi
Level 8 – Ebay, Japan
Level 9 – Visa, Intel
Level 10 – Nike, Shell