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Smash Up – The Card Game Beginner’s Guide: 9 Tips & Tricks Every Player Should Know

Based on the popular board game of the same name, Smash Up – The Card Game is a complex card battle game from Asmodee, which is out now on the Android and iOS mobile platforms. What sets this game apart from other CCGs, such as Storm Wars CCG or Shadowverse CCG, is the unique “shufflebuilding” concept where players need to shuffle together two twenty-card decks from different factions to create a forty-card deck to be used in battle. You can choose from pirates, ninjas, zombies, robots, and more. Of course, you can’t just combine decks randomly and expect to win. Each faction has its own set of abilities that give them an advantage. Imagine shuffling together the brute strength of dinosaurs with the ability of zombies to come back from the dead! You will need to find the perfect combination that will fit your strategy. It’s a good thing you have our Smash Up – The Card Game tips and tricks to help you!

1. Tenacious Zombies Are Deadly

A single zombie wandering around isn’t really much of a threat. Zombies specialize in overwhelming opponents in groups, and stubbornly coming back from the dead to continue attacking. With that in mind, one of the best tricks for the zombie faction is to combine Mall Crawl with Tenacious Z. Mall Crawl will allow you to send all your Tenacious Z cards to the discard pile. You can then summon one tenacious zombie for free in every turn after that, until you run out of Tenacious Z cards.

2. Blow Up Ships With A Buccaneer

The Buccaneer makes for a great sacrifice because his special skill is to move to another base instead of getting destroyed. That means you could potentially use him as a sacrifice for as many times as there are bases he can move to. The perfect card to pair him with is the Powderkeg. The Powderkeg will have you sacrifice one card and it will destroy all the minions that have equal or less power. Since the Buccaneer has 8 power, the Powderkeg should take out quite a large number of minions.

3. Intercept Enemy Scores With Ninja Masters

Ninjas are good at popping out from the shadows to throw a wrench into your opponent’s plans. The Master Ninja is especially good at this despite having just 5 power. Play the Master Ninja using the Hidden Ninja card just when the opponent is about to score in order to execute the opponent’s minion and take his place.

4. Let Dinosaurs Rampage

Dinosaurs really don’t have a lot of strategy up their sleeves. They just overpower everything they come across. Just use Rampage to weaken a base then unleash the King Rex to take it down like a house of cards. This faction’s straightforward plays will benefit well from being shuffled with some sneaky ninjas.

5. Abduct Your Own Alien

The Invader card’s special skill is to instantly give you 1 Victory Point. If you use the Abduction card to return him to your hand, you can play him over and over to get even more points. Shuffle your alien deck with those tenacious zombies and you have an even more annoying deck. You could also combine them with wizards to help you cycle the Invader through more often.

6. Protect Your Leprechauns

The Leprechaun is the strongest card of the Trickster faction. You may be disappointed since it only has 5 power, but keep in mind that what you want is his special skill. He instantly destroys any minion that has a lower power level. Use Hideout to keep stronger cards from taking out the Leprechaun. Shuffle the faction with the power of the dinosaurs to make sure no one gets into that base.

7. Action-Packed Wizardry

This faction really shines as a support to another faction. Use the Archmage to get an extra action for every turn that he is in play. Follow it up with the Time Loop card to get two more actions. Use all these extra actions with any damage-dealing faction and you have yourself unlimited opportunities to punish the opponent.

8. Beef Up The Microbot Alpha

The Microbot Alpha may have a starting power of 1, but its special skill that adds 1 power for each of your other microbots can make him one of the strongest cards in the game. Pair him with a Microbot Fixer to help increase his power more quickly. The good news is that Microbot Alpha’s skill also turns cards from other factions into microbots. Just shuffle the bots with another clever faction and you will be doing combos for days.

9. Annoy Opponents With Wil Wheaton

The geek faction probably has some of the weirdest cards in Smash Up – The Card Game, but the most fun to use is probably Wil Wheaton. You can play him just as your opponent is about to perform an action. His skill will nullify that action. You can stop another action with the Force of Wil card that does the same thing. Shuffle the deck with aliens to be able to abduct Wil Wheaton a few times and send him into a frustrating action-stopping loop.

Winning is all about knowing the perfect combination of cards. Follow the Smash Up – The Card Game tips and tricks listed above, and you’ll be shuffling cards like a pro!