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SMASH Monsters – City Rampage Tips, Tricks & Cheats for Managing Your Monsters

SMASH Monsters – City Rampage is a game from A Thinking Ape, which you probably recognize as the company that gave us titles such as Party in My Dorm. You’re in charge of a laboratory that allows you to spawn and evolve “giant mutant monsters” who obey all of your commands – provided that all of those commands are “SMASH!” You also have a huge, futuristic city, whose defenses you’ll need to bolster as you keep intruders at bay and make money to fund your “benevolent” research. Campaign mode allows you to smash bosses, while PvP mode allows you to do the same to real-life human rivals for all around the world. You can also play collaboratively with friends “for the sheer love of crushing stuff,” and collect a whole lot of monsters that can be leveled-up, evolved, and more.

Before you let your monsters loose and do all the other fun stuff in this game, we thought we’d stop you right there and give you a quick list of SMASH Monsters – City Rampage tips and hints that can set you off on the right track if you’ve just started playing.

1. Understand The Elemental System

When deploying monsters to destroy buildings, there is an elemental system that determines which monster is strong against which building. Red monsters are strong against green buildings and weak against blue buildings. Blue monsters are strong against red buildings and weak against green. Lastly, green monsters are strong against blue buildings and weak against red. It’s all that easy, so keep that basic elemental system in mind at all times.

2. Regularly Upgrade Your Defensive Buildings

There is a tower defense element in this game, and it’s best for you to keep those defensive buildings/towers upgraded regularly. You will receive some nice rewards for defending successfully against hordes of monsters, so make sure you’ve got everything up to speed on the defensive end.

3. Feed Your Monsters Regularly And Ensure Their Health

Monsters need to be fed regularly with blobs, which would allow them to grow and become more powerful. You should have enough blobs on hand on most, if not all occasions, and when feeding monsters, always start with the rare ones and work your way down to the weaker common monsters. It’s also important to keep them healthy as the game will add more and more districts for you to destroy per fight.

4. Use Your Monsters’ Skills Properly, And Know What They Can Do

Each of your monsters has their own unique skills, and you can view them by holding down on the skill button until you see the information. Learn what those skills do, and do what you could to unlock them in your monsters.

5. Grind For Experience

Lastly, it’s very important that your monsters get leveled up, but if that’s taking too long for you to do, you might as well farm for XP by pillaging districts you’ve previously conquered. Yes, this is classic grinding at work, but it’s what you need to do if you want to give your monsters the XP they need.

And this completes our list of SMASH Monsters – City Rampage tips, tricks and hints. In case you know additional hints for this fantastic game, please do share them with us!