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Party in My Dorm Tips, Cheats & Guide: 8 Tricks for Improving Your Stats Drastically

Party in My Dorm is another one of those mobile games that take place in a school setting. This game, from A Thinking Ape, is designed for iOS and Android, and it allows you to “play with all your cool friends” in what is called the best game set in a college setting. You can join clubs, attend parties, and “be whoever you want to be,” collecting hundreds of different avatars. You can choose to play as a male or female student, playing any one of several parts – a surfer, a hipster, a bro, a club girl, you name it. All the college archetypes are here in this fairly realistic simulation of college life.

As all of us know, it can be hard at first fitting into a new school. But with these Party in My Dorm tips, cheats and tricks, we can make you cool in no time, at least as far as this game is concerned.

1. What Type Of Student Should You Be?

Dumb jocks or bookish nerd? Or probably someone with balanced traits? Jocks, at least the stereotypical ones, may be good when it comes to sports, but not too good in the classroom. Nerds, and again take note we’re talking Hollywood stereotypes, shine in academics but tend to be weaklings. Keeping those in mind, you’ll probably be better off being balanced.

2. How To Use The Balanced Strategy

If you want to get somewhere by being a well-balanced student, you’ll need to hire the right dorm mates. The first one you want to get is the one who gives you a significant increase in strength, while the next one will be the one who gives you a nice intelligence boost. Over time, things will become more evened out, thus giving you some good value. And while it may cost you some big bucks, it’s a good strategy to buy expensive dorm mates once they’re unlocked.

3. What If You Don’t Want To Be A Jack Of All Trades?

Then again, it may also be a good idea to focus on one stat and not on the other – in other words, you can be a low-intelligence jock or a low-strength bookworm and still enjoy some success. High strength allows you to win more fights, while high intelligence, apparently, allows you to be a big hit at the dances.

4. How To Earn More Money, The Hard Way

Party in My Dorm comes with its share of jobs, or quests, which you can complete in order to earn some money. That may, however, take a great deal of time, but with a little patience, all that hard work will pay off. Still, there is an easier way to make big bucks in PIMD.

5. How To Earn More Money, The Easy Way

Want to become “rich” in this game without having to expend so much in-game effort? It’s easy – all you need to do is hire tutors. Tutors serve multiple purposes in this game. For one, choosing the right one can give your stats a boost. But more importantly, as far as this tip goes, they can earn you a tidy sum of money. But how can that be, when tutors cost money? Yes, it is true – you pay a fee to hire tutors in this game, thus giving you more Strength and Intelligence. But other students can hire them from you, and they’ll have to pay more for their services than you originally did. Simply put, that’s going to earn you a profit.

However, if you want to earn money by fighting (kids, do NOT try this at school!), you can do so in this game. Look for someone you can easily defeat, buy all their tutors to increase your profits dramatically, then attack them thrice in a row. That’s going to give you lots of money, easy.

6. Use Battle Mode To Find Tutors

The Tutors Search sounds like the most obvious answer to the question of where you can find the best tutors in PIMD. But it isn’t – you should, instead, try Battle Mode as a source for tutors. If you go into battle, you’ll meet players who are at a similar level as you are; a lot of them will have impressive stats, but won’t cost you much, thus making them perfect to hire as tutors.

7. Winning Fights And Dance-Offs

Obviously, good strength ratings give you a better chance of winning fights. But as we mentioned above, it’s a little odd – having high intelligence makes you a good dancer, thus allowing you to win more dance-offs. But that mechanic is what it is, and that’s the simplistic way of determining whether you’ll be successful in a fight or dance-off.

You can get an additional edge by performing an Eavesdrop; this allows you to find out what the odds are that you’ll win the fight or dance-off. And of course, you should pick opponents whose stats are lower than yours. If they have less strength for fights or less intelligence for dance-offs, they’re fair game.

8. Evict Your First Dorm Mates

Early on in the game, you should purchase dorm mates that could give you some nice benefits for the point in the game that you’re at. But the time will come when you have to evict them; as such, it’s not a very good idea to level them up more than a few times. The moment you unlock Dorm Room #10 would be the best time for you to evict your initial batch of dorm mates – we recommend ditching the first five or six people you purchased.

Once you’ve evicted this initial batch, you can then replace them with dorm mates with higher stats. Yes, it’s going to cost you a bit of money, but with better dorm mates comes better stats – that’s not quite how it works in real-life college dorms, but that’s just the way it is in Party in My Dorm.