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Eternity Warriors 4 Tips, Cheats & Guide: 7 Hints to Crush Your Enemies and Complete All Levels

Eternity Warriors 4 is the latest in Glu’s dungeon crawling series for Android and iOS devices, and in this new iteration, you can choose from one of three heroes – the Warrior, the Assassin, or the Mage, all with their own distinct specializations. With the loot you pick up, you can discover all kinds of rare weapons and armor, and you can upgrade active and passive skills alike as you “hold off the demon advance.” Rage Mode, which is the game’s equivalent of “Fever Mode,” allows you to “unleash your most deadly techniques,” meaning the most powerful skill in your skill set. There’s also the option to head to the battle arena in PvP competition, and the option to create or join a guild.

That’s pretty much the game in a nutshell, but since this is a typically advanced title in the RPG genre, and one from a well-known mobile developer, we’re going to give you a quick Eternity Warriors 4 strategy guide and tips, that you can check out before you start playing, or even when you’re stuck somewhere in the game.

1. Use The Launcher Skill

One of the first skills you’ll receive is the Launcher skill, and it is what it is – it launches enemies into the sky. As a starting skill, it might not sound like much, but you’ll want to focus on it, because enemies are completely vulnerable when they’re launched into the sky. That allows you to hit air combos on them, thus taking them out easily. Launcher skills can traditionally be launched in quick succession, due to their quick cool down times – make sure to take advantage of this.

2. Take Advantage Of The Freebies

As you play the game each day, you’ll be able to make three offerings to the God of Iron for free. The items you’ll then receive are all random – they can either be uncommon, rare, or epic in terms of rarity. Making offerings to the God of Iron, as you can see, gets you something in return, so be sure you “pray” to him before the day is over.
You can also make offerings to the God of Gold, though you’ll need to pay gems – the game’s premium currency – in order to make them.

3. Enchant Weapons And Armor

Enchanting your equipment is an affordable way for you to permanently upgrade your weapons and armor. Glu uncharacteristically doesn’t elaborate on this feature too much, but based on what we’ve observed, enchanting equipment is like a passive skill upgrade – and you should know how important these are in the RPG genre. Bonuses from enchanting equipment do add up as you progress on, allowing you to make your character significantly more powerful in a comparatively inexpensive way.

4. Unlock The Auto Battle Feature

Like many other RPGs, Eternity Warriors 4 has an auto battle feature, which you’ll have to unlock in each stage where you want to use it. That would require ranking A or S, which would in turn require that specific conditions are met. These conditions are to complete the level “normally”; complete the level within the specified time; complete the level with a certain amount of maximum damage; or to complete the level without anybody’s help. If you fulfill three, you get an “A,” while you get an “S” for completing all four.

Once you’ve got Auto Battle activated, then you can take full advantage of it – this would allow you to farm for specific items that you need in a specific stage. In other words, there’s a method to the grinding madness here, and it’s not as simple as repeating previously completed levels, or repeating them at higher difficulty levels.

5. Upgrade Both Active And Passive Skills

We did tell you earlier about the “fever mode” equivalent, which is referred to as Rage Mode. That could deal out a lot of damage, but at the end of the day, you won’t get too far if your skills aren’t upgraded. And we’re talking about all kinds of skills, especially the super-powerful ones. As enemies become more powerful, you’ll need to be caught up with them, and that’s done by upgrading; early on, this can be done with gold, but the requirements get steeper as you progress further on.

6. Sell Items You No Longer Need

Need more gold in a hurry? We suggest selling old equipment you don’t need any longer. Materials shouldn’t be sold right away, as you just might need them at a certain point in the game. What you should focus on is selling equipment that’s no longer necessary as far as your current objectives are concerned.

7. Break Down Equipment For Materials

In relation to the above tip, it’s also possible to break down equipment if you need upgrade materials. The downside, of course, is that you won’t get any gold in return, though you will, at least, be getting rare materials in the process.