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DragonSoul Tips & Tricks: A Guide to Unlock Every Hero in the Game

We’ve already given you a list of general DragonSoul tips and tricks before, but for a game of this scope, one set simply isn’t enough. Now, just to give you a quick run-through of what the game is about, we’ll be glad to jog your memory a bit. DragonSoul is PerBlue’s new Android and iOS RPG title, and as you read through the rather bombastic description on the App Store or Play Store, you’ll see a game that they truly believe is not “your grandma’s mobile RPG.” There are countless weapons and skills in this game, along with “more heroes than you can shake a stick at,” among other features.

Actually, that may be a bit of an overstatement, as we believe there are about 25 heroes in this game all in all. Some of those heroes are worth having more so than others. But at the end of the day, you’ll want to try to get them all, as it’s always best to work with a hero that fits your style of play. So with that in mind, these tips and tricks for DragonSoul will help you unlock not just a few heroes, but hopefully all of them.

1. Buy The Gold Or Soul Chests

This will require you to spend some real money, but if you’ve got a few dollars to spend on DragonSoul, you might as well “do a solid” for the developer and buy a Gold Chest from the in-app store. Or, if you’re at the required VIP level, you can also buy the Soul Chest. We would completely understand if you’d rather not part with your hard-earned money, but if you want more heroes fast, this is as easy as it gets. As you get a free draw from the Gold Chest every two days or so, buying this chest is worth it in all cases.

2. Fight In The Pit, And Win

You also want to take part in the Pit, as winning matches could win you some prizes in turn. That includes lots of free gems, which you can use to purchase a Gold Chest if you’re not willing to spend real cash. Look for those high-ranked, but weaker opponents to give you the best chances of a worthwhile victory.

3. Collect Hero Stones

Using this tactic can be very time consuming, and contrary to what some say, it is not at all easy. But it is the surest way, with no “gambling” involved, to unlock heroes one by one. You can also use Hero Stones to evolve your existing heroes. But how do you get them anyway? It’s simple – just replay the missions where Hero Stones are up for grabs and you’ll eventually get there. Tapping on a Hero will show you all the options you have when trying to find their corresponding Hero Stones, so make sure you “scout” your desired Heroes before grinding. You can also get some of the more difficult-to-unlock heroes by negotiating with Traders.

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