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Cell Trap Cheats, Tips & Guide for Quickly Clearing Out Your Board and Get a High Score

According to game developer Abhishek Malpani, his new game Cell Trap is the “ultimate addiction.” In fact, “Ultimate Addiction” is actually the subtitle of this puzzle game, and the game’s description also warns would-be players not to download the game “unless you want your life to be sucked away in numbers and puzzles.” That’s what one of this new title’s early players had to say, and we tend to believe her – it’s all about using your analytical skills to combine four of the same number “but in such a way that they keep on forming big numbers without getting the board filled up.”

While some may think that combining four pieces with the same number sounds very easy, it actually isn’t – it’s a very difficult game that could take a while to master. Now, we hope to at least make it a bit simpler with our collection of Cell Trap tips and tricks that you can check right after the jump.

1. Play Low Numbers In The Corners

You may think it’s a good idea to think big and start big when playing the game for the first time or starting a new one. But it’s not exactly the smartest strategy to use in the grand scheme of things. It’s the easiest and most obvious, but you may want to take the proverbial road less taken instead. Try filling the corners of the board with low-value numbers, and fill them up in as much as possible, leaving the middle part of the board for more “regular” numbers.

2. Your Board May Fill Up As You Use This Strategy, But It’s Okay

Don’t panic if you notice that your board is filling up quickly, thanks to the above mentioned strategy of working the corners. After all, you won’t be making a lot of matches at first. But if you give it some time, maybe two to three moves, you’ll have some wiggle room to move tiles and create matches where you please. Making matches frees things up even more, so once again, we urge you to be patient with the strategy discussed in the first tip.

3. Visualize The Empty Spaces

This tip still is based on the strategy of filling the corners, and should be used in conjunction with it. You’ll certainly need to make matches as your board gets closer to filling up completely, but while you’re doing that, you should also have some foresight; think of open routes for your numbers while you’re matching. Try seeing your matches and the resulting spaces before they happen – that’s basically what this tip is about.

4. Try To Match At Least Four Tiles

You should also try to match four tiles or more. When that happens, you won’t get bombarded with new tiles, and you should use that as your chance to start emptying your board.

5. Match 128/256 Pieces

If you’re able to match four cells that have a value of 128 or 256, they’ll be gone from the board. You should try to try matching five to get the best results, but four will be fine if you’re not able to make a match of five.