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Zombie Company Crusade Cheats & Strategy Guide: 10 Killer Tips You Never Heard Before

Yes, it’s another one of those zombie-themed games for mobile, and this time, we’re looking at Recon Jack’s Zombie Company Crusade. This iOS-only title allows you to take control of your crusade and save the world from the zombie scourge. Aside from the usual zombie-killing mechanics you can expect in such a game, there’s a MOBA element as well – that’s multiplayer online battle arena, for those unfamiliar with the term. You can also add engineers to the mix, allowing you to build and upgrade faster. All in all, there’s a lot of influence from other games, such as MOBA titles and Clash of Clans, but mostly, it’s still about killing zombies.

Still, there are a lot of things in this game apart from getting rid of the zombie scourge. Here’s our Zombie Company Crusade cheats and strategy guide, specially designed to help you do more than just kill, but also to make sure your base is up to snuff in this game and that your strategy is as sound as possible.

1. Play Campaign Mode While Waiting For Troops To Be Trained

There are four modes in Zombie Company Crusade, and you’ll probably want to play Campaign Mode while you’re waiting for your troops to be done training at boot camp. But why play this mode when all the fun is in the multiplayer interaction? That’s because you get troops in campaign levels, and you can also get more of those valuable resources without having to give up any troops in the process.

2. Fan Out Troops When You’ve Got Them Deployed

When you’re attacking a base, one of the best and simplest things you can do is to fan out troops on deployment. That’s going to give you more of an advantage, as defense units (e.g. grenade launcher, etc.) could deal lots of splash damage when they make their first hit. Fan your troops out so that way, they can avoid taking the brunt of the splash damage.

3. Know Your Defense Buildings

It’s a very important thing to familiarize yourself with your defense buildings and their maximum ranges. That will allow you to place them in the best strategic possession, while also knowing what to expect from your enemy’s defenses before heading off against them. The latter would allow you to use a certain kind of troop to attack the enemy’s defenses, hitting them where they’re weakest. One example would be using Snipers against a Nest defense.

4. Upgrade Storage Units And Defensive Buildings First

When talking about which buildings you should prioritize first when upgrading, it’s the storage and defensive units that have to go first. These are both very important to your cause, as they all allow for more returns in terms of resources, as well as a stouter defense against enemies. Don’t make the common mistake of upgrading your Headquarters first, as this could lead to other players raiding your base and looting it.

5. Do Not Use Platoon Drop If The Enemy Base Has Solid Anti-Air Defenses

Platoon Drop may be a neat feature to use, but you should absolutely not use it when your opponent’s anti-air defenses are quite strong. The feature, as a backgrounder, allows you to bring everyone in your platoon to the enemy base, all in one go, causing a lot of damage and confusion in the process. That, as we said, is quite neat, but if the enemy’s defense units get rid of the platoon aircraft, that wipes out everyone in there.

6. Collect Zombie Reward Drops

If you wondered where the zombie-related tips are, here’s one. As your base is always at risk of zombie invasions, you’ll have to fend them off successfully. Doing that will give you a Zombie Reward Drop. That’s going to give you free gold, which is the game’s main currency, as well as rubies, which are the game’s premium form of currency. Be sure that you collect these rewards right away – they all expire in 24 hours after they’re dropped.

7. Defend Your Anti-Air Guns

Air attacks are quite common in this game, but really, the only line of defense you have against them are anti-air guns. Always make sure they’re well-defended – consider this a defense to protect your defense – because without them, you’ll be fair game for opponents who will smartly try to take them out.

8. Play In Zombie Survival Mode

At the end of the day, Zombie Company Crusade centers on the zombies, even if it’s a different kind of zombie-related game. But you can’t sit around doing nothing as your base is reconfigured. Or perhaps you want to test your defenses out. Whatever the case is, you should play in Zombie Survival Mode as well. This allows you to test your base, see if everything is set up and arranged optimally, and gauge whether your defenses have what it takes to survive raids.

9. Play In Battle Arena Mode

There is a Battle Arena mode in Zombie Company Crusade, and we strongly suggest that you go check this out for yourself. And when sending troops off to arena battles, you’re best off having a versatile lineup. Don’t stick to just one type of troop – have multiple troop types to prepare yourself for any eventuality. Remember that you don’t know what troops your opponent is sending off; it’s best to be prepared than to stick to what’s tried and tested, and that alone.

10. Capture The Flag In The Arena

Sometimes, you may be apparently soundly beaten in Arena Mode. It happens to the best of us – we all have those moments where we face a much tougher foe, and realize we aren’t ready after all. Or we may be ready, but the opponent is simply too much trouble. There is a way to salvage a last-second win in those cases – try to capture the opponent’s flag, as capturing it will win the game for you, regardless of how badly-beaten you may look.