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Impossible Journey Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Get a High Score

Ketchapp keeps churning them out – super-casual games for Android and iOS gamers alike that don’t require much of a learning curve, and promise hours of addictive fun. The company’s newest title, Impossible Journey, allows you to “jump, jump, jump” across three different, and dangerous worlds teeming with enemy characters. And it’s up to you to find the “magic boosts” that will help you jump high in the air. These include an “awesome” jet pack that lets you “fly in style,” though per Ketchapp tradition, the company doesn’t really say much else about the game.

Does Impossible Journey really live up to its name? Is it a game that’s really “impossible” to play, or impossible to master? To be honest, it is possible to rack up a high score here and figure things out, though if you’re having some difficulty with this game, please read Level Winner’s exclusive list of Impossible Journey tips and tricks.

1. Know Your Controls

Ketchapp, once again, isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel. That means the controls are very simple, and even young children can figure them out easily. The only thing your character can do is jump, and you can do this by tapping on the screen. Once you’ve got the magic boots, you can do double taps for a double jump, allowing your character to stay in the air for longer. If you’re using the jetpack, hold on the screen and release it so you can avoid the obstacles that get in the way.

2. Jump Right Before You See The Obstacles

Once you’re in the air, you cannot double jump unless you’ve got the magic boots on, so make sure you’re making your jumps right before you see the obstacles. Each of the available characters in the game have specific outfits and appearances, and some claim they have distinguishable strengths and weaknesses. Still, the mechanics remain the same regardless whether you’re using the default character or not – jump before the obstacles pop up in your way.

3. Keep Practicing The Stages

This is one general tip that you probably should have seen coming – practice makes perfect! But to expound on this oft-mentioned tip, we’re talking about practicing each of the three different worlds several times, so as to familiarize yourself with the settings. If you keep on practicing, completing these stages would become second nature to you. And if you’re merely “practicing,” that’s when we’d recommend playing with the ads on, so as to help the game’s makers pay the bills. You can turn them off, though, when time comes to play seriously and shoot for your old high score, as they can be quite distracting.

4. Watch Ad Videos To Earn Additional Coins

You will need coins if you want to purchase new characters for the game, but in order to earn these coins and unlock more characters and do so quickly, you’ll want to watch all the ad videos you possibly could. Typically, video ads are limited to a specific number per day, so keep watching ads as long as they’re available and you’ll earn more coins faster than you know it.

These would be for now our compilation of Impossible Journey tips and hints. If you know other tricks to get a high score in the game, don’t hesitate to let us know!