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Crime Coast: Mafia Wars Strategy Guide & Tips: 6 Awesome Tricks You Need to Know

Crime Coast: Mafia Wars is an Android mobile game that offers a rather new twist to the strategy genre. This game from Pixel Squad doesn’t take place in a faraway land many years ago, with mythic beasts to destroy and epic warriors to control. Instead, the game takes place in a “lawless city where the cops run scared (and the) criminal kingpins make the rules.” We don’t know whether we can call this a cross between the Clash of Clans and Grand Theft Auto franchises, but you get the idea – it’s an addictive strategy game with a social element and the ability to “create your own gangster’s paradise.” You can team up with other friends or people from other parts of the world to form your own gang (this game’s obvious equivalent to a clan), go on heists, and fight other gangs in this game.

If you’re looking to move ahead in this game and improve your reputation early on, among other things, do check out our list of Crime Coast: Mafia Wars tips, tricks and strategies, as we’ve got all the essential tips you need.

1. Connect Your Game To Social Media

Crime Coast: Mafia Wars, like other games in its genre, encourages players to be social. And we’re not only referring to the MMORPG elements here, but also being open about your gaming activity. There are some clear benefits to connecting your game to you social media accounts, or talking about it on those accounts. If you like Crime Coast on Facebook or follow the game on Twitter, you’ll get 10 gold for each action. That’s only a tiny amount, but a little gold can go a long way in the early goings of the game.

2. Should You Exchange Gold For Construction Or Bail?

When you play the game for the first time, you’ll start with about 250 gold; you can use this toward anything you wish. But there are some things we don’t necessarily recommend doing. For example, you can pay gold to continue the construction of buildings when you’re out of cash, though this is something you want to avoid for the most part. In most cases, it won’t harm you to wait until a building is completed and there’s no need to rush. You can also exchange you gold for cash if you’ve got someone you want to bail out – that’s not recommended either, as you can wait for these people to go free and not be worse off for it in most cases.

3. Complete Your Objectives

Overall, the best, simplest, and most effective way to earn more currency (cash or gold) in Crime Coast: Mafia Wars is to complete the objectives. These objectives, or quests, are typically the things you’ll have to do to stick to the story and stay on the right track. Objectives often pay you more currency than the costs to finish the task; one example of this is building a Bank, which noticeably costs less than the reward you’ll receive.

4. Positioning Is Everything

One thing about Crime Coast: Mafia Wars is that your underlings aren’t necessarily the sharpest tools in the shed. They’ll blindly walk into traps and allow themselves to be shot at in plain view, so it’s important to position them properly when you’re raiding. Deploy them in the sides of a city that aren’t adequately defended for best results when going on raids. This tip applies to both single-player and classic MMORPG settings, so always make it a point to “smarten up” your goons.

5. The Basics Of Defending Your Hideout

When defending your hideout, you have to remember that you’re being scouted by the enemy. Other human players are checking out your place and thinking of the best way to attack it, just like you should do the same before carrying out a raid. That means you should set up your base in such a way that there aren’t any blind spots, or any spots where your tower defense weapons (37M guns, mortars, etc.) wouldn’t be able to hit. Be generous when placing traps, as enemy goons wouldn’t be any smarter than yours – they’ll walk into them if they aren’t positioned properly. It’s also a good idea to put up buildings in open parts of your hideout, though that’s going to cost you lots of money; this could be a good last-minute strategy, but isn’t always recommended.

6. About Bad Blue

With the game’s latest update, you can now create “Bad Blue” (a reference to Breaking Bad, we assume), an illegal type of blue chocolate. You’ll need to set up a lab to create the chocolate and a warehouse to store it in, and since other players will be after it, you’ll need to set up defenses around both buildings. You can use Bad Blue to fund Mafia (clan) raids, so don’t hesitate to make some as part of the game’s new update. In addition, Bad Blue can be utilized as a means to research upgrades and level up your goons.