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Scream Go Hero (Ketchapp) Guide: Tips, Cheats, & Strategies to Complete All Levels

Scream Go Hero is the latest game from Ketchapp and has been an instant craze in the mobile gaming community. With hosts of successful titles like Knife Hit, Rush, Stack, and many more, Scream Go Hero is definitely on its way to follow in the footsteps of Ketchapp’s most popular mobile game hits. Like most of the developer’s arcade-style casual games, Scream Go Hero is a simple game where you navigate the hero through a simple and short obstacle composed of platforms, gaps, and some traps. The twist, though, is that the means of making your hero walk and jump is through voice command. You need to whisper to have the hero walk slowly and shouting will make him jump.

As simple as it may seem, it can be very challenging as you try to navigate the hero through very cleverly-designed stages. Scream Go Hero is a fun and challenging game for players of all ages. Be sure to not let the simple graphics and game design fool you as you will find that getting through even the initial stages will not be so easy.

There won’t be any tutorials available in the game as it is as simple as it appears to be as far as controls and objectives are concerned. The volume of your voice supposedly impacts how slow the hero will move up and how far and high he will jump. These simple controls will be very noticeable on-screen and your goal on each stage is to reach the flag. Scream Go Hero is a fun game to play even when you fail to reach the flag over and over again. If you want some help to actually make progress and finish some stages, then our Scream Go Hero tips, cheats, and strategies can surely be helpful in sending you on your way towards completing all levels in the game.

1. Take As Much Time As You Need

scream go hero ketchapp tips

There are no time limits in Scream Go Hero that adds pressure and pushes you to finish a stage fast. As you dive into the game, what you need to remember first is to always take things slow for the most part and not rush into reaching towards the goal. The only instances in the game where you may have to speed up a little is when there are moving obstacles you need to avoid and jumping consecutively may become necessary.

2. Determine Minimum Walk Speed And Maximum Jump Power

It may seem simple enough to make the hero walk through speaking as softly as you can and make him jump with every scream but the real challenge is actually getting the hero to walk precisely at the speed you want him to and likewise make him jump as high and as far as you need him to. This is a skill that you ought to start mastering early on. It won’t be an easy task and will most likely tire you out at some point but it is essential to have a good sense of control if you want to make good progress in the game.

Keep in mind that the hero you control may behave differently to the same volume of sound with a headset and without one so you may want to try either approach first to see which one suits you better. Take note that the game won’t function correctly switching between those options mid-game which means that you have to restart the game altogether when switching between using headphones and removing them.

Sensitivity is also a factor in determining how much control you have on your hero. While keeping the sensitivity control at the default settings may work well enough, be sure to adjust it and check how it should work best for you. As you aim to take full control of the hero in the game, it is important to keep the sensitivity settings in check and make adjustments to it accordingly while keeping everything else constant, meaning, you should also prepare yourself to be in a position where your distance and angle to the device you are playing at is constant as varying distances from the device will also impact how you control the hero. As such, be sure you are always in a comfortable enough position before playing the game with an intention to move forward with completing levels. Find the best sensitivity level that enables you to move the slowest and jump the farthest in the game and be sure to try and keep a consistent enough method on how to move the hero about.

3. Always Maintain Your Composure

It’s normal to be emotionally triggered by some video game moments designed to actually do so and in a lot of cases, some people actually scream at some moments in some games, even if it’s not required. Most especially if you don’t have a firm control over the game, the gap between what you want to do and what the hero actually does in Scream Go Hero may trigger your emotions and make you lose composure, opening yourself up to making more mistakes as they happen. As such, relative to the first two tips we noted above, feel free to pause when you are feeling a bit agitated by the challenges that you encounter as you try to finish the game. It may be very difficult at times to keep calm and focused on the task at hand, but staying relaxed goes in accordance with having consistent control over your voice and breathing and ultimately, the hero in the game.

4. You Can Jump As You Touch Solid Objects

It’s common to have the perception that you can only jump while you are stepping on a platform as it makes perfect sense. Logically, you would want to jump from one platform to another as you travel towards the flag at the end of each stage. Scream Go Hero, however, is designed in such a way that keeping in contact with any solid object, excluding spikes and such other traps, can enable you to jump. This means that you don’t necessarily have to be on top of a platform to be able to jump.

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Knowing this can be very helpful in many situations especially considering that it can already be a challenge in itself to perfectly make it from one platform to the next. As such, if you have already lost hope upon bumping into the side of the platform you were initially aiming to land on, you shouldn’t fret as you can scream once you get close enough to the side of the platform to make a jump and actually still be able to reach your goal. As there will also be instances where landing on the next platform would be fatal or difficult due to the moving spikes that may be hard to avoid immediately, knowing you can jump from walls and incorporating the same to your general strategy can help you finish a lot of levels more easily and go farther in endless mode.

5. Watch Ads To Continue Your Game

Despite adhering to the tips and strategies already mentioned in this Scream Go Hero guide, it can still be a pretty difficult game. Despite best efforts and care, nothing can guarantee easy stage finishes with every attempt and whether you reached 25% or 95% of the stage before your hero slips or commit a mistake, you will still have to start over completely when the hero dies. The truth is, you will encounter a lot of situations where you will have to repeat a stage over and over again due to light mistakes or simple miscalculations. Whatever the case may be, you will better understand how challenging it really can be once you have played the game enough. As this may become frustratingly difficult at some point in time, you can always opt to watch a short video ad to respawn at the exact spot where you supposedly died and have a second chance at being able to complete the stage successfully.

6. No Internet Means No Ads

Video Ads have long since been a part of most free games in the mobile gaming market. As some people may still be uncomfortable with its existence, it should be understood that a lot of games won’t be available totally for free without the existence of these ads. Not all ads though are simply there to be bothersome as there will be instances when you would be inclined to watch some ads and get something out of doing so. Like in our example above, watching a short video ad in Scream Go Hero whenever you perish grants you free resurrection and you can continue on your attempt to finish a stage from where you left off.

scream go hero ketchapp cheats

As ads may continue to pop-up between stages and even retries, it may cause you to lose your momentum and make the game a little more difficult. This most especially applies if you are still getting used to the controls. So as a general tip, you can turn off your Wi-Fi or mobile data and avoid any ads but on the downside, though, there won’t be any chances of resurrections and second chances if you fail to finish any stage. If you just want to get used to the controls and play with little interruption, then feel free to turn Wi-Fi or data along with all the ads off but if you are going for game progression and attempt to clear stages one after another, then you have to turn your Wi-Fi back on to enable the Ads that can give you free resurrection.

7. You Can Cheat And Play Without Making a Sound

One of the biggest challenges you have in Scream Go Hero actually boils down to sustaining your voice longer as controlling the hero of the game truly is a tiring activity for everyone’s vocal chords especially those who may not have ample opportunities to “exercise” it as much. It’s a good thing that there is actually a cheat you can actually use at any time to work around playing the game without using your voice and straining your vocal chords.

Supposedly, Scream Go Hero works by using voice command to control the hero in the game but essentially, only the volume of speech matters and even if you speak, gibberish, it all practically leads to the same effect. With that, you already know that it isn’t really your voice, or any sound for that matter, that gives movement to the game’s unique hero. Rather, what prompts the hero to walk slowly or fast and what makes him jump depend on the strength of vibrations resonating through your device’s microphone. As such, there really is no need to whisper and scream as such in the first place, though it really makes the game a lot more fun and exciting.

As an easier alternative, you can simply blow wind close to your device’s microphone and how easy or hard you blow will determine the hero’s movements. For instance, blowing as lightly as you can try will enable the hero to walk slowly while making effort as if to blow a candle will make the hero jump. This will actually make it a lot easier to control the hero and blowing air is something you can do and sustain for a much longer time.

For a more effortless approach towards making good progress, if you have a device that can be a constant source of controlled air, like a portable fan, you can simply use it as a means of generating air that can register vibrations to the device’s microphone much like your own breath does. Even if your fan continuously blows out air, you can simply adjust the distance of your mobile device from it to control speed and jump as well as shift your device’s angle to force stop the hero. As this will be an easier approach, it will still require some timing skills as well as some precision. Be sure to try all these methods on your own to see which one works best for you.

And this is where our Scream Go Hero tips, cheats and strategies comes to an end. We most certainly hope that you have read through our short and simple guide and that you have learned a lot from the tips and tricks we shared. There will certainly be still a lot of retries on each stage but if you follow our guide, you will surely have a much better performance. If you know something we don’t and would like to share relevant tips and strategies about this game, be sure to write to us through the comment area below!