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Rumble Heroes: Adventure RPG Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Rescue the Princess

In almost every tale of old, the premise usually involves a band of Heroes fighting toward a common goal.

The tale that you’re about to hear has a premise quite similar to most ancient tales—a princess kidnapped, mighty warriors are yet to be found, and a villainous overlord looms over the fate of the kingdom. You were among these warriors and it was your job to release those who were trapped by the evil overlord’s power.

After fighting through the hordes of evil and confronting the overlord in his own throne room, it appears that he had one last ace up his sleeve; a powerful spell is cast and the Heroes have been sent back to whence they came. The fate of the princess is unknown and the kingdom itself is in shambles. Can you restore the kingdom’s former glory and rescue the princess in Rumble Heroes: Adventure RPG?

rumble heroes cover
Cue the epic music!

You might’ve heard of PlayHard.Lab; these are the folks who brought you titles like Hero Factory – Idle Tycoon, Factory Inc., and My Cat Tower: Idle Tycoon. The South Korean developer team created a new blend of open-world RPG and kingdom builder all playable at your fingertips. Literally. Enter Rumble Heroes: Adventure RPG; a mini adventure game of epic proportions featuring a cast of unique Heroes, hordes of monsters to slay, and a kingdom for you to rebuild entirely.

From the end of the tutorial, your Hero is found unconscious in what’s left of the old kingdom and it’s up to you to slowly restore it. Your goal doesn’t end there, however, there is also the looming threat of monsters and ravenous wildlife trying to swallow your kingdom whole.

Have you just begun your journey? Are you looking to find the princess and return her home? Are you trying to assemble a mighty band of Heroes? Read our beginner’s guide below and get ready to see results!

Of RPGs and Kingdom Builders

Let’s first address the game mechanics of Rumble Heroes: Adventure RPG.

finding the princess in rumble heroes
The crux of many adventures.

As far as its RPG characteristics go, you assemble a group of mighty Heroes to bring along with you on your adventure. The player party can be changed as you gain more Heroes but we’ll talk about this later. To control the party is simple: use the thumbstick at the bottom of the screen to direct the party wherever you wish. Once you lift your thumb from the thumbstick, your Heroes will act depending on what they encounter:

  • Monsters — The player party will immediately engage them and prioritize them if there are multiple things they can interact with nearby.
  • Resources — The player party will gather resources from trees, rocks, and shrubs.

The combat is automatic. Whatever your party deems hostile will be met with magic and steel. Each party member also has a Skill that they perform every now and then given that they are of the appropriate level to use it (Level 10+). Compared to other RPGs, you don’t have to worry too much about the actions that your party will take.

One thing you may have to worry about would be the telegraphs of enemy attacks which appear as red areas as you’re fighting particularly difficult enemies. These would mostly include minibosses and bosses. Stepping away from the telegraphs could save your party from losing a member. Should one of your guys fall, you’ll have to wait a couple of seconds before they respawn or you can return to town using the Portal system.

rumble heroes portal
After we chop wood, let’s get outta here!

Pressing the Portal button on the lower right corner of the screen will conjure a portal that can bring your entire party back to town. This portal is a one-time use, so after returning to town, you won’t be able to return to where you last came from. There is a way around this, however. After constructing the Teleporter in town, you may use this to instantly bring your party to a desired territory on the map.

The only condition here is that you’ve discovered and constructed the Teleporter in that territory. Though, using the Portal has its benefits since it’ll allow you to retreat and heal your party before heading back out to fight off the enemy. The Portal will only ever disappear if you’ve used another Portal elsewhere or if your entire party has been annihilated.

rumble heroes mine
Ores from home? Sweet!

As a kingdom builder, it follows the same principle as most games of the same genre: each building that needs to be constructed will require some resources. The resources needed could range from Wood you gain from trees and shrubs to Ores that you mine from rocks or a few other things occasionally. You need to restore each and every building in your village which is, in a way, your kingdom.

With each building constructed, your Heroes’ power will grow as well since many of the facilities directly tie into their source of CP or Combat Power. Though, some structures like the Teleporter or the Dungeon Portal don’t exactly boost your team’s overall performance but are instead conveniences.

Unlike most kingdom builders, however, your Heroes are the ones that are responsible for harvesting resources overall. There is also no means for your village to defend itself (there is no need to, you’re doing most of the legwork here). So you won’t have to worry about attacks from other players who are out to take your resources.

rumble heroes mining camp

All in all, the game relies greatly on the player’s resource collection, team composition, and upgrade levels. As you play the game, new features will slowly be unlocked, so if some of the items in this guide appear to be missing for you, you might want to get into the game a bit further. While it may all seem simple, Rumble Heroes’ nuances prove to even hinder the most skilled of players. Perhaps you’d wonder that a team of completely legendary Heroes get stumped by a dungeon, or they cannot advance in challenge mode—this is where we come in!

Read on and we will tell you some easy ways you can get ahead and conquer more lands in the game. Your village might even look shinier when you’re done reading the guide, too!

General Tips for Rumble Heroes: Adventure RPG

Your adventure begins in a village itself which is aptly called the Beginning Village. A few things need to be built every now and then, but that’s okay—these are all little steps that will bring you closer to finding the princess and stopping the overlord from conquering what’s left of your precious kingdom. If you’re ready to embark on this epic journey, draw from this font of knowledge and pass them onto other Heroes who want to succeed!

1. Follow the Quests, Complete Tasks

rumble heroes ent
They blend in with the foliage.

Nothing screams RPG than a questline.

Quests exist to give you purpose—to you, fighting the overlord’s minions isn’t just an endless, forsaken slog that will take eons to finish, but somehow, with the objectives laid before you, you will know that there is hope for your kingdom yet. Think of quests like an episode or a scene in your favorite show. It’s where the Hero grows stronger or learns a new technique by practicing. It might also be where they meet new friends.

To follow a quest, simply look to the top of your screen. You will see a small box with an objective in it. If you fulfill that objective, you’re given a prize. While some quests grant you different resources, most quests often give you Gold as a reward; something you’ll need to save for later (oh, and we mean it). If you cannot find where you’re supposed to go, you can tap this objective and the camera will direct you; it should give you a hint of where you need to go next.

rumble heroes cannibalistic plant
This kindly lumberjack gave us some good coin.

Occasionally, you will find other NPCs (that’s non-player character for those unfamiliar) out in the field. These people can be seen asking for different resources. If you grant them the resources they need, they will handsomely reward you. These are somewhat like mini quests of the game since they never appear alongside main quests.

rumble heroes quest
Gotta do ‘em all!

Apart from main quests, you can also complete daily or weekly quests. These quests can be found by tapping the scroll with the quill icon below the compass icon on the right side of the screen. Here, you’ll see a bar divided by increments of 20. In each increment is a Treasure Chest that can be open once you’ve reached it. A bar goes up to the chest whenever you’ve completed any of the quests below.

Such quests can range from killing a certain number of monsters to recruiting Heroes from the Pub. The rewards from these chests are mostly Gold, Hero Fragments, and Dungeon Portal Scrolls. Daily quests are easy enough to complete within a single day while weekly quests take longer to complete (although you can complete them quickly if you try hard enough).

In short, quests are a means for you to keep going. Regardless of their difficulty, you’ll always be given a resource as a prize. But this is also where exploration rewards you with a resource that isn’t given in-game. This resource (we apologize in advance for being corny) is knowledge!

2. Explore a Lot

rumble heroes goblin chief
Hey, Isaac, you okay? … Isaac? … He’s just sleeping. That boss put him to sleep.

With the word “Adventure” in a game’s title, surely you’d expect a lot of this. Thankfully, Rumble Heroes is never short of adventure at all.

Simply walking around and exploring areas as you fight the hordes of monsters is enough for you to get an idea of where you might (or should) be going. To make things even easier on your adventure is to follow the road that you see. It’s a brown dirt path where many other people have tread before, but with the lack of people coming to and from your village, you’d wonder where these people are.

They could be the side quest givers that we’ve mentioned in the previous bullet, but they could also have gone missing or worse. Let’s just say that some of them are probably partying in a monster’s belly. Though, if roads separate at some point and leave you stranded in the woods, find another road and see where it leads—just be sure that it isn’t the road that you came from.

rumble heroes forest spirit scout
Fog be gone!

As you travel along the roads, you’ll see plenty of things: trees, rocks, more monster hordes, and thick, purple fog that you’ve seen in the tutorial. The fog clouds can be dispelled by reconstructing a Circle of Purification. These are glowing circles on the ground that summon a fairy to remove the fog from the surrounding area, opening your path to more of the road you need to follow as well as bigger, badder enemies to slay. You might even run into Dungeons that reward the brave and the mighty. Don’t relent!

rumble heroes treasure chest

Wandering around in the same area also helps you plenty since the game occasionally gives you Treasure Chests. These Treasure Chests are quickly marked with an arrow for you to follow and they’re in places that are easily accessible to you, meaning that there are no Treasure Chests that spawn in fogged areas. What’s inside the chest is completely random, but they’re often resources that you’ll need to advance your progress in the game. As for taking what’s inside, we’ll talk about that soon down the line.

Though we’re sure that you’re wondering where you should be spending all the resources you’ve gathered thus far. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

3. Know Your Resources

rumble heroes rabbit
Sorry, rabbits.

The different resources give Rumble Heroes its distinct kingdom builder characteristic.

Playing kingdom builders is quite similar to playing real-time strategy (RTS) games of old. Games that share this mechanic would include Age of Empires and StarCraft, but overtime, kingdom builders have found their own identity, especially in the mobile games market. Rumble Heroes has its own slew of resources that are used to further your kingdom’s progress as well as your own progress through the main quests.

It’s always a good idea to remember what each currency does as you’ll know where to spend them:

  • Gold — The most basic resource This currency is mostly used in rolling the gacha at the Pub. It can be earned by completing quests (main quests or any similar tasks), conquering certain dungeons, battling the Golden Pig, or watching ads. Gold is represented by golden coins.
  • Food — This resource is one of the most important since it helps level up your Heroes. This can also be used to upgrade certain buildings or complete some sidequests. Food, represented by meat, can be earned by fighting most monsters with the exceptions being monsters that aren’t made of flesh. Surely you’d be taking the Food from goblins and orcs whenever you kill them instead of hunting them for their flesh right? … Right?
  • Wood — It’s Wood. What else could it be? You get it from trees and shrubs (and sometimes ents) and use it to build stuff! Though, sometimes these precious logs can be used to restore Circles of Purification. Otherwise, you’ll be using them a lot for your buildings back in the kingdom.
  • Ore — The Ore resource is very easy to spot. You can find these by mining the rocks with the bright blue crystals sticking out of them. While they aren’t as abundant as Food and Ore, they’re quite important since they improve the overall performance of your Heroes altogether. With Ore, you can pay the Training Grounds to make your party stronger.
  • Crimson Ore — The most elusive resource on this list. Crimson Ore is only awarded to you when you complete certain quests or defeat certain bosses. Sometimes, they are rewarded to you through successful dungeon runs. Crimson Ores can only be used to pay the Training Grounds to give you powerful perks like increasing your party size or your party’s movement speed. Hold onto these when you get them; you’ll really need them later on.
  • Grassland Marble — Another elusive resource, but not as elusive as the Crimson Ore. Grassland Marbles can be gained from defeating certain enemies or completing quests. These can be exchanged with the golden fairy guarding your kingdom. Upon giving her an amount of Grassland Marbles she asks for, she’ll grant you a bundle of a random resource in return (except for Crimson Ores). Quite useful if you’re in need of a certain resource at any given time.
rumble heroes golden fairy
The golden fairy who asks for Grassland Marbles.

With all this said, don’t hoard your resources. Spend them when you need to, and you’ll be one step closer to accomplishing yet another main quest. Special mention goes to the Ores and Food, because your Heroes are the backbone of your player account.

There is a way you can harvest resources quite easily, however, and that’s to press the Camp Button. This now begs the question: where should you set up camp?

4. Place Your Camp Strategically

rumble heroes camp
Let’s set up Camp here!

Every adventuring party should take a breather every now and then.

As you play through the game, you will unlock the Camp feature. This nifty little function will allow your Heroes to idly harvest and slay everything and anything that pops up around them for an hour. Camping, however, cannot be repeated if you’ve completed a full hour’s duration as you’ll have to wait until the next server reset before you can camp again.

So it’s best to camp in bursts or while you’re busy doing something in real life. Since this only has a maximum of 1 hour, try setting up Camp when you’re about to take a nap. Just remember that Rumble Heroes: Adventure RPG is not an idle game despite your Heroes still fighting or gathering in the background each time you open up any menu in-game.

Once you tap the Camp Button, the Heroes will erect a tent in their immediate vicinity and begin patrolling the area for monsters to kill and resources to gather. This also allows for anything within the Camp’s vicinity to increase in spawn rate dramatically. You may also choose to upgrade your Camp to a Premium Camp by opening up the Camp menu and choosing this.

A Premium Camp will make resource gathering much more efficient and will also make your Heroes respawn more quickly should they fall mid-harvest. Though, as the game rules go, the Camp will be immediately dissolved if all of your Heroes die. You’ll be sent back to the kingdom, if this is the case. Stopping your Camp will immediately yield you the resources that the entire party has gathered.

rumble heroes no more camps
Aww… No more Camping.

But we still haven’t answered the big question: where should you set up Camp? The answer is simpler than you thought: set up Camp where there are resources that you need. For example, if you’re trying to gather Food for your next big Hero upgrade, Camp in an area highly populated by enemies. Though, don’t bite off more than you can chew—putting your Camp in an area where the monsters can easily kill your Heroes is counterintuitive.

Nothing of note will be accomplished. There’s no shame in going to a lower-leveled area and Camp there just for resources. If you can’t proceed, fight weaker enemies until you have enough resources to become stronger.

At the very least, you can bring your party home with the aforementioned Portal button and, in the village, you’ll be able to fight in the Dungeons using the Dungeon Portal. What for? For loot, of course!

5. Conquer Dungeons for Extra Loot

rumble heroes dungeon
Dark, creepy, and it’s got a skull crest on its entrance? It’s a Dungeon alright!

Dungeons are a staple in almost every RPG ever made!

We all know what Dungeons mean—that’s right; loot and glory, baby! Though, for those unfamiliar with what Dungeons normally hold, they’re dark and scary places (for the most part) where the enemies pack a wallop and your party has to survive up until the end.

Some Dungeons have death traps waiting for your noble Heroes, but most have hellish bosses that await to destroy the player party. The bosses almost always guard a valuable hoard of loot, so to get the loot, the Heroes must first defeat the boss. Rumble Heroes is no exception when it comes to Dungeons.

Whenever you purify a fogged area, chances are there is a Dungeon there waiting for you to conquer. While there are some difficult enemies lurking within, running a Dungeon can easily be one of the best ways to get good loot or items. For instance, some Dungeons reward you with Gold (like the Slime Dungeon), but most of the time, Dungeons in general reward you with Equipment.

rumble heroes streak bonus
Let the bodies hit the floor!

While defeating monsters within a Dungeon, you’ll notice a streak counter at the top of the screen. If you can successfully wipe out a number of monsters before the streak counter fully depletes (or even exterminate all of the monsters including the boss), you’ll get better rewards than usual. Get your best Heroes for every Dungeon run and never take it for granted!

rumble heroes abandoned labyrinth
With a power difference? No problem.

If you don’t want to come to the Dungeons, you can make the Dungeons come to you. To do that, you have to be at the village. While you are there, speak to the wizard by the Dungeon Portal and he will ask you to use a Dungeon Scroll. These Dungeon Scrolls can be gained from quest rewards and by exploring the wilderness.

Occasionally, monsters drop them as well as bosses. If you happen to browse the Dungeon Scroll menu, you’ll notice that each scroll has a difficulty attached to them. Choosing higher difficulties means loot of better quality, but this also means that the monsters within are more powerful. Pick wisely!

Exploring the Dungeons is quite an important task to perform if you want your party to become stronger. That’s because of the Equipment we mentioned. But there’s actually a twist to how Equipment works in this game, so read on!

6. Equip the Hero Statue with the Best

rumble heroes guardian statue
Look at how mighty it is!

After a long, long Dungeon raid, your Hero party comes home tired with the spoils of war at their feet.

They arrive with weapons and armor much bigger than they are, they fit nobody. Not even the biggest Hero in the game can wear any of these. They’re also probably much heavier than an ordinary person could carry. But it would seem that one thing in the village can wear these: the Hero Statue. What is the meaning of this? Why is it not that your Heroes wear the items they’ve won through combat? Well, let’s put it this way: the statue bestows its mighty power onto all of your Heroes depending on what it’s currently equipped with (or just seeing it with really fancy gear inspires the Heroes to fight better).

You read that right. For the experienced RPG player, you’d be surprised that this works the way it does. Though, on the bright side, you don’t have to worry too much about equipping each individual Hero in your party with the right gear. All you need to focus on is one character that can wear this.

In this case, it’s the statue. Equipping anything on the statue will up your overall CP. Though, giving it the right stats that you want might subtract it, this is where you can focus on building the statue your way. To illustrate, the game favors more ATK than Skill Cooldown. But if you prefer it that the statue decreases your Heroes’ Skill Cooldown despite lower CP numbers, go for it.

rumble heroes champion's helmet
Time to get rid of the excess.

Each Equipment falls under a tier just like Heroes: Normal (Gray), Rare (Blue), Special (Purple), and Legendary (Yellow). Naturally, it’d be wise to equip the Hero Statue with higher-rarity duds. Though, you’d also want to make sure that your player level meets the requirement of the gear. If you have any unused equipment, you may opt to Dismantle these. Dismantling these unused pieces will give you Dismantling Materials. These materials can be used if you happen to find a blacksmith in the wilderness—he can reforge these into equipment of varying rarities, so save them up!

Naturally, Equipment isn’t the be-all end-all when it comes to being powerful. There’s always the aspect of team composition.

7. Build Your Team Wisely

rumble heroes hero selection
They’re about to get serious.

As the adage goes: “There is no I in teamwork.”

Each Hero in Rumble Heroes serves a purpose. While it seems quite practical that most combat-oriented Heroes (which is most of the game’s roster), some gathering Heroes like Nudie Jack or Diamond Bob could prove to be a valuable asset to your team. You see, the AI of this game, to put it lightly, isn’t as smart as you think it is.

Sometimes, in the middle of a fight, Heroes will harvest resources if monsters don’t come close enough to your party. Having these gathering Heroes, since they specialize in harvesting resources quicker than most (Nudie Jack harvests wood quicker than other Heroes, for example), will stop the other Heroes from gathering resources and aid their friends.

Though, such Heroes could become a liability since they don’t contribute too much in a fight. Their other skills also fall short of usefulness much later on since survivability slowly becomes a priority.

rumble heroes annihilation

This is why forming a viable team should be able to get you almost anywhere in the game. Naturally, you should upgrade Heroes of higher tiers and prioritize them if you have the Food and the Hero Fragments for it. As we’ve mentioned earlier, Heroes also fall under the same rarity tiers as Equipment do. So this should mean that Legendary-tier Heroes should take precedence in upgrades compared to those of the Normal or Rare rank. However, Heroes have their own set of classifications.

What sets Heroes apart from Equipment, however, is that each Hero is classified under these three main stats which bear symbols located on the upper-left corner of their icons:

  • Strength — These Heroes are often mightier and more durable than others. They greatly excel in taking the heat from the enemy hordes while your other Heroes support them from behind. Their icon resembles a red maelstrom.
  • Agility — Heroes classified under Agility are swift and cunning. They prefer to fight pragmatically and often from a distance, but there are a few exceptions. Agility Heroes bear the mark of a green wing.
  • Intellect — Intellect Heroes are varied in their capabilities. Some of them excel in annihilating the foe en masse while others prefer to give their allies supportive buffs or healing. While they sound powerful, most Heroes that are classified here are quite soft and will require some looking after while the battles rage on. Their symbol is a yellow orb that pulsates from within.
rumble heroes feather corbin
His feathers don’t tickle.

Upgrading your Heroes by feeding them Food will increase their level and overall statistics. But Food isn’t the only thing they need; they’ll need Hero Fragments as well (we’ll talk about how to get these later). You’ll notice that most, if not all, Heroes have what’s called an Owned Effect. Pictured above, for example, is Feather Corbin.

When he reaches Levels 5, 15, and 25, etc., he will activate an Owned Effect. This effect passively grants any heroes of the specified stat classification a bonus to their HP or damage, depending on the level. Though, eventually, you might experience a slight scarcity in Food and/or Hero Fragments. But this is only the beginning of the hurdles you’ll face.

rumble heroes olive cindy
The starter healer in question.

One other hurdle the player will have to jump in their quest for kingdom peace is to have a dedicated healer for their party. Unfortunately, the game only has a total of 4 healers in the game (Olive Cindy, Nurse Ivy, Calm Foe, and Holy Mace Paul). To add insult to injury, 2 of these healers are of the Special tier (Nurse Ivy and Calm Foe) and 1 of them is Legendary (Holy Mace Paul). Even then, you have to upgrade Paul all the way up to Level 10 just for him to be able to successfully heal your party and his Hero Fragments might be quite difficult to obtain since he’s in the Legendary tier.

Despite being a starter healer, Olive Cindy will be with you for most of the early game until you get one of these elusive healers. Her first skill grants her the ability to heal your friends while her second skill boosts the ATK of all Intellect Heroes presently in your party. If you’re bringing the likes of Whitehair Leo, Backpack Chico, Crow Bibi, Elemental Lisa, Wave Talisay, or the other two healers, Nurse Ivy or Calm Foe, she’ll be packing quite the surprise when her Intellect friends start throwing hands.

The importance of even having one healer in the team is to keep your party from returning to the village all the time. While this might seem like a minor setback, trust us when we say that it’s more efficient to stay out there harvesting resources and killing monsters than having to come back to the village every now and then. Sure, your party can be composed of hard-hitting, diehard Heroes, but when the going gets tough and they get overwhelmed by stronger monsters (especially later on), they won’t have the extra push that a healer would give them.

If you feel like your party needs variety, it’s time to pay the Pub a visit.

8. Visit the Pub Often for New Heroes or Fragments

rumble heroes pub
Off to get a drink?

Ah yes, the Pub—the happiest place in town.

This is where adventurers share their stories or where some Heroes are looking for work. If you are in need of such Heroes, you’re in luck; a lot of those who stay here are ready to get hired. With 100 Gold, you can hire a random Hero among a selection of 3. This is the gacha feature of the game. For anyone unfamiliar with the term, gacha means a series of randomized prizes gained at the cost of certain currencies.

rumble heroes hero recruitment
The results are unfortunately predictable.

Sometimes, the Heroes that appear are Heroes that are already in your party. If you’re feeling lucky and you’d like to have even more duplicates of your desired Hero Fragments, you may opt to increase the amount of Fragments you’ll gain by tapping the multipliers below. Be warned, that higher multipliers will cost more Gold!

rumble heroes obtained hero
Told you.

We would like you to exercise caution when attempting to hire Heroes in the Pub, however. Early on, the game will reward you with high-tier Heroes, but as you progress, your chances of gaining such high-tier Heroes will become slimmer. For instance, if you see a Hero that you own belonging to the Special tier and two others belonging to the Normal tier, expect to get the Normal ones all the time.

If you feel like you’re not getting the Heroes you want, the game will give you a chance to re-roll the recruitment between the 2 remaining Heroes, albeit at the cost of Gems. We don’t advise you to do this since it’s quite pricey. Instead of spending your Gems, we recommend spending your Gold on other draws. As of this writing, there isn’t much worth spending your Gems on, so we’ll let you figure that out on your own.

rumble heroes golden pig
Would you like some pearls with that swine?

If you’re ever low on Gold and want more, you may attempt to fight the Golden Pig under the Challenge menu. This menu can be found bearing a crested shield for an icon on the right side of the screen. This massive, gilded porker is quite tough since all of the attacks that your party throws at it will deal just 1 damage. We recommend heroes that can hit it multiple times like Lance Pico with his Charge skill. Unfortunately, you can only attempt this Challenge once a day. You won’t be able to attempt it again if you succeed. Otherwise, you can pay some Dungeons a visit in a pinch.

You can have all the Heroes you need, but is that all there is to it? No, it’s not!

9. Use the Training Grounds Often

rumble heroes training ground
Yep. That totally looks like a place where we can learn things.

Training is important in any aspect of life—if you wanna get good at something, you might as well practice!

At the end of the day, your Heroes, while mighty together, will still need all the help they can get. We’ve already discussed the Pub, so your Heroes shouldn’t be buying another round yet—especially if they’ve recently experienced the very bitter taste of defeat. This is where your hard-earned Ores come in handy. In the village, you will find a man at a tent with an archery target on it. This man is an instructor and he oversees the Training Grounds.

The Training Grounds are a place where you can passively increase some of the overall stats of your party. Take for instance, you will mostly increase the HP and attack of your Heroes with every upgrade here. Though, you will still have to rise in player level if you’d like to reach the next upgrades. What we mean is that if you’re at Level 16, you cannot get Level 17 upgrades. Every player level will grant you 3 stages of basic upgrades—each of which cost more Ores than the last. While it seems nice to come back here often after harvesting Ores, we’d like you to turn your attention to the right side of the Training Grounds.

rumble heroes number of troops
Just a bit more…

The right side contains special upgrades that can only be bought using Crimson Ore. These upgrades are more powerful since they give massive bonuses like a raise in Hero stats by percentage or an extra party member. The extra party members are what really make this tree shine. Without any of these upgrades, you will only have a total number of 4 Heroes in your party.

But when fully upgraded, you’ll have a whopping 10 Heroes ready to enact retribution onto evildoers everywhere. But much like the left side of the Training Grounds, each upgrade will require more Crimson Ore than the previous one. Good luck!

We’ve covered almost every aspect of gameplay for Rumble Heroes, but there’s one last thing we need to talk about.

10. Watch Ads for Bonuses

rumble heroes discovered treasure
Get more Ores!

When you open a Treasure Chest, you’ll notice that it requires an ad to claim rewards! Oh no! Don’t fret, dear player. This is all part of the plan.

Ads are inescapable these days! While it’s truly impossible to not see them (unless you close your eyes), they’re everywhere and they’ll be here with us for a long, long, long time. You’ll find them in your social media, on your favorite websites, and even in your favorite mobile games. Rumble Heroes has its fair share of ads that might require your attention. Though, we strongly suggest to you not to turn this opportunity away.

Sure, tapping the Claim button at the bottom of the Treasure Chest will net you 8 Ores, but you can do so much more with 40 of them and all this takes is a few moments of your time. There are a few other things that watching ads can do for you in Rumble Heroes:

  • Upgrade your Camp to a Premium Camp
  • Revive your entire party after getting wiped out
  • Refresh the Hero roster at the Pub
  • Activate Auto Battle for 30 minutes

It does sound cumbersome and annoying at times, but we promise that through watching these ads, you’ll have coffers overflowing with resources and better chances at winning anything in the game. Give them a watch anyway and consider this a brief moment of respite from all the hardcore adventuring that you push your Heroes to do.

rumble heroes victory

Rumble Heroes: Adventure RPG is chock full of surprises. Discovery is key in most parts of the game, but it’s always safe to remember what we’ve covered here in this guide:

  • Keep your eyes on your main quests and complete tasks while you’re at it. Your due diligence will be greatly rewarded.
  • Be adventurous and explore the world. You’ll never know what’s behind that cloud of poisonous fog! Also, stay on the road so you can get to the next area soon!
  • Knowing how the different resources work is important—you’ll also know where to spend them! Just remember that Ores and Crimson Ores are the most precious ones.
  • Putting your Camp in any location is reckless. Make sure that your Camp is put in a place that’s well-populated by monsters and rife with resources for maximum gains.
  • Up for a bigger challenge? Try some Dungeons out. You won’t be disappointed by the amount of loot you’ll get from them.
  • The Hero Statue is something you need to dress in only the most epic of duds. Give it all your Legendary gear (or anything that can substitute it), and your Heroes will be inspired to fight for a better future.
  • Team composition matters! You’ll struggle for a while with the lack of a healer, so keep Olive Cindy with you until you get a high-tier healer.
  • The Pub is the place to be if you want new Heroes or more Hero Fragments. Just beware of the gacha!
  • Don’t let your team slack off! Get them to the Training Grounds and make them the strongest they can be!
  • Ads are your friends—they give you all sorts of cool stuff!

And this concludes our guide for Rumble Heroes: Adventure RPG. The princess is still out there and the kingdom remains to be saved, still. The forces of evil are bolstering their ranks, and you’ve no reason to be lax in your preparations. Bulk your forces up, strap your Heroes in, and dive right into an adventure you’ll never, ever forget. Fight hard!

Have you collected the most storied Heroes in the game? Are you also a warrior looking for tips that might not be listed in this guide? Leave your thoughts in the comment section down below!


Tuesday 23rd of May 2023

You can keep camping even if all your fellas are dead. The mobs just wander away and then come back when someone decides to get back up again. You are most likely aiming too high if all your dudes die during camping, but it can be done. Maybe this is a new edition since this article was written, but it's like that now.