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Hero Factory Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Clear All Stages and Get Resources Fast

Indie developer PlayHard.Lab, known for titles such as the popular puzzle adventure game Redbros, has recently rolled out a new game for mobile called Hero Factory. The new arrival is a fast-paced idle RPG where you are in charge of maintaining a multi-level factory that produces heroes to fight the evil beasts that roam the land.

Like with any idle game, you don’t have to worry about a lot of things here. For starters, heroes are forged automatically and then sent off to fight the monsters that constantly pop up. Where the players get to wield control is in making sure the factories run smoothly and in strengthening their combatants.

There are several types of heroes in Hero Factory including standard soldiers, archers, mages, witches etc, and you will be able to include them in your army as you add more and more layers to your plant. Regarding how to approach the game, it’s all quite simple. Killing monsters gets you gold to spend on upgrading factory levels and creating new hero production lines that go deeper into the ground.

hero factory tricks

Furthermore, you can also level up heroes and their respective equipment, but you will need additional resources in order for that to happen (more on that later).

For the most part, the main goals of Hero Factory boil down to creating new hero tiers, amassing gold and gems and getting to higher stages. But while the game starts off easily enough, you’ll soon find yourself wondering about the best strategies to advance progression quickly and painlessly. This is why we have put together this Hero Factory beginner’s guide where we’ll give you the run-down on the game’s most important mechanics, as well as share some of the best tips, tricks and strategies we’ve discovered along the way.

1. Maximize Your Resource Gain

Resources play a pivotal role in Hero Factory, so knowing how to get as many as you possibly can, is very important. While gold represents the primary resource in the game, there are others you need to keep an eye out for including gems, enchanting stones, mana and medals.

Starting off with the main resource – you don’t have to put much effort into getting gold in Hero Factory. Just setting up a few factory levels will ensure a steady supply of combatants that are automatically deployed in the field of battle above, where they produce large amounts of gold by destroying monsters. The resulting funds will go towards unlocking new factory levels, as well as upgrading your heroes. These actions cost a decent amount of coin at first, but as you progress they will become more and more expensive, which is why stockpiling gold needs to be any player’s first priority.

how to earn more rewards in hero factory

This can be achieved by adopting several strategies. First off, it’s encouraged you take breaks from playing the game, because upon your return some sweet offline battle rewards will be waiting for you consisting of much needed gold. Rewards vary based on the time you spent away from Hero Factory. For maximum payoff, find something else to do for 80 minutes. Don’t forget to press the x2 button so you can get double the gold, but only if you’re willing to watch an ad.

Alternatively, you can watch an ad to unlock a power up which can boost the amount of gold you win for 30 minutes (find it on the left part of the screen).

Unfortunately, Hero Factory is one of those games that’s simply littered with ads. They’re everywhere, but to be fair, they do afford some very useful benefits, if you give them a chance.

Nevertheless, the constant interruptions might be more than some are willing to bear. If that’s the case for you, then know that you can always swipe your credit card and remove all these ads for a fee. Even so, not everyone is into shedding real money to play, so that being said, the majority of players will probably stick to the free-to-play scenario.

how to earn more gold in hero factory

Another way to increase your finances is to go to the Training tab (which unlocks once you’ve reached a certain stage in the game) and upgrade the stats available there. For example, you pay medals to increase your gold gain. In the same tab, it’s also possible to increase the attack or health of all heroes.

But how do you get these medals? Good question. This is a resource you can get only by “Going on Vacation”. You can find it under the Training tab, as well, but it unlocks only once you’ve reached stage 50. However, you need to weigh carefully, when and how many times to go on vacation (more on that in section 4), because doing so erases all the progress you have made so far. But it’s all in the name of getting extra stuff!

Next stop is gems. These can be used to acquire various power-ups in the game. For example, to unlock a Skill, which are useful additions that boost your heroes’ strength in battles, but not only, as they can be used for other purposes. The El Dorado skill, for instance, increases the amount of gold you get in-fight, but also provides you with extra health and mana. Gems come in handy in the Store too, as you can purchase a wide variety of things with them like chests, cards (which we discuss in section 2), or basic enchanting stones.

hero factory achievements

You can get gems mainly by completing missions, but to stock up on more, always make sure to check the World tab and get the Quest rewards whenever you see the red exclamation mark pop up in the main menu. Additionally, the Store also offers a free pile of gems five times a day. Well technically free, as you will need to, you guessed it, watch another ad to get them.

The last resource we need to talk about is mana. This is needed to use the Skills, as each of them will cost you a number of mana points. Fortunately, mana restores itself fairly quickly and sometimes you can get a full mana tank refill by quickly tapping on the Fairy that pops up from time to time on screen. Doing that will get you for example, Superior Mana Restore – which restores by mana by 150% for 30 seconds. Again, you will need to watch an ad to unlock the prize.

2. Be Selective When It Comes To Upgrading Your Heroes

Now that you have gathered some resources, it’s time to talk a bit more in-depth about your heroes. Each level of your factory produces a different kind of hero, and the deeper the level goes into the ground, the stronger the heroes are. So for example, Gunslingers (level 6) are better than Axe Kings (level 5) who are more advanced than Witches (level 4).

A good way to increase the strength of your heroes is by hitting the milestones of your factories, as this gives your troops a massive boost in power. This means you should make an objective of upgrading your factories to levels 10, 25, 50, 75, and beyond. Reaching milestones is also linked to completing quests so gathering resources isn’t completely neglected if you decide to focus on milestones for a while.

When upgrading factory levels, it is advised you level them up from top to bottom, meaning levelling up your strongest heroes first. The reason for this is that levelling up the more advanced production lines costs more gold than the lower tiers. So if you level up the stronger heroes first and run out of gold you will still have enough to level up your lower tier ones.

hero factory weapons

Another necessary tactic which you need to embed in your gameplay is constantly upgrading the heroes’ abilities via the Management tab. Here can equip improved and more powerful wardrobe, helmet and weapons. You can also learn about your heroes’ attack, attack speed and factory power and see these stats go up as you strengthen their gear.

The new types of weapons and helmets come to you via different cards. You can get those as you open chests from the Store and this is a strong reason why it is recommended you gather up as many gems as possible, so you have the means to spend towards improving your fighters.

how to enhance equipment in hero factory

Each card flaunts a bunch of characteristics. For example, they have a certain number of stars that can be upgraded. Cards can be enhanced by spending weapon coins, a particular resource which you can only get from the store in exchange for gems or when you open a chest (which also costs gems). Indeed, you can never have too many gems in this game.

Given that weapon coins are quite scarce, we recommend you invest them towards upgrading higher-tier heroes, meaning those who come from the lower levels of the factory. Hence we believe it’s a better strategy to skip over the Swashbucklers and Hunting Queens, and focus your upgrading efforts on your Axe Kings and beyond. At least, until you gather enough weapon coins to spare.

3. Make A Habit Out Of Enchanting Items

Once you’ve found a new card, don’t just rush to equip it in the Management tab. Instead, make sure to enchant it first to boost its capabilities. Go to the Enchant tab from the main menu, and there you’ll find a series of platforms on which you can drop lower-tier enchanted stones.

Merge two similar items and you can get a better one. You start off with 4 platforms, so there isn’t a lot of merging you can do at first, but as you level up you will get to use more. Once you’ve created a more advanced enchanted stone, use it to enchant a card. An automatic system will select which card gets the special treatment, but players are allowed to choose the hero tier to which the boost goes to. Pay attention to the random draw, as the system might pick a lower-tier card that you don’t necessary want to enhance.

how to enchant items in hero factory

So in the beginning when you have less cards available, we suggest taking advantage of the Free redraw button for a better chance of landing the card that you actually want to improve. It’s a good idea to aim for those that boast more stars, this way you make sure you strengthen the force of your best heroes quickly and efficiently. Enchanted stones regenerate (quite quickly, it must be said), so you don’t have to worry about gathering these resources.

4. Complete As Many Missions As Possible

Missions are listed on the top right part of your display and are one of your primary gem sources. As we talked about before, gems are super important, so we recommend you try to follow the missions as much as possible.

Of course, at times you might find yourself straying from the path to pursue your own agenda, and so completing some missions will be delayed. But no worries, whatever you do, you’ll probably inadvertently complete Quests anyway (remember to check the World tab), which guarantee you still get the gems you need to progress in the game.

hero factory missions

Another important aspect in Hero Factory is always striving to rise up in the stages in the game. This done by defeating monsters who come in waves of 8 with the last monster being a boss that is stronger than the others. Be careful though – defeating 1 series of waves does not mean you will automatically go to the next stage, as sometimes to do so you will need to pass 2 or even 3 or more series of waves.

Of course as you rise in the stages the monsters get stronger so it’s important to upgrade your heroes as much as possible so they can tackle these stronger creatures. To pass stages you will have to remain on the battle tab in the game, as you won’t advance if you are offline. Reaching higher stages means you will also get some rewards in return.

5. Always Have Turbo Mode On

Turbo mode is a simple way to ensure your factory production is as fast-moving and smooth as possible. To turn on this option, you simply have to tap on one of your plant’s levels. When you add more lines, it’s gets a bit trickier to turn Turbo mode on for everyone, but you can use both hands to tap on the display, as you are required to activate Turbo mode for each hero assembly line individually.

hero factory turbo mode

Another option is tapping on the Turbo power-up that is constantly available on the right part of the screen. Watch a quick ad and in return you will get access to 30 minutes of uninterrupted Turbo mode for all levels. No extra tapping involved and finally your fingers can take a bit of rest. It’s worth a bit of annoyance!

6. Determine The Best Time To Go On Vacation

Like most idle games, Hero Factory has the option that enables players to go back to the very beginning of the game. It represents a handy course of action, but you need to be mindful of how you use this power. In this particular case, when you activate Go on vacation (as the option is called in Hero Factory), it means that all the factory levels you’ve built so far will be eliminated, but you get to keep your Skills, Training levels as well as equipment.

While it erases some of your progress, going on vacation unlocks quite a lot of useful goods including the badges needed to upgrade stats in the Training tab. Going back to square one also comes with a hefty sum in gold that will help you get back to where you left off in no time.

when to go on vacation in hero factory

After vacation time, we advise that you strive to find the balance between upgrading your stats and unlocking new ones. It’s important to note that new stats provide you with larger boosts than what you would get if you upgrade, so we advise to plan depending on your current needs in the game.

When is the right time to go on vacation? The answer to this question will be determined based on the things you want to achieve. What we can tell you is this – don’t go on vacation too soon or you risk not getting enough loot to actually make a difference in your progress.

Keep in mind to try the “Time Travel” option (available twice a day) which allows you to grab the rewards without destroying the factory levels you have worked so hard to build. The first Time Travel is free, so make sure you take advantage of that.

This sums up our beginner’s guide for Hero Factory and we hope that the tips and strategies we’ve outlined above will give you a hand in moving your game forward. If you have played your game yourself and found some effective tricks you haven’t noticed in our guide, do let us known by dropping a comment in the section below!


Wednesday 22nd of July 2020

From the past three weeks that I had been playing and the main focus I stayed with was upgrade Medals and Wave Reduce. As much as you can. Leveling Attack when you want to advance forward. A vacation at this point, with raid gear considered, is 6,906,191 medals at stage 860. Max level Medals will net a bonus of 3,093 %.

Medal Acquisition: 2 set collection effect from Snow Leopard set for Swashbuckler. 3 set bonus from Gunslinger for 100% medal acquisition from Time Travel. 2 set bonus from Spearman for 100% medal acquisition.

Another thing to add to the guide would be raiding as frequently as possible to purchase skins that give collection bonuses.