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Redbros Guide, Tips, Cheats & Hints to Crush Your Enemies

It’s a fact that big-name game developers have taken the top of the app charts, but deep in our hearts we know that all that collecting, upgrading, empire building and out of control fighting is taking us slowly to the kingdom of boredom. Indie developers, guys who are coming from the deepest halls of the gaming underworld, knows it too, so every once in a while, for the sake of the true gamers, they bring us refreshments in the shape of simple-fun games. This time it’s PlayHard that presented us a refreshing new mobile game called Redbros, an action puzzle adventure – a true delight both for those who still remember the “insert coin” screens and youth gamers.

Once again it is proven that the essence beats the form and you’re so going to be delighted with the simplicity of Redbros look and the greatness of both the story and the gameplay. In the suit of the old-school games Redbros is taking you and your heroes in the battle against the evil Skeleton King who has trapped your friends in the more than 100 levels castle maze. And no you’re not there just to draft the heroes, you get to control them and engage the fights on your own. And you do it just with the move of your fingers.

At the beginning you’ll find the game more as a relaxing one, but as you progress, you’ll get to know that you’re facing a true challenge, so be sure to check out our list of Redbros tips, tricks and hints, right after the jump.

1. Master The Controls

In Redbros, you get to control characters with the move of a finger and sometimes with more of them. It is quite easy and intuitive, but a quick guide on how to do it can’t harm.

Taping the point on the map will lead your team to that spot. Since there is lot of moving-spikes traps you’re free to tap outside the map flor in order to move your heroes safely against the wall. When moving against trap, also do have in mind the shape and size of your group. For example, if you have to pass a narrow corridor between two moving spikes, make sure to form a line formation of your group and then send them to desired spot on the map.

And how do you make formations? By drawing a line with your fingers. Drawing formations can be very useful, not just for passing the obstacles, but also in fights. For example, inverted wedge formation (draw a V letter) is very useful tactic in fighting the enemy as well as the circle formation – just draw the circle around the group of enemies in order to have a full attack from all sides.

Drawing lines will be also necessary in order to trigger the door locks you’ll be required to place heroes on several spots on the map to set the trigger. You can either do this by drawing lines across them, but the more reliable way is to use several fingers. Sometimes you’ll have to cover four and even more spots, so don’t hesitate to put your mobile on the table and place as much fingers as you can on the screen.

2. Know Your Enemies

Your finger skill will be also of great help when you engage in the combat against those evil monsters in the service of Skeleton. Engaging the enemies is simple as a tap on them, but it’s not enough. In order to attack them in full strength you’ll have to keep taping them until they’re finished.

Although you might get the impression that fighting feature of the game is designed in a form of a wandering horde, but it’s definitively more than that. As you progress through a campaign, you’ll have to learn your enemies in order to know which are tougher to beat and thus to make a quick plan of the engagement. For example, make sure to engage the archer monsters first as they are inflicting great damage to you as you fight other monsters. Also, try to use traps in your favor by luring monsters onto them, because you will save lot of health with such tactics. Also, when speaking about luring, you should try to lure monsters in narrow corridors, ladders etc. in order to narrow their movement making them an easier pray.

3. Put A Spell On Them

Using various spells you are granted is of great help in fighting monsters. Don’t hesitate to use them on large formations of monsters, especially on the boss monster, as there is really no reason to spill the blood in waste. Make sure to combine your spells in order to get the max effect. For example, combine the luring tactics to gather all monsters in the area of the flaming meteor spell.

Spells are scattered across the map so make sure not to pass them. Also don’t let any casket or barrel undestroyed as they are also hiding valuable health points and similar stuff. Make sure that you gather all health points, coins and spells in the room, because most of time when you enter the next room door will close behind you leaving all those precious things behind for good.

4. Pick Your Heroes Wisely

Well for all those who like to manage a little bit in their games, Redbros got that covered as well. In the main menu you have a Heroes tab where you get to pick the initial band of heroes that will start the level. When presented, every hero has a number over its head which represent combat points. Naturally most will pick the heroes with larger number, but you should be aware of their other stats: Attacking and health points which can also be of great importance.

That’s all for now. Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed our set of Redbros tips, tricks and hints. We believe that in an intuitive setting of the game, you would be able to discover more tips such as these on your own.