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Sandship: Crafting Factory Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Uncover All Lost Technologies and Grow Your Mobile Factory Fast

Sandship: Crafting Factory is the latest factory management simulation game from Rockbite Games, a fairly new entrant to the mobile gaming industry that just started being active in 2017. If you played and enjoyed Deep Town: Mining Factory, which is Rockbite’s first published game, then you should already know just how much time, effort, and resources were invested in the design and development of the company’s games. From the game’s title and background story down to the core concepts and mechanics of the game, you can be sure that Sandship: Crafting Factory is unlike any mobile game you have played before.

Sandship: Crafting Factory takes you to a unique post-apocalyptic sci-fi world where an advanced civilization once stood. Forced to hibernate underneath the sands following an unfortunate event, you find yourself awaken later in a world of ruins where great technology once ruled. With the help of your cyborg mentor Harvey and the only sandship in existence, your goal is to rediscover ancient knowledge and protect it using research and engineering.

sandship crafting factory strategies

As Sandship: Crafting Factory may not be easily comparable with most other mobile games in the market, your initial encounter with the instructions as presented during your initial dive into game may seem a bit overwhelming. For starters, pay close attention to every description presented to you as skipping from reading them and proceeding speedily to the gameplay might slow you down instead. It may all seem a little complicated at first but once you familiarize yourself with the buttons and menus as you play, the rest becomes much easier to understand.

If you find yourself struggling to grasp the fundamentals of factory management or simply looking for efficient ways to have the best mobile factory, then we advise you to read our detailed Sandship: Crafting Factory beginner’s guide below! We have come up with loads of tips, cheats and strategies for Sandship: Crafting Factory in order to jumpstart your sandship management career!

1. Get To Know The Basics

Sandship: Crafting Factory is all about managing a fully automated mobile factory. As much as a lot of the technology will need to be rediscovered and researched, you basically have all the means to develop your sandship and the factory within it to its full potential. Naturally, production starts off with the most basic materials for production. As you conduct more research and unlock more machines that can process the raw materials in a variety of ways, you will eventually be able to produce a wide variety of items that can be sold or used as a resource to make yet another product.

As you will be setting up your factory within a limited space, planning becomes a crucial prerequisite before executing the actual layout needed for production. There may be plenty of room to work with for starters but as you research more and more, you will naturally have to make extra room for new processes and process modifications. There will opportunities to expand but just the same, every bit of block saved for future expansions and improvements matters.

sandship crafting factory tricks

Potential rooms for error as far as setting up production is concerned relates to the direction in which each device is placed. While the power is turned off, be sure to learn how to use each icon at the lower right side of the screen. The “extend/rotate” icon must be tapped before you tap on a device to rotate it or to hold and swipe a trail for the conveyor belt. The “move/select” button must be active before you can drag devices within the factory to any other location.

Lastly, the stash button keeps deployed devices. They are actually not disposed off and can be generated again for free once kept. Take note as well that some production lines are halted because the product is either too hot to process or not hot at all to temper. Be sure to take note of this as you begin to design the production layout, particularly spaces between relevant devices.

Just to have a basic knowledge of each of the menu icons you will constantly be cycling through, we will discuss each briefly. Below the “Back” button is your factory menu where you can see the various products you are manufacturing. Note that you will see buildings when outside the sandship and devices when you go inside.

Next is your inventory, which holds upgrade materials as well as lore items and your inbox. The next icon relates to your sandship where you can perform upgrades to boost its performance and space. Below that is the quest icon. It may hold multiple objectives at once so be sure to check each one out.

Another important icon follows the quests as contracts are your source of upgrade materials for research, credits, and even some XP. The third icon from the bottom is your research lab, which is key to progressing your factory as far as new technologies and devices are concerned. The glossary is a helpful guide for you to get to know each material, device, and collectables.

The last icon is the shop where you can purchase buildings, currencies, and even consumables that can speed up deliveries of contracts. Now that you have a basic idea of what you need to do, we will go down to specific tips and strategies that you can apply to progress in your game more hastily.

2. Let The Quests Serve As Your Guide

It can be a bit confusing at first to have little guidance as to what your focus on should be at the start of your factory-building adventure. In Sandship: Crafting Factory, quests not only give you extra credits and gems to boost your progress but, more importantly, each quest actually serves as your guide on what to do next. It may all seem linear early on with limitations as to what to produce and which items to research on. Once the number of choices grow, it can be a challenge to prioritize one choice over another.

sandship crafting factory quests

Quests always relate to the usual activities you should engage in the game. It may involve producing a specific amount of a material, completing researches, gathering data collectables, and may involve some tasks that relate to efficiency or faster production. In any case, you should make it a habit to visit the quest menu whenever you log in to check for objectives you can readily or easily achieve.

3. Aim To Continuously Serve Contracts

As your mobile factory begins to manufacture a variety of products, you will eventually have more than enough to provide for whatever is required by some quests. The more important reason to keep manufacturing various products is to ensure that you are able to provide for the needed items in the contracts. Contracts are, after all, are a source of income as well as data collectables needed for quests and researches.

sandship crafting factory contracts

Contracts are classified based on how long it takes to complete them. Those that can be completed in a couple of minutes typically have fewer requirements and reward you with less credits and XP. Initially, you will only be awarded with common crates although as you make progress, there will be bigger chances to land a contract with higher rarity crates as rewards.

You can also initially only cater to one contract at a time which is why strategizing around which ones to fulfill first becomes important. Naturally, if you will be spending a lot of time actively playing the game, then you should go for the quick contracts.

If you will be leaving the game for a while, it would be better to initiate the contracts that take longer to complete. After serving several contracts under the same category, there will be a cooldown period that will delimit your actions to some extent. In such cases, you can pursue whichever contracts are left to be accomplished.

4. Plan Ahead Before Pursuing Any Research

One of the most vital aspects of Sandship: Crafting Factory relative to growth and expansion of your mobile factory is the research. This constantly serves as your key to unlocking new devices and products in your factory. Like quests, research initially appears very linear for starters. Once you reach level 3, though, there will be loads of research options available and for the most part, you can opt to initiate most of it without following any particular sequence. The only exception to this are research options that actually have prerequisites as indicated by arrows from the pre-required item to the next one.

how to do research in sandship crafting factory

In truth, there really is no harm in choosing to initiate any research available since you will have to finish each one of them anyway. For efficiency’s sake, however, make it a habit to read through what each research does. For the most part, research will either unlock new devices and products or increase the cap of certain storage limits. As such, you should choose to prioritize research items that enable you to progress further as far as technology is concerned with consideration as well to completion times and how much free time you still have to stay in the game.

You can notice that while a lot of research options do not dictate which ones you should conduct or initiate first, their effects can often be dependent on another to be useful. Likewise, you can revisit pending quests as they often contain objectives that relate to researches you need to do, again serving as a guide for you to follow.

5. Keep Each Product Within Healthy Inventory Levels

One key aspect of every manufacturing business, especially those that can produce a wide variety of items, is the unpredictability of the market or the demand for the product. There will naturally be a need in Sandship: Crafting Factory for items that you have recently learned how to produce but when it comes to contracts, you will come to find that the demand is so random, leaving you very little chance to guess which of the products you manufacture will be in demand next.

sandship crafting factory product inventory

Given this predicament, the only recourse you can do is to keep each product you can manufacture within healthy inventory levels. By healthy, we mean having enough of each resource and not an excess in any of them. Do note that both products in transit or temporary products and claimed ones or permanent products both have storage limits.

This means that while you may want your factory to continuously produce, you need to have more control on the numbers that you produce to ensure there will not be any unnecessary wastage or lack of space to work well around on.

One important concept to take not of is that once you power up your factory, all machines within it start and continue to operate until you power it off. This means that as you set your factory up to produce a variety of products, some will naturally grow in number more than the others. Early on, one way to control it is to constantly modify the factory’s setup and another is to separate processes across different factories. Once you have the means of recycling excess materials for credits, then actually producing in excess of what you need becomes viable.

Relative to this, you should know that products within the “in transit” group and the “claimed” group can be transferred to one another in bulk. You simply need to tap and hold on the item you wish to transfer and drag it across to the other group. In case you are close to maxing out your storage and will need to produce more of a specific item for contracts or quests, then transferring items across can ease the burden of supply surplus temporarily.

6. Redesign Your Factory’s Layout As Often As You Need To

There is hardly any dull moments in Sandship: Crafting Factory considering the constantly shifting demand for the products you manufacture and the increase in the devices you can use as well as the products you can make. With these events constantly happening as you make progress, it is only natural for you to regularly make changes to your factory’s layout to ensure a more efficient production line and effective use of the space you have.

sandship crafting factory layout

Surely enough, every new device you unlock as a result of completing a research has an important and unique use within your factory. With that, then you will certainly always need to squeeze in new devices within the existing production line. For starters, chances are that you may have left out a lot of idle spaces during your first few layouts.

As you make progress, you should learn to observe every step of the production line to see bottlenecks as well as lags. Do note that you some processes require fewer spaces than others, so focus on making the longer trails work first before squeezing in the easier ones.

7. Spend Wisely On Purchases And Upgrades

There are various ways to earn credits in Sandship: Crafting Factory and at some point, you can even begin to continuously generate credits on your own. You may have a lot of credits to begin with and the maximum amount you can hold also increases through research. Just the same, you need to carefully manage credits as upgrades to your sandship, purchasing new factories, and expanding existing ones are endeavors that cost more and more the further you go.

With the basic factory as your initial work environment, making changes to it as we mentioned earlier will be a common scenario. As you set up more and more production lines within it, chances are that you will constantly need to upgrade the factory to increase the space within it instead of purchasing another one to set up from scratch. Upgrading costs credits but once the upgrade has finished, you will also need some materials from your inventory to consume before expanding it.

sandship crafting factory purchases and upgrades

At some point in your progress, you will have to run more production lines than one factory can handle and when that time comes, you will need to setup a new factory. You can purchase a new factory from the shop and it only costs credits, cheaper than upgrading them later on. For best results, plan ahead in terms of which production lines should you group with one another. As space is a constant issue within the world of Sandship: Crafting Factory, the space within your sandship can only hold a limited number of factories at a time.

To deploy new factories, click the back button from within the factory to be on the screen where you can see your sandship. Once there, click on the factory icon, which is below the “back” button, and tap on the “buildings” icon. Drag and drop factories with consideration to the available space within the sandship. You can tap on any deployed factory to see its details, upgrade it, or enter it.

Depending on your account or engineer level, you can also make upgrades to your sandship to improve its performance. Each upgrade carries with it a boost in terms of the amount of substance it can harvest per second. Upgrades also increase its size, enabling more factories to be built within it. As the substance you farm also has a storage limit or cap, upgrading increases it as well.

Gems serve as the premium currency in Sandship: Crafting Factory and is much more difficult to earn than credits. As such, it is only practical to be even more careful before spending them. For the most part, gems can be used to instantly get rid of waiting times and can also be exchanged for credits at the shop.

The only thing gems can but that you can hardly obtain outside of the tutorial are consumables that can boost the speed at which contracts are accomplished. It may be a good idea to save gems for these speed boosters but if you choose to do so, be sure that you make the most out of it by ensuring that you can initiate the contract one after another with very little idle time in-between.

8. Solve Puzzle Inside The Puzzle Building

One great way to earn huge sums of credits fast in Sandship: Crafting Factory is by solving puzzles in the Puzzle Building. You can purchase this unique building at the shop and unlike all other buildings, this actually holds a unique game mode that is fun, challenging, and educational.

how to solve puzzles in sandship crafting factory

To start off, once you go inside the Puzzle Building, there will already be devices laid out. As part of the puzzle, there are some missing devices you need to place for the operation to run smoothly and the puzzle to be solved. Once inside, be sure to tap on the “puzzle” button at the right side of the scree to see the intended product. Note as well that some devices you may have not unlocked yet will be available. Clearing each puzzle earns you 1,000 credits instantly and the next puzzle immediately loads up.

Beyond credits, another good reason to engage in this puzzle mini-game is to get some advanced tips and strategies in terms of planning layout within your own factory. Some designs, especially considering spaces between devices, maybe ideas you would not have discovered sooner on your own. With that, be sure to take some time off from your own factory and test your wits in the Puzzle Building.

That is all we have for you on our Sandship: Crafting Factory beginner’s guide. There are probably a lot of stuff in this game we may not have discovered yet but whatever those are, we are confident that the tips and strategies we shared with you in this guide will suffice to help you understand each of them.

Like most factory sim games, Sandship: Crafting Factory does not necessarily require you to spend a lot of time on it. For the most part, quick regular visits to your virtual factory is enough for you to make good progress in your unique adventure. If you have played the game a lot and chanced upon some valuable tips and strategies that were not include in our guide, we welcome you to share them with us via the comment section!


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