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Deep Town (iOS) Strategy Guide: Tips & Tricks for Effective Mining and Battling

There has been no shortage of idle clicker business sim games in the mobile gaming market ever. As mobile games were initially considered as a means to pass the time while away from home and housebound gaming platforms, idle clicker games are one of the usual casual game genres that were designed to be playable and enjoyable even for people who cannot spend long, continuous hours of gaming.

Deep Town is a unique idle mining business sim game from Game Veterans, that mixes the simplicity and straightforwardness of conventional idle clicker games with gameplay mechanics that are completely fresh yet familiar. Growth is constant and certain as profits continue reeling in regardless of how you manage your mining town. However, employing business strategies and dedicating time and effort are sure ways to keep you ahead of the pack.

deep town cover

While Deep Town’s graphics and animation will most likely exceed anyone’s expectations, the greater part of its surprise lies in how simple yet addictive it can become. Following your first dive into Deep Town, chances are you will be hooked on it enough to forget how much time has passed by after you put the game down. You will find yourself just as easily immersed in the mining scenario even if you only remain active for short but frequent periods.

deep town intro

There is a comprehensive tutorial that greets you as soon as you jump into the world of Deep Town. It covers the basics in a manner easily understandable even for complete beginners and new features you unlock moving forward have similar quick guides to help you understand them. In some cases, even bits of information you may have missed will be addressed accordingly.

Even considering the host of unique elements that ultimately make Deep Town a unique game, it is still very easy to pick up and enjoy. Given that you are guaranteed to earn profits and move forward regardless of the choices you make and the number of hours you commit, there are hardly any pressures to push you into putting in more effort than you can afford to.

deep town gameplay

If you are the type who is itching to blaze through the levels and expand your mining town as fast as can be, then we have you covered. Stay with us and check out our Deep Town guide for some useful tips, tricks and strategies to boost your mining production and maximize your earnings!

1. Follow The Quests

Deep Town takes you through an addictive adventure that can test your strategic prowess as well as your multitasking skills every step of the way. Again, there is always an option to make it a relaxing journey as much as you want. Potentially, though, the part of Deep Town’s addictive element relates to the new features and items you unlock as you dive deeper into the mines.

Truthfully enough, you are bound to go deeper at certain points in your adventure regardless of your strategies and efforts. However, the perseverance to keep plowing as well as your penchant for multitasking has its limits without proper guidance. As such, to ensure that you are proceeding with your idle mining career as efficiently as possible, we recommend taking into consideration the quests available to you.

deep town getting started

The quest system in Deep Town can be accessed via the notepad icon at the upper right corner of the screen. Oftentimes, you may see numeric indicators on it, signifying that a quest has been completed and rewards are waiting to be claimed. There are 5 quest objectives you can readily see after opening the menu but more like waiting if you scroll down the page and new ones may also pop up after accomplishing the currently displayed ones.

Quest objectives should not be regarded as extra targets that require additional effort. Each of the objectives you will see fall directly in line with the usual activities you engaged in, likely arranged sequentially from easiest to most challenging as well. Some may require more time than others to complete but visiting the Quest Menu after being drawn to it by the numerical indicator already means that you can accomplish some of these targets, even without knowing specifically what they are.

On top of serving as your main guide towards progressing in your idle mining enterprise, accomplishing objectives will also serve as a decent source of gems. Each target objective you accomplish earns you 1 gem and while that may not seem to amount to a lot, every bit of gem you earn is valuable given that these are premium currency and meant to be a lot more challenging to farm than coins.

deep town quests

Be sure to claim rewards as soon as you can so new quest objectives will appear. In some cases, an objective you have cleared before its appearance will have rewards waiting for you to claim them. For best results, we recommend frequently checking the list of quest objectives and focusing on accomplishing one or a couple of them at the same time.

2. Keep Production Boosts Active

Even just after seeing the introductory scenario in Deep Town, most players are bound to be driven to jump in on the journey and keep working towards growing their mining town. Most especially in the early part of the adventure, there is an abundance of new items and features to uncover, eliciting your curiosity even further to check menus and features that are available for you to explore.

In all honesty, even the simple tasks of digging deeper while intermittently building here and upgrading there can keep you occupied for hours straight at a time. While activity and engagement certainly contribute more to growth and progression than merely letting idle bots work the mine for you, employing some strategies on top of effort can yield better results at an even faster rate. As that may still not be enough to propel your virtual career as a mining tycoon, Deep Town provides numerous ad boosts to further speed up your adventure’s progression.

leveling up in deep town

Opportunities for ad boosts abound in Deep Town. While each one can be considered as equally enticing and beneficial as the rest, there are some that we consider extra important as they provide buffs or bonuses over time. These production boosts ought to be grabbed once the opportunity to do so becomes available. There are constant ad boosts on the upper left side of the screen indicated by a TV icon. Below that is where production boosts often appear.

The production boosts let you have a few minutes of buffed-up production on specific areas or facilities within your growing mining town. One of the boosts we always take advantage of is the Mining Boost, which doubles mining production for 15 minutes. Certainly, a 15 to 30-second advertisement in exchange for 15 minutes of increased mining outputs is well worth the effort.

deep town boost

As you will consistently find yourself digging deeper and deeper into the planet’s core for your mining venture to consistently grow and expand, you would certainly want your bots and other tools to deal more damage to both the terrain and its monstrous inhabitants. More damage over time means faster digging, so the value of a Damage Boost, which increases the damage of your tools by 100% for 5 full minutes, is surely a very advantageous offer you cannot ignore.

deep town boost damage

Areas you have cleared as you dig deeper and deeper in Deep Town are not just the areas where you can build mining and exploration structures. After reaching certain level milestones or area milestones, you can build facilities for smelting and crafting, among other things and as these facilities take some time to complete their work, there are also available buffs that exponentially improve their performance as well.

deep town boost smelting

You will most likely be busy with a lot of tasks you need to do simultaneously in Deep Town. As time continues to fly even while you are playing or watching a short video ad, you might sometimes hesitate to entertain the offers as they may seem to impede your progress. In other cases, you may even become too immersed in the activities that you may completely forget about the existence of the ad offers. In any case, it is best to always keep watch of these ad offers as taking advantage of them is essential to progressing as fast and efficiently as possible.

3. Strategize On Gold Utilization

Although a basic currency, gold that you amass over time is a very valuable resource in Deep Town. In some conventional games, basic currencies usually lose their value over time, especially as you rack up millions of them with hardly anything to purchase. In most idle clicker games, basic currencies are typically meant to be spent just as quickly as you earn them as they serve as investments that boost profits, promising a quicker return the more you spend them.

While you may expect gold to continue increasing given that Deep Town is an idle clicker business sim game, what increases over time are the resources that you excavate from the mines. These resources can either be sold for gold or can be used in smelting or crafting other resources. The gold you earn, on the other hand, is largely used to level up your mining tools and build structures within your growing mining town.

deep town coins

To some extent, the dichotomy of choices available to you can be tough to choose from as both are important to keep you on your way forward, and, in most cases, both may also be affordable. Although we can consider Deep Town as comparable with more conventional idle clicker business sim games, our usual strategy of going with whichever is cheaper cannot stand in this scenario.

Investing in upgrades is made easier in Deep Town as every new level reached enhances the damage of every tool you have at your disposal, even ones you have yet to unlock. Naturally, each higher upgrade level will cost more gold and there are also material requirements on certain level milestones, particularly on every 5th level. In instances where you have yet to afford the required resources to upgrade, then the only recourse is to shift gold resources into building and upgrading your facilities.

deep town upgrade

Regardless of your tools’ upgrade levels, you will always be able to dig through the regular stages. However, part of the excitement that comes with Deep Town is the monstrous inhabitants of the mine you are exploring. Initially, these creatures will only have immunity from bots, forcing you to rely on other non-bot tools in your arsenal. As you dig deeper, some of the herculean creatures will be able to regenerate their lost health, making it difficult or even impossible to zero out their Hit Points.

deep town corrupted block

Each area you clear becomes available for you to build mines on and the mines will even have variants following certain milestones. Building a mine costs gold but upgrading them will require different resources based on the level of upgrade. Every new mine you build will cost higher than the previous one and both building and upgrading will require available bots as well as a completion time.

upgrading a building in deep town

Chances are that the cost of putting up a mine will become much greater than the cost of upgrades for your tools, likely making the latter the most suitable choice of investment. Following this rationale, the cheapest option wins just like our usual strategy in other idle clicker games. In some cases, however, building certain structures form part of the quests available to you and if you have or are close to having the needed amount of gold to build it, then it should be your top priority.

deep town mining

Deep Town provides plenty of ways to help you earn huge lumps of gold. Although selling resources stands as your main source of gold, there are ad boosts that instantly give you decent amounts of it in an instant. With this to consider, you can always stray from spending gold on tool upgrades first as you can easily amass the needed amount of gold to go for the more expensive building options.

4. Master Using And Switching Tools

Strategy in Deep Town largely relates to how you choose to move forward with your adventure. However, it is not limited to building and upgrades in terms of prioritizing how to expand your mining town. Even how you choose to dig from one level to the next calls for strategy as the set of tools you choose to deploy can impact how efficient your mining progression is.

There are numerous tools at your disposal with new ones becoming available after reaching certain milestones. Although only 4 can be deployed at a time, switching between the tools can be done quickly and conveniently. You can access your tools or the Spell Tree by tapping on the icon just above the first skill slot at the bottom left side of your screen. You simply need to tap on the tool you want to use, hit the deploy button, and choose the slot to deploy the tool.

deep town spells tree

The Laser Zap, which is your first tool of the trade will likely be the one tool you will consistently have to deploy. It charges much faster than any other tool, making it the “click” or tap factor of Deep Town is an idle clicker game. The Disposable Bots deal little damage and moves fast but a pair only lasts for 10 seconds regardless of the tools’ upgrade level.

deep town laser zap

The third tool you will unlock is the Fire Blast, which shoots a powerful incendiary laser that has a bit of a lasting effect. Expectedly, this tool charges slowly compared to the first two. To complete your initial set of tools, the Ice Freeze does not contribute to damaging anything but its freezing effect that lasts for a few seconds makes everything brittle and more susceptible to damage.

deep town fire blast

There are plenty more tools to unlock as you reach certain milestones relative to how deep you have mined. While you are very much free to mix whichever tools are available to you, some tools will be completely ineffective in certain situations.

One of the basic considerations is that bots, whichever type, will not be able to deal damage to any monsters. You can still deploy them but they will just disappear almost as quickly. In this regard, you can expect some spells to have little to no effect on the terrain as well. There will be plenty of in-game notifications to apprise you of these instances regardless of how far you have progressed in your adventure.

deep town coal elder

5. Check On Running Processes

As an idle clicker game, Deep Town sets itself apart from other games in its genre by not letting you directly earn currency for times you are offline and away from the game or in the game but otherwise idle. You continue to earn resources from your mines up to the limit of their capacity but selling them to earn gold needs to be done manually. As often as you can and most especially after being away from the game for some time, you should make a habit of claiming resources from each mining station.

deep town mining station

Unless a mining station is being built or upgraded, you will see the resources it has accumulated in real-time. You can tap on the “claim” button at the lower right side of the screen. Mining stations start by being able to collect 3 resources every minute and have a storage capacity of 40. Each upgrade adds an extra resource to collect per minute as well as a storage expansion of 5. This means that a level 1 mining station will become full and unable to gather additional resources after 13 minutes and each level upgrade cuts down the time for it to become full.

Mines are not just the structures you will consistently need to tend to and that is what makes Deep Town a very engaging and addictive adventure. Relatively early in the adventure, digging deeper will have you come across a cave within the mines and while you will continue on your journey you can also explore the cave simultaneously.

You will instantly have an Explorer Bot when you unlock a cave but deploying it to go spelunking will cost gold. Caves are home to unique discoverable items and on top of simply collecting them, each set of 5 items you unearth will earn you gems as rewards. Additionally, treasure chests can also be recovered from cave explorations and these chests can contain various resources, even rare ones you will have difficulty obtaining from direct mining.

deep town cave with carvings

As you continue digging deeper into the grounds as a primary means of expanding your mining town, Deep Town also provides facilities you can build to expand and develop your enterprise upwards. Note that these structures are not optional as you will certainly need whatever they can discover and produce to move forward in your journey.

deep town rooftop

One of the first structures you can build is the Smelting Structure. This is where ores and some elements can be processed into bars and ingots. Be sure to select the product you want as soon as the facility becomes available.

Keep in mind that the Smelting Plant will continue to produce the item so long as you have the needed raw materials in your inventory. New recipes will become available after reaching certain area milestones. If you have enough of what you need, remember to select a different product from the available list.

deep town smelting

There is a Crafting Facility as well where different base materials can be processed or combined to create a new material or product. To some extent, the Crafting Station works much like the one for smelting save for its capacity to combine different items, yielding more products by variety. Just like the Smelting Unit, you have to select the product you want and the Crafting Facility will continue to produce the item provided that there are available raw materials.

New crafting recipes can be learned after you unlock them as you reach new areas with gold costs increasing for every new item. Both the Smelting and Crafting Facilities can be upgraded to add more processing slots. As these would relatively cost high, be sure to consider it only if you have more than sufficient gold or resources to do so.

deep town recipes

Deep Town offers plenty more facilities for you to unlock and build as you move forward with your journey. A lot of these facilities offer unique resources that are needed for various production and upgrade needs so be sure to check the list regularly to identify ones you can build in your current progress level.

6. Regularly Manage Your Inventory

Deep Town is designed in that while the task of mining resources can seem routine, the entire operations of your mining town regularly shift based on needs. Digging deeper leads to the discovery of new materials as well as leads to the availability of new structures or facilities. These facilities in turn lead to the creation of more materials as your journey deeper begins to require different materials as well.

deep town materials

Primarily, you will be gathering coal and in addition to being a source of income after being sold, coal will also be the initial resource requirement for upgrading your mining stations to level 2. Naturally, mines on the lower sublevels will contain new and different resources than coal and the need for those resources will begin to appear almost instantly. This will only temporarily shift the need for more coal to more of the newer items you have discovered and concurrently mining.

upgrading the mining station in deep town

It is only natural to assume that coal will ultimately become overabundant, thus becoming less and less important as you progress further forward and this same consideration will apply to the materials you acquire earlier as new ones become available and needed more. Deep Town works in such a way that every resource you gather will always be needed and in the case of coal, it becomes a requirement to craft graphite, which is among the ingredients to craft circuits and lamps.

deep town mine buildings

With a broader understanding of every resource’s value comes a better idea of how to properly manage them. After all, you cannot have more than enough of every resource but given that resources are your main source of gold through sales, not only do you need to sell them regularly but also identify how much to sell and keep in every occasion.

The treasure box icon you can access at the upper left corner of your screen is your all-in-one access to your inventory. The resources you mine are just 1 of 4 different items you can find here. Resources are also categorized into 5 basic types as indicated by the icons above its page. You can delimit the types of resources displayed by tapping on the icons to tick them on and off.

You might be wondering why the sliding bar at the bottom of the resource window is set to approximately half of its total amount as opposed to being set to its max value. This setting hints at the idea of you leaving some of the resources in your inventory for current and future needs.

For example, if you choose to sell all your coal and you still have mines to level up needing it, then that would have to wait until you have gathered enough coal. Similarly, processes that involve graphite and other crafted items requiring coal will also be suspended.

deep town resources

There are rare materials to discover in Deep Town as well and being “rare” in your adventure certainly stays true to that consideration. Securing rare minerals will expectedly be difficult from mining and while there is a supposed 10% chance of getting them from even the most basic treasure chests, getting them will still prove very challenging.

These rare materials will be essential to build some facilities or performing difficult upgrades so managing them should be done with extra care. As obtaining rare minerals is random as well, you can convert any rare material into dust. However, converting dust to any rare material you need will cost 6x dust.

deep town rare materials

The Exploration Tab in the inventory is where you see the items you have collected from the expedition camp. At the very least, you will see how far or close you are to completing a set of 5 items and receiving the gem rewards. Finally, there is a separate tab in the inventory for the chests you have collected in your adventure. Every expedition you launch will yield a basic chest and there are also free ways to obtain them from the shop.

deep town exploration

7. Take Advantage Of All Other Ad Boosts

Deep Town, as we mentioned earlier, hosts plenty of video ads just like most free mobile games, especially casual idle clicker ones. In this day and age, there are still many players who are uncomfortable or even annoyed at the presence of video ads in games. However, it is important to understand that ads in mobile games are essential relative to their continued availability to be free for everyone to enjoy.

There are hardly any video ads in Deep Town that pop up without you triggering them. These ads often play when you unlock a new area but can be skipped entirely in just 5 seconds. For every other video ad, you will need to click a button for them to start running and chances are that you would be inclined to do so given that each one forms part of the game’s ad campaign, granting huge benefits after the video ad ends.

deep town ad rewards

In any case, you should know that Deep Town can be played and enjoyed fully without any sort of video ads. You can do this simply by turning off the Wi-Fi or mobile data of your device before launching the game or anytime while running it. Without internet connectivity, you are sure to play without any distractions whatsoever but will not be able to enjoy the benefits you can reap from the numerous ad boosts available.

We have already discussed some ad boosts that improve the performance of operations early on. Although random ones pop up at the upper left side of the screen, you can also access them via the “Boost” icon on the facility or structure that you want to have enhanced productivity. There will be options to boost performance using gems but we would naturally recommend taking on the free option, which only costs playing a short video ad.

deep town basic items chest

It’s always exciting to open treasure chests, as they contain random basic resources and come with a small chance of obtaining rare minerals. Although you can get one with every completed exploration in the caves, Deep Town provides an abundance of it for free. You can access the shop via the market stall icon at the upper right side of the screen.

There is a free chest you can claim once a day on the top left side and there is an ad campaign that grants you another chest on the right side. Considering the latter, it does not seem to have a limit as you can nab chests one after another.

getting free crystals in deep town

With gem serving as a premium currency, you would want a lot more than what you have, there is also an ad boost to help you get more of them. In the shop just below the free chests, you can play 5 video ads to earn 3 gems afterward. Given that ads only last between 15 to 30 seconds, a maximum of 150 seconds for 3 gems is not a bad deal. After claiming the gems, there will be a 12-hour cool-down period before you can take advantage of the ad boost again.

For the last ad campaign within the shop, Deep Town provides you 5 opportunities to earn some extra gold. Note that this is separate and distinct from the random ad boost that pops up at the upper left side of the screen and the amount offered to you will be based on your level of progress. This will refresh 3 hours after you have played all the ads.

There is also a third ad campaign aimed at giving you free gold. A bot carrying gold coins will randomly appear on your screen while mining and you can tap on the video button to play an ad and get the gold coins.

how to get free gold in deep town

When you leave the game or stay idle for quite some time, you will continue to earn resources up to a fixed amount of time, which is 4 hours by default. Upon returning to the game, you can extend the idle time for up to 10 hours and you can play a video ad for each extra hour. Similarly, you can also receive an extra 50% of the materials your facilities have produced. There are gem options presented for this and the idle time extension with even bigger boosts but we likewise recommend simply playing an ad.

deep town area unlocked

Unlocking a new area in Deep Town earns you a set of resources as part of the rewards. You can instantly claim these rewards or double the number of resources at the cheap cost of playing a short video ad. There is again an option to quadruple the amount for 10 gems, but considering the value of gems as a premium currency, we recommend taking on the ad offer instead.

increasing idle time in deep town

Building structures and upgrading existing ones will always take time to complete and while understandable, it can be a pain to wait a long time just for anything to be completed. More complex structures and higher building upgrade levels will require more time to complete and while it can be a great time for you to take a break from the game while waiting for their completion, there is another way to enjoy their faster completion.

Deep Town also has an ad campaign that can shave off 15 minutes from any construction or upgrade being performed and you can take advantage of this as often as you want as well. If a building takes exactly or less than 15 minutes to finish construction or upgrade, then playing a short video ad at that point instantly completes them.

Admittedly, fully utilizing ad boosts to speed up construction can be tiring at times, especially if you have multiple bots performing constructions simultaneously. However, a 15 to 30-second ad that cuts down time by 15 minutes is well worth the effort and, to be honest, playing ads one after another can be done effortlessly if you are resting your eyes and hands or watching a show simultaneously.

finishing upgrade in deep town

Deep Town certainly holds plenty more of stuff to discover and revel in moving forward, or deeper rather. As there is a likelihood that your adventures have led you to a discovery that we have yet to see for ourselves, we encourage you to share one or a couple of them with us and fellow players through the comment box!


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i'm fairly bummed as i do not see how to upgrade my spells. I checked everything. I made it to the oil elder just by buying upgrades, but now i'm stuck


Friday 24th of February 2023

@Jkon, that is for if you get further in the game you will unlock upgrading for your spells