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My Diggy Dog (iOS) Tips, Cheats & Guide to Find More Treasures

My Diggy Dog is a Spelunky and Gem Miner type of game where your goal is to explore the hidden depths and collect valuable (and not so valuable) treasures and artifacts. The main character is Marty, a faithful dog whose owner is a known treasure hunter. Years have taken its tool, preventing Marty’s owner from raiding tombs. But the dog has an adventurous spirit, so adventurous that he’s managed to overcome his fears and jump into the unknown depths below the owners’ yard.

In My Diggy Dog, you’ll dig deeper and deeper, finding treasures as well as strange artifacts which you’ll sell in order to teach the dog new tricks, allowing him to do travel deeper and deeper, discovering new items, fighting dangerous foes and grabbing unique artifacts. The game brings tons of fun and you’ll quickly realize how exciting it is to travel into the unexplored depths, pushing forward towards the abyss that hides some exciting artifacts.

The goal in My Diggy Dog is to complete Marty’s artifact collection, and the task is quite hard to complete. Although the game may seem very hard at the beginning, playing smart, learning the right skills, and collecting valuable treasures is key to advancing deeper and deeper. As you dig deeper you’ll find new artifacts (and as you advance toward the abyss you’ll find more and more of them) that are more valuable, allowing you to survive longer without food, improve Marty’s courage (making the dog reach deeper below the ground), and expanding its bag for storing treasures and artifacts.

We played My Diggy Dog for hours and hours and collected some cool tips that will help you in conquering the pits and making Marty’s owner proud of his daring best friend. So, let us start.

1. You Can’t Dig Coil Above You

This is very important since it may happen that you dig below only to find a valuable above you. If you try using your rocket pack to fly above and to dig you’ll soon discover that’s impossible. So, make sure to dig slow (one block at the time) and to always look for items around you. Be slow, be smart, and never dig more than one block at a time.

The best strategy is to advance slow and steady. Dig through one block of soil, check to see if there’s some treasure or artifact around you, and only if you don’t see anything, dig deeper.

2. Always Plan Ahead

In My Diggy Dog planning is everything. Plan your voyages in detail, make sure to have some food with you, always take a look at what you can learn next and then collect coins for the upgrade. Make simple paths through the underground, paths that can branch to the left and to the right, paths that leave Marty enough alternatives.

3. Upgrading Your Bag And Fullness Should Be Your First Concern During Early Game

Forget about other skills, you should upgrade your bag capacity first, followed by fulness upgrades. The bag can take just two items at the start, and that won’t be enough. By upgrading it, you’ll earn more money and learn new skills faster.

The second skill you should focus on upgrading is fullness. Better fullness will make Marty survive longer without food. At the start of My Diggy Dog, Marty will grow hungry before you know it, making longer expeditions impossible to complete. So, first upgrade your bag, and only after you have at least three item slots it is time to learn Marty how to survive longer without food. The third skill that you should upgrade is Marty’s fear level since you’ll find all interesting valuables hiding near the surface pretty quick.

4. You Will Find Some Goodies In The Chest Found Next To The Barn

The barn is located just right from Marty’s house, and inside you’ll find one bandage and one food item. Instead of buying them, use the ones in the chest; that way you won’t have to spend your hard-earned money on food and first aid, allowing you to upgrade a couple of skills just minutes after you start exploring the underground secrets.

5. Try To Avoid Items That Bring Less Money

In My Diggy Dog, there are just a few high-paying items and a bunch of collectibles that won’t give you lots of coins. Learn which ones pay small and avoid picking them up. This is important because you have a very limited space in your bag and picking crappy items will make you start losing your coins pretty quickly. This is because you’ll need food regularly and without valuable items you’ll end up spending way more coins than earning them.

For instance, common rocks could be avoided for the most part. It’s okay picking them up if you have one empty slot in your bag and want to go back to the surface. Other low-income items, such as garbage (like those weird magnet-like things) should be avoided at all cost, they usually give you less than ten coins.

6. Don’t Forget To Regularly Collect Prizes

There are two ways to collect prizes in My Diggy Dog. The first way is to visit granny’s house; she’ll give you crystals each time you complete a certain achievement, like picking up a certain number of items or reaching a certain number of steps. There are various achievements that can be unlocked so you’ll want to visit granny and see which achievements are there.

This is a great way to avoid spending real money on the game since some useful upgrades (like a new consumable slot for food explosives, first aid, and lighthouses) can only be bought for crystals.

The second way to win prizes is to collect daily prizes. Just visit the carton box on the surface and wait for it to open and give you a daily prize. This is a bit tricky to find out, so make sure to open the carton box as soon as you start playing the game and then visit it on a day-to-day basis.

7. You Can Destroy Gray Rocks

This is very important since in My Diggy Dog there are two boulder types. The orange ones can’t be destroyed so do not spend your explosives on them. You can destroy only gray ones, and you’ll notice that there are just a few gray rocks.

Destroying them will give you access to some hidden secrets such as special loot crates (which usually have to be unlocked with special keys) and valuable artifacts. Remember that only gray ones are destructible.

8. It’s Better To Avoid Enemies Than Trying To Kill Them With Explosives

My Diggy Dog doesn’t feature lots of foes, but the ones you stumble upon can be pretty lethal. Firstly, they are faster than Marty meaning that there’s a slim chance of running away with them. Also, since they are pretty fast, dropping explosives on them will probably end up missing them since explosives have a three-second delay before they explode.

The best tactic is simply avoiding them and either digging a path around them or simply jumping below them. This will make you lose your health, but at least you’ll stay alive.

9. Lighthouses Are Very Useful

Lighthouses act as marks, reminding you where you should go. Use them in order to quickly find the place where you’re left off, instead of roaming the underground pointlessly while searching for the place where you had to abandon your quest and return to the surface.

Try buying two lighthouses so you always can mark the point where you left. They are expensive (you have to spend crystals in order to buy them) but buying lighthouses is a great investment.

10. Destroyable Chests Are Always Worth Spending A Stick Of Dynamite On

From time to time you’ll stumble upon a destroyable chest. You’ll know they can be destroyed because an animation will play once you reach them showing you they can be blown up. They are worth spending a stick of dynamite on because the prizes are very valuable and will make up for coins spend on the dynamite. Just remember that the cheapest explosive can destroy most of them, there’s no need spending money on more expensive ones unless a chest is made of metal (metal chests are gray).

11. Try Making A Quick And Straightforward Way To The Surface

By making a straightforward way to the surface you’ll be able to spend more time underground and quickly descend back once you sell valuables and buy consumable items. Always try making a simple path to the surface, you won’t get lost and you’ll end up earning more coins while spending less on food and bandages.

12. When Planning A Long Journey Down, Make Sure To Carry At Least One Food Item, One Bandage, And That Your Sleep Meter Is At Least At Fifty Percent

Long journeys down can grant you valuable items, but most of the time you’ll get hungry or hurt. And it can be pretty frustrating to find a chest and then realize you don’t have a stick of TNT to destroy it. So make sure you are equipped and well rested every time you decide to test your limits and dig deep below the surface.

13. Do Not Collect Good Finds, They Are Useless

Good finds look like scrolls of various colors. They may seem like a nice thing to pick up, and they carry valuable prizes, but the catch is that you have to spend real world money in order to unlock those prizes. So, avoid them at all costs, except if you’re ready to spend real money on unlocking their prizes.

14. All You Need To Buy From The Store Are Food, Lighthouses, First Aid, And Explosives

Okay, the store offers various consumables, and only a few of them are actually worth buying. For instance, the chicken drumstick is more than enough (unless you upgrade your fullness to the max) and it will restore most of your hunger. Further, the cheapest bandage will restore around half of your energy and there’s no need to buy the ones that cost more. Also, energy bars (that restore a part of your sleepiness bar) are completely unnecessary. It’s okay to buy the cheapest one, just in case you find yourself deep underground with your sleep meter almost empty.
As for explosives, the simple stick of TNT is just fine, do not buy more expensive ones. A single stick can destroy boulders and most crates, so there’s just no need for those that cost more.

15. Eat Food Only After Your Fullness Bar Goes Below Thirty Percent

Even the simple chicken drumstick will restore more than half of your fullness meter, so don’t eat food unless Marty is really hungry. This way you’ll save lots of coins, and will be able to roam underground longer.

16. Try Collecting All Valuables Near The Surface Before Upgrading Your Bravery

As we already said, you should upgrade your fullness and bag capacity first. Only then think about upgrading other skills. Since your default level of bravery allows you to reach about ten meters, make sure to collect all valuables before upgrading it. This will make you earn more coins for other upgrades, and will allow you to play longer since return trips will take less time, and Marty won’t get hungry as fast since you won’t have to constantly dig new paths below the surface.

17. Digging Makes Your Hunger Meter To Drop Faster So Dig New Paths Only When They Are Needed

This is pretty self-explanatory. Your hunger meter will drop on a regular basis, but when you dig it will drop at a faster rate. So, make sure to dig out new paths only when they are needed, if you want to go deeper or if you find a shiny valuable located off your main path. This way you’ll get hungry slower, spend fewer coins of food, and will be able to roam through the underground more.

18. Falling From Great Height Will Kill You

Another pretty straightforward advice. In My Diggy Dog you can safely fall from relatively great heights, but do not try your luck. Falling from around ten meters will definitely kill Marty and then you’ll have to wait for hours for him to get back on his feet.

It’s better to use Marty’s jet pack and soft land instead just bluntly jumping down below.

Thanks for reading our My Diggy Dog guide. We tried making it as helpful as we could, and we hope it will help you in your underground adventures. Check out our other guides, they all are quite handy and helpful. As always, thanks for reading and happy gaming!


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