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Cheating Tom 3 Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide to Ace All Your Tests

Let’s face it – most of us have probably cheated once or twice on a school exam. Oftentimes, it’s what we need to do in order to pass, but it goes without saying that we do not encourage you to do this in the real world, should you still be in school. That said, Cheating Tom 3 – Genius School is a game where cheating IS encouraged, just like the two earlier games in the Cheating Tom series. CrazyLabs’ new Android and iOS game takes place with Tom having somehow made it to genius school, and since he really isn’t that bright to begin with, it’s your job to help him cheat his way to academic excellence, while solving the mystery that appears to be going on in school. To be exact, the school’s faculty wants to literally pick the genius students’ brains with a “brain-sucking machine,” allowing them to take over the world – can you help Tom graduate from genius school while foiling this devious plan?

You know how it goes in the Cheating Tom series – dishonesty is the best policy. But now that Tom’s surrounded by brainiacs, the cheating is sure to be a bit harder to pull off, to say little of the teachers and their evil plan. Check out our Cheating Tom 3 strategy guide, and we’ll teach you how to cheat the smart way and turn Tom into an A+ student.

1. Use The Distraction Power-Ups

Cheating Tom 3 comes with its fair share of power-ups, and one of these power-ups works by distracting the teachers and allowing Tom to cheat without fear of getting caught. At first, your cheating skills won’t be that impressive at all, so with that in mind, you should use these distraction power-ups as long as you have them. You’ll get three for starters, but if you watch a 30-second ad video when it’s offered, the game will reward you with one bonus power-up per video. Keep on watching those videos so you can keep those teachers from doing their job, while doing YOUR job of cheating off your classmates and getting as high a grade as possible.

2. Ads Can Also Help You Get Excellent Grades

Oh, if only it was this simple back when we were in school. If you’re close to attaining an A+ in your test paper or close to reaching any other in-game objective, the game will ask you if you want to watch an ad video to get 15 additional seconds. This would come in handy if a teacher caught you cheating, or if you run out of time to complete the test. And while this might sound like a great chance for you to succeed early on in the game, you should remember that the game only serves up a limited number of ads per day.

3. Connect Your Game To Facebook

There are some nice benefits to connecting your game to Facebook, starting with the free costume you get. We’ll deal with costumes a little more in a bit, but these are important as you keep on cheating and keep on earning. And with that said, your free costume for connecting to Facebook will allow you to earn more coins, and even more coins on top of that if you wait until the pop-up offer connects you to the social network and you accept it. That’s going to give you a boost of 150 percent, though if you choose not to accept it, you’ll get a coin boost of 50 percent. That means you should make yourself aware of that offer and go ahead and grab it once presented to you, though if you somehow missed out on it, a 50 percent bonus isn’t a bad consolation prize at all.

4. Upgrade Your Power-Ups

As you progress along in Cheating Tom 3, you will earn coins, which you will then want to use toward upgrading your power-ups. The power-ups in the game randomly appear, but regardless of which one appears, it’s best to upgrade the ones you use the most, or the ones you would prefer to use. There’s really no absolute best or worst choice here, as it’s all going to depend on your play style. But if you ask us, our best recommendation would be Invisibility, followed by Time Freeze. Again, your mileage could, and definitely would vary, but if you can be invisible for a longer period of time than usual, then why not go for it?

5. Retake Those Classes

Normally, this would not be a good thing in the real world – repeating a class means you failed it the first time around. But when it comes to Cheating Tom 3, you are actually encouraged to keep on retaking classes, or in other words, replaying levels you’ve already completed, or even mastered. This would allow you to grind for more money, though the amount of money you can earn would depend on the coin bonuses you would receive from students, should you already have mastered the level. Now if you didn’t do too well the first time around, that’s when you can expect to make much more; we would recommend that you replay any level in question after upgrading your boosters, which would allow you a better chance of completing the level. More grinding means more coins, so be as patient as possible as you cheat your way to bigger earnings!

Another benefit of replaying earlier levels would be the ability to access new levels. One simple example would be transferring from Biology to History once you get your hat; once you move on to History, you’ll essentially have 10 more levels to complete.

6. Watch Out For Teacher

Nobody wants to get busted by their teacher for cribbing answers from a classmate, and that includes Cheating Tom, quite naturally. Always be looking at the teacher and monitoring their actions; when they start looking at the class, that’s when you should be paying attention to their vision beam. Sometimes, you’ll be lucky enough to be able to cheat while the teacher is looking at your classmates. But the thing here is to start making yourself scarce and keeping a low profile once you see the exclamation point. That means the teacher is about to start looking at the class, and time for you to play it cool and pretend that nothing’s going on.

7. How To Cheat Smartly

Unfortunately, we don’t have any cheats that can help you cheat (cheat-ception, anyone?), but we do have some tips that could help you cheat more effectively and efficiently. First off, think before you cheat off someone; it would seem that each of Tom’s classmates give him a varying grade boost. As a rule of thumb, you want to be copying answers off of the faster students, and not the slower ones, and doing so as often as possible. But just like you may or may not have experienced in real life, you don’t want to copy from the same guy or girl too much; as you keep looking at their answers, they’ll get more and more annoyed, and once they turn red and flash an angry face, they’ll tell on the teacher, and you know what happens next.

Aside from that, you should be looking for those students who give you a x2 boost – you’ll notice this when you begin to cheat from them, and once you’re done, they will usually change seats. Next, make it a point that you stop these classmates of yours from leaving. Level mastery won’t require you to do this, but if you don’t have enough students to cheat from, you’ll find it harder to master a level than you would if you were dealing with a classroom full of kids.

8. Unlock Those Costumes

Now that we’re almost done with our Cheating Tom 3 strategy guide, it’s time for us to take a good look at costumes. These costumes essentially provide buffs to your power-ups that further help Tom improve his cheating game, and you will start out by unlocking the Smooth Charmer. This is a costume that allows you to play as Super Tom for a few additional seconds, and if you’ve played up to that point, you should know how good that is as a power-up. EgypTom works by adding two seconds to Tom’s invisibility, Tomb Raider adds two seconds to all power-ups, and Fat Burner gives you five more seconds on all Rush Levels. Be aware, though, that costumes can be quite expensive, so make sure to boost power-ups first before spending big-time on those costumes!

That’s all you need to know to succeed in Cheating Tom 3. If you know additional hints for the game, don’t hesitate to share them with us below in the comment section!